One of the many reasons I love flying United out of TPA…

I’m flying from Tampa to Washington in less than 48 hours, which means all elite upgrades have cleared. Check out how full the seatmap is:

Don’t worry, 21 pilots and flight attendants commuting to Washington will gladly fill those seats up! And they’re much more interesting to talk to than most other passengers….

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  1. Wow – with that many unsold first class seats United should consider an all coach class product on that route. šŸ˜‰

  2. In all seriousness why do they use 757s anyways? They should put the Airbii on those routes and take them off SFO-IAD/BOS

  3. IAD-TPA and v.v. is the one flight I take semi-regularly that I am truely looking forward to seeing UDUs on (as a lowly 1p). I’ve never missed an upgrade I’ve requested thus far, and for my next trip in mid-march I see wide open 757s in both directions.

    As to why they use 757s, I suspect it is because the number of coach seats that can be sold make it worth their $$. Goodness knows if they were not selling enough seats, we would be suffering though a RJ for 90% of the frequencies.

  4. 6B, huh? (not that I’m stalking you, I promise). I’m just surprised you sit in the last row…first one off?

  5. Why do you think all upgrades have cleared? Maybe the route is grossly oversold and they are holding them back for irrops. Just because you are with in the upgrade window doesn’t mean they have all cleared? I am sure they are moving to the CO model that while UDU *may* clear at the upgrade window but that doesn’t mean they need to clear every available F class seat for upgrade. One ofthe things I love about CO is that they hold back some seats for Plats who may buy a full fare coach seat but would like an UDU on a ridiculously expensive fare for a last minute ticket.

  6. I wonder how a similar seat map for this same date/time looks for TPA-ATL on Delta? Probably VERY different!

  7. I’m glad they marked front and rear. It would be terrible to get on the plane and realize you booked a flight with the seats facing the wrong direction!

  8. Yep, my folks fly out of MCO which isn’t all that different. As 2P’s, I actually expect they’ll see an increase in UGs when UDU’s start.

  9. @ BTA — Stay tuned, I’ll be making a post about my favorite United seats very soon. You might be surprised by some of ’em.

    @ prncess674 — Because United has confirmable upgrade space on the flight. Anyone requesting an upgrade would have cleared. Agree with you in general, but it’s not the case here.

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