OK, that was actually (really) funny….

Some frequent travelers avoid Southwest because of their onboard humor, which I can understand to a certain extent, especially for those that fly 100+ segments a year. While the normal set of jokes can get old, I think this flight attendant rap is hilarious (and extremely well done):

Am I the only one that thought that was hilarious, at least the first time around? I love the businessman sitting in the front left that looks irritated at first, but is laughing by the end of the rap.

Even more interesting, though, is this flight attendant rap (possibly NSFW), which I found in the “related videos” section. 😉

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  1. Seems that this guy does this on a lot of flights. Youtube has plenty of videos of him on various flights.

  2. Yeah. It’s fun, thanks… but no thanks. I guess the key is to reach some kind of middle ground — I’m sure there’s a way to be a bit more welcoming than some of the UA matrons, without falling into the opposite trap. There’s times when I fly when I just want to be left alone for a reason or another. Entertainment should be optional and not imposed on pax. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I just prefer good service with a smile 🙂

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