Off to Malta tomorrow!

As the title says, I’ll be heading to Malta tomorrow for about a week, and I’m pretty excited. I’m traveling with my brother, and we’re both on award tickets in Lufthansa First.

Since my brother lives in NY and I’m meeting up with him there, we’ll be flying EWR-FRA-MLA on LH, and I’ll be flying TPA-ORD-EWR on UA in order to meet him there.

TPA-ORD is already Y2, so I’m thinking there may be a bump opportunity there. The only problem is that I have to make it to EWR eventually, and the most logical alternative is TPA-IAD-EWR, although that’s all Ted and United Express, and the connection in IAD is short. On my current itinerary I have first class ORD-EWR and can spend about two hours at the International First Lounge in Chicago. Still, a bump seems worth it….

On the big plus side, Lufthansa flight is showing as “F9,” meaning they’re willing to sell at least nine more first class the seats. The last time I flew LH in F on a 747 first was totally packed and service was slow. Simply put it felt more like business class than first class. That being said, the time before there were only three of us in first, and the service was top notch. I’m hoping it’s pretty empty….

I’ll be adding frequent updates and should be able to make this trip report pretty “live” since our room comes with free internet. Speaking of which, we’ll be staying at the InterContinental Malta and also have a quick overnight layover at the InterContinental Frankfurt on the way back. Expect full reports on those properties.

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