Now that dinner is done….

I don’t usually post meal pictures from “normal” flights, but given that I’m at 38,000 feet and just finished dinner, why not?

I have to say, I still love PS. Between the decent meal service, entertainment players, and now in-flight wifi, it’s an unbeatable way to fly domestically. The only thing I miss is the Westin bedding.

Diet Coke with lime (yeah I cheated a little bit) and lukewarm nuts

Smoked salmon roll on a bed of marinated cucumbers and fresh seasonal greens

Herb-marinated chicken with morel sauce

Chocolate and grand vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, hot caramel, and whipped cream

Extra credit points to anyone that canĀ guess what movie I was watching….

Oh, and cookies are still on the way prior to landing. šŸ˜‰

And while I’m at it, here’s a picture of breakfast this morning from Tampa to Washington. I don’t care all that much about domestic airline food, but this is just getting pathetic. The omelet tasted like rubber, and that’s coming from someone that usually loves airplane omelets. Even worse, they forgot to load forks, knives, and napkins. So we had the pleasure of eating an omelet, fruit, croissant, sausage, and pork with a spoon!


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  1. I usually like airplane omelets too, and that may just be the saddest omelet I’ve ever seen. And forgetting to load the first class forks & knives? “Pathetic” is the right word.

    OTOH, the PS meals look pretty good!

  2. BEN

    I AM IN SAN FRANCISCO THIS WEEKENDS. i hope we can meet up. im stay at marriot. milege running is what i do this weekend too.


  3. @BTA: Since TED’s demise, UA does not have a catering contract ex-TPA so the meals have to be flown and kept on ice overnight. Therefore, no china ex-TPA (hopefully just for now…).

  4. flown (in)

    BTW, I had a great omelet on a recent TPA-ORD flight served on a the onerous black tray. It looks like Lucky’s omelet got scrambled!

  5. Just don’t send any pics from the lav… unless you have a nice looking FA in there with you, that is!

  6. @ Beau — Correct, and what a funny movie it was.

    @ Blandon — Sorry, unless someone gives me a Mac I’m a PC person. I like buying cheap laptops and just getting a new one every couple of years as they break. The one I have now was $400 and suits me well (although it’s a brick).

    @ BTA — Yep, as Matthew said, Ted isn’t *totally* dead yet, at least in spirit.

    @ Matthew — Surprised to hear the omelet was good out of TPA. All the ones I’ve had out of here are mediocre at best since they rest in TPA overnight and are probably 24 hours old.

    @ Sinep — Then there wouldn’t be any pictures. šŸ˜‰ Speaking of the lav, on the TPA-IAD flight the light in the first class lav was broken, so it was like a haunted house. I swear Ted is out to get me!

    @ UAPremierGuy — You know, I now have trouble asking for Skykits. I just can’t bring myself to do it anymore, not sure why.

  7. agreed, it was a superb movie..I want to make those business cars and pass them out sometime. maybe at a FT Do.

  8. Ben:

    Do you specifically ask for “Skykits”? I swear, any time I ever asked for a “Skykit” all I ever got in return from FAs & pursers alike, was a blank stare and the occasional “What’s that?”

    The one time when i decided to press the point, the FA eventually returned with the cert & seriously asked with a confused tone , “Is this what you asking for?”

    After that and the next time when a p.s. C FA couldn’t care less that my seat was seriously broken, I just gave up. To ensure that the broken seat got reported, I emailed 1KVoice (which I really loathe doing) .

    Gotta love that 1KVoice replied by chastising me for not addressing the issue on board, explaining that I would have been given a Skykit.


  9. We had an equipment swap to a 757 yesterday TPA->IAD and I had the scrambled eggs you have shown. They have peppers and onions inside and I actually liked them…. No salt and pepper was provided but maybe that is not customary at breakfast?

    My seatback (4D) was broken so I had to eat my breakfast reclined which was super uncomfortable. I pointed it out to the FA but no skykit was offered, which I thought was lame since the broken seat made for a pretty crappy experience and I wanted to sit up and read. I was not addressed by name, either. However, pre-departure beverage of coice was offered and I was delighted for a hot coffee to start a long day of travel (where none of our subsequent upgrades cleared due to lack of instruments since UA erroneously debited my e500 stash twice on the way to TPA…grrrrrrrrrr).

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