Now I really want Concierge Key with American…

Via the New York Post:

Two star-struck American Airlines workers at JFK used a secure pass to escort Kanye West and Kim Kardashian around a screening checkpoint — a stunning breach that delayed their fellow passengers by nearly an hour, sources said yesterday.

When they arrived at JFK, they cleared the customs and baggage areas along with fellow travelers — and that’s when the American Airlines employees offered to help rush them to the gate.

The workers are part of American’s Concierge Key program for “select” customers — and were accompanied by an employee of airline contractor Air Serv, sources said.

One of the American employees flashed a SIDA (Secure Identification Display Area) card, which allows access to restricted areas of the airport, the sources said.

So is this a new Concierge Key benefit? 😀

(Tip of the hat to JRL)

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  1. He’s a risk factor for grabbing the mic during the safety demo and her “seat” definitely floats in the unlikely event of a water landing.


  2. It’s so ridiculous that we live in a society where something like this results in an entire airport or terminal getting shut down for an entire hour.

  3. Do you want Concierge Key because you are under the delusional idea that you will get this type of service?

    Or is it because you have been banned from UNITED and you will never have the chance to obtain Global Services? For that matter, you will never have the chance to obtain a single seat on UNITED…ever…

    I’m just wondering…

  4. Lucky has been banned from United and has been for some time. Why don’t y’all think he ever does trip reports for UA?

  5. The fact tat he was such a self centered egotist, (jerk), at the Grammy’s is reason enough to make him wait in line like anyone else.

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