Now everyone can get double EQM’s with United!

When United first published their double EQM promotion late last week, previously booked travel didn’t qualify, which frustrated a lot of people. Based on this FlyerTalk thread, United will count previously made bookings if you call Mileage Plus and mention code MPW999.

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  1. If I get frustrated enough, will they count travel on March17?

    That day we did SYD-LAX-HNL-SFO-(DEN) in Y…… my sore butt says that ought to count for something!

  2. Holy cow hobo!

    Thanks Lucky. Those extra 2500 EQMs won’t hurt a bit. Now, do I bite the bullet on a $900 MEL MR in early May? That is the question de jour…

  3. Lucky, You are my hero for posting. I don’t always have time to search FT during the day but your website is a quick hit for these things.

  4. I’m happy so many of you are able to benefit from this, as long as you don’t steal one of MY upgrades! 😀

    Yes mudba, this *really* surprised me. There’s no doubt this generated a decent amount of goodwill, but if I were United I would have done this differently. The issue with the way they approached this is that they pleased this group by alienating another group — those that paid a change fee and rebooked an itinerary to qualify for this promotion. How do you think they feel, having paid $250 a couple of days ago to change a flight, only to now see the rules changed? Just trying to raise that hypothetical situation.

    What would I have done in UA’s shoes? I would have charged a “fee” to make itineraries eligible. Maybe $100 for domestic itineraries and $200 for international itineraries. It seems like a win-win to me, given that people would likely be happy to pay that amount and United could get some extra revenue out of it.

    Of course I’m happy with this resolution as a consumer, because it pleases the highest number of customers.

  5. I paid the change fee the first day and then forced them to cancel it when MP told me it wouldn’t count. The next day the memo came out saying they would allow re-issue’s to count. It was a mess and I got 5K miles out of it as a “Sorry” from HNL RR.

    I was willing to pay the change fee again, but now the fare went up $200.00 I’m happy with it. We just need them to change the refare rules now

  6. I had a hunch United might match CO’s terms for the Double EQM, and this change goes a long way to creating goodwill for UA’s frequent flyers. Can one imagine a UA trip to BKK or DXB and missing the Double EQMs dues to advanced planning? I do agree that those whom paid the change fee are going to be disgruntled. In the future, I hope UA simply makes promos based upon travel date irrespective of booking date.

    How about all of us getting together with a petition for United to keep its old refare policy and do away with the $150 administrative fee levied upon refared taickets? At least they could waive the fee for their elite flyers ;like 1Ks, 1Ps, and 2Ps.

  7. Thanks for the heads up Lucky. An extra 14k EGMs is going to help get me over the mark for the Chocies program, as limited as it is to sign up for.

  8. I guess being off in the wilderness of SE Asia has left be a bit behind the times…I just discovered this today. In two words: HOT DAMN! Absolutely no regrets for booking that punishing Y run to MEL (via HNL twice) now!

  9. So I could of course read through the 26-page FT thread to find the answers to this, but given that I am currently paying through the nose for internet access here in Amman, Jordan, I figured I’d ask here:

    I called the MP number and did the voice response system registration for MPW999, which then was confirmed as “MPW029” by the system (strange, but that seems to be okay based on what I’ve read).

    My Promotions now shows me registered for MPW999 and MPW029. Is that okay and expected, given that 029 is the exemption variation of 999?

    I flew SFO-FRA after registering for the original promo, but before registering for the exemption (and it was bought in Jan). Will it count? The exemption T&Cs say that I need to register prior to travel, but does the original 029 registration count?

    Thanks for bringing the good news via your blog, Lucky.

  10. Hi Oliver,

    Hope you’re enjoying Amman! You’re correct, both MPW029 and MPW999 should show up on your “My Promotions” page. I called Mileage Plus just to clarify your second question, and you’re correct, travel booked before the start of double EQM’s and traveled before the registration of the exception WILL count, so you’re in luck.

  11. Wow, awesome service, Ben! Thanks from Amman! I’ll enjoy my return flight from FRA twice as much later this week 🙂

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