Northwest WorldPerks “enhancements”

Today is a very sad day for Northwest’s WorldPerks program. Last week they added hefty award booking fees, but fortunately WorldPerks Platinum members were exempt. Today I received an email which includes:

• An increase in both the award ticket redeposit and reissue fees (formerly called change fees) from $50 to $100. Platinum Elite members will be exempt from this fee until March 1, 2009.  

This better not mean what I think it means. Are Platinum members really going to have to pay the reticketing and redeposit fees on awards? I find the waiving of award fees for top tier members to be one of the most important and valuable benefits, especially in this mileage era where “tweaking” awards is essential. Considering that finding good awards is already challenging with SkyTeam, this makes redemptions even worse.

Shame on Northwest not only for making this change, but also for hiding it in the middle of an email.

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  1. Nothing bodes well from this consolidation. If March is the end of no fees for Platinums, it really is time to find another airline.

    Delta you are greedy. You are becoming even greedier.

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