New Priority Club PointBreaks list!

Ah, it’s always a great day when Priority Club unveils a new PointBreaks list, especially when it has some InterContinental properties on it. For those not familiar with PointBreaks, it’s when Priority Club makes certain hotels available for only 5,000 points a night, which is basically a gift. A few of the InterContinental hotels available include the IC COEX Seoul, the IC Warsaw, and the IC Vienna. It seems they’re still working on updating the list, so stay tuned for some possible additions.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I scored 3 nights at Intercontinental Seoul with this.

    One thing too add in is that buying the points from IC is a fairly good value. For example, 10k points are $125 or 20k points is $230.

  2. Or you can get 10K points for $60 if you know what you’re doing…get it while it’s hot! 😉

  3. This is great, thanks for the heads up! Question…..if I reserve a room for 5k points, but then in a few months decide to change the dates but the 5k rate is no longer available, will I be able to select new dates at the same 5k rate or will I be up-charged to the normal award level?

  4. @ bschaff1 — EXCELLENT value! I’ve stayed at the IC COEX Seoul, and it’s quite nice. I really wish I could take advantage of this….

    @ imm2b — Yep, now that’s the ultimate bargain. Can’t beat $30 for a free night at some of these nice hotels.

    @ DiscoPapa — Unfortunately if you make any changes you’ll have to pay the current rate, so you’d likely be out of luck.

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