Delta Unveils Hilarious New Safety Video

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I love creative airline safety videos. While Air New Zealand is generally the industry leader when it comes to awesome safety videos, Delta is really leading the US carriers.

I especially loved Delta’s last safety video, entitled “The Internetest Safety Video On The Internet:”

As someone who is meme/gif/internet pop culture obsessed, it was right up my alley, as I got every reference and was literally laughing out loud. At the same time based on my recent Delta flights (yes, I’ve been flying Delta a fair amount lately), I also found many people staring at it blankly. Clearly those people need to get a life and spend more time on YouTube. šŸ˜‰

Well, Delta has just unveiled a new safety video. Truth be told, I’m sort of sad to see the previous safety video go, since I really loved it. But this one is pretty awesome as well:

I’m not sure I totally get the theme, or if there is even a theme, but it’s amusing nonetheless. This video truly is engaging, based on the number of things which are changing in it, and the number of subtleties you’ll pick up on.

What do you think of Delta’s latest safety video?

  1. I’m still with you on the new Air France one. The accent in both english and french of the girl who is speaking is just hypnotic.

  2. I hate to play the role of safety guy, but here goes. If there is one thing an airline safety briefing should emphasize, it is the importance of not inflating the life vest inside the airplane. (Because if you do so, you will not get out of the sinking airplane. You will float to an air pocket inside the plane as the plane goes underwater.) Both videos matter-of-factly say to inflate the vest “as you leave the airplane.” That isn’t a strong enough warning, IMHO. Other than that. I found the first video entertaining, albeit 6 minutes long. Do we have to listen in other languages as well?

  3. Although i get the point of using distinctive videos to make people pay attention, and hey I’m better briefed on the safety feature of a Delta after watching both of these; if you want people to pay attention you have to be concise and to the point. A 6 minute safety video is going to lose people’s attention no matter how adorable it is.

  4. I commend Delta for taking on social media & pop culture trends and incorporating it into their videos like that. Safety videos definitely needed a new twist to capture people’s attention. And what a great way to get their name out there and relate to younger audiences.

  5. Prefer the second video, especially the crook lock on the plane “steering wheel” (I am in my 50s though which would explain why I was not as entertained with the first one). The problem I have with these is how much of the safety message sticks. At least a short, sharp demo gets the point across in about a 3rd of the time and there are no distractions (no matter how amusing they are).

  6. The Delta videos have become boring, Have to agree with Garret, the new AF video is much better.

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