My new Channel 9 strategy

After writing a note to the Captain of my flight last night about Channel 9 I’m sold on the idea (I know, real modest of me), and will use this as my new way of thanking the pilots that choose to flip the switch. As much as I like visiting the flight deck it seems like boarding takes almost the whole 30 minutes nowadays, leaving very little time to visit the cockpit. Instead I’m just starting to write notes to the pilots that have Channel 9 on, and making them quite lengthy to show how much it means to me (and I know many others too). I figure there’s no point in trying to convince the “bad” pilots, but the least we can do is treat the “good” pilots as well as we can.

If the pilot makes the announcement that Channel 9 is on before the door is closed I’ll just write the note quickly and give it to the FA and ask him/her to give it to the captain. If Channel 9 is only announced in-flight I’ll just ask the FA to give it to the pilot when s/he is on a bathroom break.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, so far so good. I got an equally long note from the Captain on the last flight, a signed A320 card, and a note from the FO on his business card.

While I’m totally tired right now and could probably do better, here’s the general format in which I’m writing these notes:

Captain [Insert name if possible],

First and foremost, thanks for the safe ride. As someone that flies XXX,XXX miles a year on United I appreciate all that you folks do to make sure we get to our destination safely on a daily basis. I also wanted to sincerely thank you for announcing and turning on Channel 9. As a [private pilot/aviation enthusiast/whatever you are], I’m always in awe when listening to the communications at major airports and appreciate you giving us the opportunity to listen in. This is my 5th flight this week, and sadly the first flight in which Channel 9 is on, down from having it on 90% of the time last year. I appreciate that despite the rough times in the industry you continue to be a professional. Thanks again for going the extra mile and keep up the great work.


Lucky (1K, Seat 11C)

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