My least pleasant flight ever in Lufthansa first class

Good evening from Singapore! I just flew from Frankfurt to Singapore on the Lufthansa Airbus 380. She sure is a beauty (at least her personality… she’s hideous on the outside). The crew was phenomenal as usual (am I the only one that thinks Lufthansa flight attendants are the best in the industry?). The food was quite good as well. And the seat and entertainment were fully functional. My seat opponent was even a delight to talk to, and I’m not usually one for starting a conversation with a stranger.

But all those positive things didn’t stop this from being the most unpleasant flight in recent memory.

Anyone want to guess why? I’ll have the full story a bit later…

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  1. Either they completely ran out of both Diet Coke and Fanta, or the plane had to be diverted and you couldn’t get a decent hotel?

  2. Your flight landed on time and you don’t sound sick…

    Crying baby, uncomfortably warm cabin, smelly passengers?

  3. The first class toilets were out of order, so you had to queue up with all the people in steerage?

  4. “I’m not usually one for starting a conversation with a stranger.” Really? Lucky, I find that a little hard to believe. 🙂

  5. So the teaser posts like his are fairly disappointing, I jump over from the RSS reader to learn about your experance and find no content related to the headline.

  6. Frank sure is obsessed with gay sex. Frank probably has wide stance issues similar to former US Senator & airport bathroom stall aficionado Larry Craig.

  7. Attempted terrorist highjacking mid-flight, foiled by passengers, who had to restrain the captured terrorists for the last 10 hours of the flight, while they incessantly chanted Allahu Akbar?

  8. “Am I the only one that thinks Lufthansa flight attendants are the best in the industry?”

    Perhaps. Thought the FAs in F on my FRA-DEN were some of the worst I’ve even flown with.. Would have preferred a Mesa or GoJet crew to them.

  9. No limes?

    I have only flown LH a couple of times. Never thought their FA’s were any better than anyone elses.

  10. Your in Singapore! I still wish you could have tried the Singapore Airlines F product by now. However I do understand it is easier said then done inyour case. Please do try Lucky!

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