My Coke Rewards Double Points Day December 17

“As valued members of the My Coke Rewards Community, we wanted to let you know the news before anyone else: Double Points is coming. Wednesday, December 17 is Double Points day on all Coca-Cola Classic, Cherry, Vanilla and Caffeine Free Coke 12-packs. So stock up and get ready to earn double rewards, just in time for the holidays!”

Most seem to think that Diet Coke will count as well. Remember that you can enter up to 20 codes in a day by entering 10 before noon EST and 10 after noon. Looks like it’s time to stock up!

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  1. Thanks! Considering they ask you when kind of Coke you have when you enter the code, I figure Diet Coke will be on there as well.

  2. According to the terms and conditions, only those four variants qualify. Diet Coke (or Coke Zero) are not part of the list.

  3. I love when these days come up! A tip for you guys… avoid using the MCR website. If you use XP, try the Yahoo MCR widget. If you use Vista, try the MCR Gadget for the sidebar. Makes code entry WAY easier/faster.

  4. I am trying to use them for Caffeine Free Diet Coke and it only gave me 10 points. What a rip-off!

  5. today i got 30 free points on double day from school, i entered the codes
    and got another 30 points! double day rocks! WOO HOO

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