My Channel 9 tides turn, but really for the better?

So on this last mileage run I had Channel 9 available for all five segments. That’s the first trip this year where Channel 9 was on the whole way, so I was pleasantly surprised. I would have thought that with the ALPA lawsuit Channel 9 would be even more rare, but I guess not, or maybe I was just lucky.

Well, it’s not all that bright and dandy. Usually I associate a pro-Channel 9 captain with someone that makes good announcements and at least pretends to care about the passengers, but on two of these flights the captains sunk to new lows.

In my experience when pilots make announcements they ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS say something along the lines of “sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight” when the seatbelt sign goes off, and “Thanks for flying United” when they make their pre-arrival announcement. Obviously not those exact terms, but something to acknowledge that we’ve chosen to fly United and to make us feel comfortable. Even the most frustrated, non-Channel 9 captains do that, in my experience.

I had the displeasure of having the same pilots DEN-SEA-DEN. We were delayed over an hour out of DEN, and I could see the flight deck door open. I even saw the captain on his laptop showing the person in the jumpseat pictures. Not once did he ever come up with the idea of updating passengers on the status of the flight, which was pathetic, considering that it was within UA’s control.

Anyway, I’ve never heard in-flight announcements as short-tempered as this guy’s. Heck, it’s difficult to make an announcement without making some nice comment. His announcement was somewhere along the lines of “the seatbelt sign is off, you may move about. We should get into Seattle at around XYZ. I’ll update you as we get closer.” Very similar announcement prior to landing.

Sadly I had him roundtrip, but he wasn’t the only one. On another one of the flights it was the same story, yet Channel 9 was on.

This really makes me wonder, why? Did the captains not know Channel 9 was on? Didn’t they want to make the flight worse for most passengers ny turning off Channel 9? Or do they just not realize how rude they sounded?

I have no clue, I’m puzzled!


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  1. ptahcha, I don’t think not making a single announcement during an hour delay is efficient, especially when you’re showing the person in the jumpseat pictures from your travels.

    Also, it was the tone of the announcements. As soon as he didn’t make an announcement on the ground during the long delay I started thinking that he would definitely not give us a whole lot to work with, and it turned out to be the case.

    You might be right, but he seemed awfully rude to me….

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