My Biggest Hotel Pet Peeves

I’m one week from moving into hotels full time, and over my past few hotel stays I’ve kind of been taking notice of the aspects of hotels that drive me bonkers.

It might sound silly, but if you’re moving into an apartment, for example, you’d want to know upfront what would tick you off about the place, rather than after moving in.

So while most of these items aren’t “non-negotiables” and a lot of them are extremely minor, I figured I’d share some of my biggest hotel pet peeves. Let me preface this, as usual, by saying that they’re all 110% first world problems and some are even slightly tongue in cheek.

In no particular order:

  • Square (or almost square) pillows. I’m a side sleeper and need something to hold onto at night. Square, 10 inch pillows just don’t do the trick. At home I have “full body” pillows and I love them. I don’t necessarily need them to be that big, but I sure do love a pillow that’s at least twice as long as it is wide.


  • Bad water pressure. In other words, I should probably just stay away from any hotel that touts how they’re environmentally friendly, since it’ll likely take me 45 minutes to shower.
  • Bad placement of shower controls. This doesn’t bother me as much as it just puzzles me. If you spend tens of millions of dollars to build a hotel, can you at least consult someone that has spent at least one night in their life at a hotel? It drives me nuts when you have to get in the shower in order to turn it on, and as a result are sprayed with whatever temperature water it’s set to.

  • Soap that leaves residue. I don’t know what you call it, but you know that bar soap that some (most?) hotels have that leaves so much residue? Like, you try to wash your hands and get the soap off, but it keeps feeling slippery? RAR!


  • Over the top, artificial customer service. There’s professional service and then there’s cookie cutter over the top, artificial service. I’m talking about conversation that doesn’t sound natural, where front desk associates are clearly trained to talk a certain way because it’s supposed to sound professional. For example “may I have the privilege of assisting you with your bags or arranging ground transportation?”
  • Non-24/7 gyms. Okay, if the gym is part of a separate health club complex like at the Sheraton Edinburgh I get that, but for a gym that requires key access I don’t. For example, I recently had an overnight at the Marriott Sao Paulo Airport and went to the gym at 8PM. At 9PM I was kicked out because they were apparently closing, which seems odd since the fitness center is inside the hotel and requires key access.


  • Wireless phones that don’t work. It’s great that some hotels are trying to update their technology to the 21st century, though am I the only one that consistently finds they don’t actually work?
  • In-room TV music. I don’t want to feel like I’m on a really cheesy porn set/in an elevator every time I come into my room. It’s bad enough when they turn on the TV when you check-in, but then lots of times they also turn it on every night with turndown service. Oh, and if you’re going to turn on music in the room, please make sure it’s not accompanied by an ad for a free catheter.


  • Decorative hotel pillows. Some things look nice but really aren’t practical. Add in the fact that I’m a germaphobe, and this one makes me want to throw something out of a window. You know when hotels have decorative pillows they put on the beds during the day? Where exactly are those pillows supposed to go at night? I assume most of the time guests throw them on the floor, then they’re put back on the bed, then they’re thrown on the floor, etc. And I would guess they’re almost never washed.

St. Regis Bal Harbour Deluxe Ocean View room

  • Bathtubs in the middle of the hotel room. ‘Nuff said.

  • Alarm clocks with the wrong time/that go off in the middle of the night. I don’t use hotel clocks or alarms, and if I had a choice hotel rooms wouldn’t have them. But I get that others feel differently. If they’re going to have them, though, I wish they’d consistently have the right time and not go off in the middle of the night.
  • Bathroom peep shows. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but am I the only one that travels without the intent of some sort of striptease performance in the bathroom? Because for the life of me I can’t figure out why hotels put glass shields between the bedrooms and bathrooms. I can actually appreciate if they’re there and they have some sort of curtain you can lower, because it does add more natural light to the bathroom area. But when there’s not a curtain to lower…


Anyway, those are just some of my (completely first world) hotel pet peeves.

Do you agree or disagree with the above? What are some of your biggest hotel pet peeves?

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  1. All of these are borderline irrelevant to me compared to think walls / can hear neighbors / noise issues.

  2. You’re a “germaphobe” and you’re going to live in hotels full-time? Take a look at some of the folks in your hotel lobby and imagine them staying and sleeping in “your” room.

  3. I totally agree about decorative pillows and about placement of shower controls. I also don’t like showers where I can’t completely close myself in — so the one you have pictured with the awkward controls would drive me crazy because I’d be worried about getting the bathroom floor wet, etc.

  4. I’ve got a few.

    1) Not enough/hidden power outlets. I hate not having one accessible for the iron or my laptop.

    2) The enormous lag in changing TV channels and the absence of an on-screen guide. C’mon, it’s 2014.

    3) Small bathrooms. There’s more than enough space to do yoga in the main room, but not enough to even turn around in the bathroom.

    4) Not enough bathroom counter space. I really like to spread all my toiletries out, without having them always in danger of falling into the sink.

  5. LOL I’ve seen those In-room TV music Cath ads.
    Detest decorative pillows and the 1/4 bed covers. Spot on article.

  6. Agree with jetaway about the germs. I would not classify your pet peeves as First World problems. Majority of people in the First World would be so picky. Only elite travel snobs would thinks these are problems.

  7. I think that residue that you are referring to is not because of the soap, but because of the water. The mineral in the water caused that. I think I heard it called hard water.

  8. Agree 100% with all your pet peeves and the comments too.

    My biggest issue is being preassigned to a crappy room next to am elevator or an ice machine or maid closet. Happens EVERY time and should never happen to an elite.

  9. I agree with:

    Shower pressure/Shower head poorly placed/bad shower controls

    Alarm going off in the middle of the night (might be #1 after yesterday at 4am at the MIA marriott)

    My others;
    Having to move the bed to get my iphone plugged in next to the bed (it’s my alarm)

    No feather pillows (I hate foam)

    I like the tub in the middle of the bathroom if it’s big enough – that’s real luxury in my mind (Park Hyatt Tokyo)

    Lack of a real door between rooms – bathroom and bedroom, or living room and bedroom

  10. You’ve gotten more grouchy since moving to Seattle. Those little things didn’t seem to bother you so much when you lived in Tampa with the other curmudgeons.

  11. I am with Nate on those. The other thing I hate about hotel TV’s is that it takes 8 menus and 20 button presses before you can watch TV. Just let me turn on the last channel I was watching. I don’t need to see an ad for the hotel. I am already there.

    The outlets thing is annoying.

    I am also baffled by the window to the bathroom. I haven’t seen that in US hotels though as much as I see it overseas.

  12. 1.Front desk not answering phone within 10 rings.
    2.The alarm clock thing – wrong time/alarm set to “on” for some reason, why we may never know.
    3.Bathtub drain stopper left plugging drain. What the heck is the reason for this? You turn the shower on and realize the tub is filling up!
    4.Slippery tub, or no mat for tub.
    5.Hampton in sticky notes, “Your sheets and duvets are clean for your arrival…” UGHHH!

  13. Bathroom peep shows: There are a lot of hotels in Asia have glass between bedroom and bathrooms and I got puzzled as much Lucky did. While the real logic behind those transparent walls (I was told) is that hotels don’t want escorts to steal guests belongings.

  14. 1. No outlets by the bed
    2. Calling me 10 minutes after I check in…don’t call me, I’ll call you
    3. Constant maid presence ( I even think turndown service is so stupid)
    4. BIGGEST pet peeve – you can’t even email me to tell me I left my [iphone charger, $100 shirt, tie, sock, WHATEVER]? All your bullshit “service” no one needs (thanks, I wouldn’t have figured out how to get in bed had you not given me headstart by folding the sheet down) and you can’t take 30 seconds, using the email you have ON FILE to tell me I forgot something?

    That’s all

  15. @ Jeff. You are correct. That feeling that the soap has not rinsed off is the water, not the soap. It actually is soft water. Most likely, the local water supply is hard (high mineral content) and they add chemicals to soften it. More ofthen that not, this leads to soft water. I hate it, but I’ve learned to trust that the soap has been rinsed and to just end the shower. It is fine.

  16. +1 on the non 24 hour fitness centers. So dumb. Why do they really care if I want or need to work out at 4am or 11pm. Really.

  17. “Soap that leaves residue”

    might be due to soft water, hard to feel like the soap is washed off with extreme softened water.

  18. Obviously quietness and cleanliness is critical. My #1 issue is with pillows that are too soft. I want something to provide some support otherwise why even have a pillow?

    The other thing is only having a single light switch in the bathroom that blinds you when you turn it on in the morning or during the night. Either provide a dimmer switch or a secondary soft light.

    And soft water really sucks. Fortunately I have not encountered it very often.

  19. My biggest complaint is whatever interferes with restful sleep. Often it’s inadequate soundproofing. Once it was a ridiculously harsh odor — presumably from housekeeping chemicals — that left me with a headache the morning after. (No, I had nothing to drink that night.)

    Hotel showers warm up very quickly, so I quickly get over the initial split-second blast of cold water.

    Mikey (#20) has a good point about water hardness; having lived in regions with both extremely hard and extremely soft tap water, I can attest that such minerals can make or break even the best soaps and shampoos.

  20. If you are a germaphobe, think about these:

    1) Hotel pillows are disgusting in general. It doesn’t matter they change the pillow shams but many people sweat a lot on their head and that flows into the pillow. Yes, you are sleeping on other’s people sweat.

    2) Hotel carpets are also nasty. They may vacuum after a customer leaves but God knows what has been dropped on that carpet. I always carry slippers with me and use them all the time while in the room.

    3) Same goes for shower floors and curtains. Those are perfect places for you to get all types of germs from other people. Unless they clean with bleach after a customer leaves they are nasty.

  21. Completely agree on the glass wall issue.It I’m alone in the bathroom, then what is the point. If I’m with someone I care fore, there are things done in the bathroom that I don’t want her to share with me and I don’t want to share my business with her. If I’m sharing room with someone where there is no romantic intention like a colleague, I for sure do NOT want to see what he is doing in the bathroom.

    Other than that, my main issue is to high/hard pillows.

  22. Out of date guest guides.
    When the free manager’s dinner has changed from mon-thu to mon-wed but the guide still says mon-thu.

  23. Horribly run on demand shuttle pick ups that make you wait 20-30 and leave you strained curbside outside an airport or train station. Happened twice in the past 3 weeks to me. Did get 7,000 and 10,000 SPG and Hyatt points respectively but still really annoying when the weather is sub 40 degrees and it is late at night and you’re tired. /rant

  24. Side parking lot entrance has a sign “card entry only between 10pm and 6am for your safety” but the door is always open.

  25. Facial tissue “flowers” and toilet tissue “arrows.” I prefer that housekeeping staff leave the tissues alone.

  26. Those small pillows gross me out too. I have a term for them beginning with the letter P based on what a friend said he used them for. I try not to touch them.

  27. You Missed: bad walls! In so many hotel rooms you can constantly hear everything from the neighbour room or the hallway. I really hate that…

  28. I agree with Advcardio re decorative pillows and the 1/4 bed covers. Useless annoyance.

    I also detest turndown service.

  29. Agree with all of those, plus rooms without any accessible power points. I should not have to unplug a lamp just to charge my phone. Or dangle it from a socket halfway up a wall. Put a frigging power point by the frigging desk!

  30. In addition to some of the above…
    1) Inadequate lighting in the bathroom (esp WC)
    2) Coffee makers without an obvious plug nearby
    3) Shower curtains (prefer walk-in’s with glass doors)
    4) The thought of sleeping in beds and on pillows that are old and used
    5) Overwhelmingly bleachy smelling towels (bonus for rough feeling towels)
    6) I hate down comforters. I go through a LOT of trouble unmaking the bed and putting on the regular blanket. HATE IT when I maid puts the down back on, UGH.
    7) Maids, etc, that don’t remember my preferences (see #6)
    8) Un-renovated or OLD and tired hotel rooms
    9) Noisy hvac’s
    10) Old and low def TV’s
    11) Bad bath amenities, and stingy hotels that don’t re-stock all the good amenities that I’ve taken and hidden (in the hopes of re-stocking)!
    12) Dirty, tired, old carpeting, frayed furniture, bedding or towels

    Hm… why DO I love traveling?? 😉

  31. At the Westin in downtown Los Angeles, I can’t stand the fact that the toilet is in a position in relation to the counter that the toilet seat won’t stay up! I have pretty good aim, but I like to put the lid and seat up when I pee. At the Westin, most of the rooms that I’ve stayed in are setup where they won’t stay open on their own. Grrrrr!

  32. My peeves are… not enough accessable power plugs… pillows that are way too soft… and the top piss off is a priority line for gold members that is not staffed! – yes that’s you Sheraton LHR!!

  33. “then they’re put back on the bad” I believe you meant bed?

    We’re both side sleepers, Lucky, and since I haven’t encountered a hotel that gives entirely square pillows (at least a couple of “real pillows”), I just hug on to the real pillow and sleep on the square pillow. Not much of a difference.

  34. 1) Large gaps under the door to the hall that let in light and noise; 2) bottles of water with tiny labels noting they cost $6; 3) uncovered drinking glasses in the bathroom; 4) half-size glass shower walls so water sprays everywhere; 5) towel bars right above the toilet to maximize collection of fecal bacteria; 6) “mood lighting” with cheap bulbs so dim that you cannot read or work; 7) complimentary Wifi that is slower than smoke signals; 8) insufficient or inaccessible outlets by desk and bed; 9) connecting doors to next room; 10) child-size slippers and robes.

  35. The Park Hyatt Vendome has completely square pillows.

    In addition to the above peeves – my usual one for most properties is that there is only 1 luggage rack – if you’re traveling with someone (friend / spouse / significant other) you usually need 2. It’s not a high cost item and don’t require a renovation so why is it that so few properties have 2 in the room.

  36. OOoh, I’d forgotten the “let me call you 15 minutes after you get in to see how the room is” thing. If there’s a huge issue, I will call. Otherwise, half the time I get in and want to take a nap or a shower or something, and your call is loud and interrupting me. Stop.

    Walls and doors that aren’t noisy are important, but a lot of these things (the pillows, the kleenex “flower” that means you pull out sixteen kleenexes at once and they’re already all crumpled) can be changed much more easily than walls and doors.

  37. +1 on the decorative pillows. the germy comforters on the bed aren’t too far behind only separating you from them by the thinnest of sheets.

  38. Shower pressure!! I can’t imagine how “green” the hotel is when I can take an under-five-minute shower at home but have to stand for twenty minutes trying to get the soap out of my hair in the trickle of water coming from the environmentally-correct shower head! Just put in a shower with good water pressure and be done with it!
    Other pet peeve – you would not BELIEVE what gets left behind in hotel drawers…not a good place to look if you’re a germaphobe!

  39. 1. Cooling units that don’t.
    2. Cooling units on timers. I’ll decide how cool I want it and for how long, thank you!
    3. Not enough / inconviently located outlets – solved by always taking a power bar.
    4. Old TVs with no HDMI outlet (for hooking up laptop to watch foreign programs).

    Alarm clocks: this isn’t a pet peeve, more an answer for others who have wondered why:
    a) they’re never the right time – because people like me unplug them to eliminate
    b) alarms that go off at weird times – because the previous guest had to get to the airport at some ungodly hour … see a)!
    Just bring your own, unplug theirs – problem solved!

  40. Try W Koh Samui. The bathroom has tinted shades of glass providing natural light without letting others see, there’s curtained glass between the shower and the room, the bathtub is in the middle of the bathroom (no, I mean bathroom and not room), and the room has a door. They give free teddies. Oh, and the staff are very friendly. It’s typical W style, but the lobby isn’t stuffy and it’s more airy. It’s also a very nice resort (minus the terrible small beach). Similar to W Taipei but bigger and has golf cart transportation. (Speaking of that, I think Asian Ws are better…)

  41. Loud HVAC’s, constant click on /off with and “low” speed fans.
    No sound insulating in walls!
    The guy sleeping in the next room snored so loud that we might as well be sharing the bed. No relief .
    I wonder what the etaquet is for that, make a room to room call every time they wake you up?

  42. To me the worst (besides a noisy room) is crappy/slow WiFi. Ever tried to watch Netflix at a hotel? Practically impossible.

  43. Good point about the decorative pillows that likely get thrown on the ground – never thought of that. I also am glad I am not alone with the soap.

    My pet peeves;
    1. Poor quality toilet paper
    2. Poor quality sheets.
    3. Only like 2 or 3 very thin sheets.
    4. The TV entertainment software that requires several clicks to even be able to flip through channels
    5. The fancy TV entertainment system that lacks a decent amount of TV channels. E.G. – no AMC. Didn’t hotels used to brag about offering HBO and stuff?
    6. Free low-speed wifi, or paid for broadband
    7. When there is only one offering – free low speed wifi (256k-esque speeds)
    8. Pretentious lobbies but crappy rooms. I get it, you want a grand entrance, but everything else is underwhelming.

  44. The soap doesn’t wash off because the water is probably too hard with mineral content. My pet peeve is when the toilet water level is too high and my junk dips in it when I sit on the throne.

  45. The print on the shower gel/shampoo/conditioner bottles is so small I have to go get my reading glasses and wear them in the shower to figure out what the hell I am using.

    An old guy first world problem 🙂

  46. Low shower heads that make me duck to be able to wash my hair. I’m just over 6′ tall and there is still a foot of space above the shower head where they could have placed it.

  47. I use eye glasses like so many and the hotel shampoo conditioner and moisturiser all in similar bottles with a 8 point text in light gold gets my goat!

  48. Hotels that charge $250/night for the room and then want $10/night for basic internet and $17/night for “extended” Internet service. Just charge me $265/night for the room and give me “free” internet!

  49. Oh yes those decorative pillows and 1/4 bed runners drive me bonkers. But also when a headboard is made of cloth. U know those haven’t been or will be washed EVER. Also hate when a card key is needed for the power and I can’t charge my devices unless I’m IN the room.

  50. Gyms are closed in the evenings because there is limited traffic should an accident occur. If you do injure yourself it could over an hour before someone notices.

  51. Doors that don’t arrest their closing, so all through the night, especially late on weekends, it’s one slammed door after another.

  52. 1. body hair in a neatly folded towel.
    2. staff that don’t agree with you about your free upgrades and free breakfast.
    3. when the front desk doesn’t pick up unless you call from your cell phone.
    4. breakfast only till 9 am.
    5. 5am shuttles that take flight crews first.
    6. broken ice and vending machines.
    7. cleaning the room only when i am not in the room.
    8. back door key slots that don’t work.

  53. Since you’re moving into hotels full-time, how do you plan to sign up for credit cards and do manufactured spending? Are you going to use the address of a friend or family member when you sign up for credit cards?

  54. @milesmaven said,
    “Also hate when a card key is needed for the power and I can’t charge my devices unless I’m IN the room.”

    I always carry old keycards from a previous stay so I can fool the system. I keep one in my electronics gadgets bag just for that reason, charging stuff as needed. Which also helps b/c there is never enough plugs to charge everything at once.

  55. Inconvenient check in and check out times. Hotels need to go to the 24hour check in and check out system like rental cars.

    If I check in at 10 p.m. I want to remain there until 10 p.m. then next day. Or if one checks in at 6 am and checks out a 8 p.m., they are charged for two days even though the total stay is only 14 hours.

  56. Lack of power outlets. This is 2014. We have a plethora of devices needing to be charged!

    In addition to water pressure and placement of shower controls, it annoys me to no end when they leave the shower head angled such that it sprays out of the shower/tub when you turn it on.

    No channel guide. I *so* appreciate it when hotels have a little guide with all the channels for you to reference so you’re not hunting through 40+ channels trying to find the handful you’d actually watch.

    Leftovers from previous guests. I’ve found in various hotels: underwear, a pair of socks, food left in minifridge, and random hairs (of the straight and curly varieties).

    Too much technology. It’s great, but not when you have to jump through so many hoops to figure out how to work the darn things!

    Thin walls are the worst.

    Not enough hangars. Not usually a problem, but I once showed up to a hotel room with 4 hangars for 3 suits and 3 dress shirts. Nice.

    For some hotels (usually lower end like hampton inn), the fitness rooms are adjacent to guest rooms, so I can see why they’d want to limit the times you can use them. I’ve not encountered it in a full-service property where the fitness centers are usually separate and on floors with administrative office and meeting rooms.

  57. I agree with most of these (a few I haven’t experienced) and will add another, perhaps a sub-complaint, to the bathroom privacy one:

    Bathroom doors that don’t provide any privacy! I’ve had some that have fancy slider doors that have huge air gaps so basically unless you crank up the TV or other distracting noise the other person in the room will year you firing bazookas on the toilet.

    This is a concern of mine when I book a room when a girl might be staying with me to the point where I try to find pics of the room first. I’ve had a guy friend leave in order to do business once (he lived in that city and went home in the morning).

  58. @JY – since the only girls who ever stay with me in a hotel room are my wife and 2 daughters (age 6 and 8), I will unabashedly “fire bazookas” in the loo!

  59. @milesmaven & @Blue Skye — in the hotels I’ve stayed, I could keep the power on using any credit card-sized piece of plastic, e.g. frequent flyer cards. Kind of weird that the system is so easily circumvented!

    To add to an ever-growing list in the comments, I don’t understand why some hotels don’t have USB ports for charging anymore. Been to a renovated/remodeled hotel recently and they were missing USB connectors which I kind of take for granted nowadays.

    P.S. I learned the hard way to check alarm clock to make sure alarm is off and/or whether time is AM or PM. Not a pleasant experience to wake up at 6 am on a weekend! 🙁

  60. I’m particularly annoyed by all the advertising and promotional materials (table tents, magazines, hotel flyers). I dump these all into one drawer upon arrival. Then move the decorative pillows and bed sash into the closet. Ugh! Germs be gone!

    Also, hating showers that don’t have enough surface space to put simple toiletries. Seems I get a 1”x2” ledge to balance everything. Or a soap dish where the soap cleverly falls through said soap dish. 🙂

    Oh, and can we get dimming lights in the bathroom. I don’t need to be blinded in the middle of the night.

    Oh, oh, oh, and using double-negatives on the Eco bedside cards to confuse you if you’re supposed to put the card on the pillow for new sheets or not.

    I’m done.

  61. The worst is bad water pressure or not enough water. What is even more maddening are places that are supposedly ‘green,’ and they did this on purpose! If I get a hotel, and this is a problem: That’s it. I want my money back, and I am out the door.
    One property in lower Manhattan like this is Club Quarters! haha Green building. I just don’t understand how it makes sense…….It is seriously the dumbest thing in the world. They paid millions for the building. You are paying a lot of money for the room….yet they won’t let you have something that is relatively free.
    People are still going to use as much water or even more, it is just going to drive them nuts and make them have a way longer shower that sucks.
    I have seen rivers of water running down city streets….but don’t use a little water for your shower!
    Anyways, it is because of Club Quarters and the hotel they share a building with which also sucks, that I can’t check the financial district on priceline, because Club Quarters and this other place also have lower prices, so you have a good chance of getting it.

  62. I’ve spent at least 6 months of the last two years in hotels (in various countries). I completely feel you for a lot of these things, especially regarding the throw pillows. But:
    * Regarding gyms: I believe sometimes it may be related to regulations (that might exist locally) or insurance policies that could prevent hotels from allowing unsupervised gym use.
    * Throw pillows: absolutely agree – though only recently I’ve found that there is usually some storage space for them in the closet or somewhere in the room.
    * Bathtub “peep” show: I’ve stayed in a few hotels with this, and in most of them, opening the “peep show” bathroom blind would also give me a great view from the bathroom through the room’s window to the outside world. A few times it has worked really well – namely when taking a relaxing bath together with my girlfriend and being able to see the scenery outside (I remember being very impressed by how well it worked at the Tokyo Conrad Hotel). Of course, then there is the fact that in general (unless traveling with my partner), I don’t bother with baths at all (and I doubt many travellers do), and I have been in a few rooms with this “bathroom feature” where the view was essentially the wall of the neighbouring building.

    One pet peeve that I didn’t see mentioned here was room lighting control panels that are poorly labeled and confusing. Having bright light accidentally blasted in your face, just when you are getting into “sleeping mode” can be somewhat unsettling.

  63. The slimy feel of soap residue may also be because it’s not soap, but a “moisture bar” like Dove. Which I find makes my skin feel horrible – all dry and tight afterwards too.

    Carry an emergency bar of “real” soap (but hard or soft water has a similar effect too – I dunno which).

    How about no hooks anywhere? Drives me nuts as I too live in hotels.

    And yes, as a germophobe all throw pillows, runners etc are disgusting to me.

  64. all theese motels nowadays set the WATER TEMP TOO LOW! ii want a hot shower not a lukewarm one!
    same goes for hot tubs outside they never seem hot enough! i wont get in it unless its a min of 102
    should be bout 104

    again the cheaping out on the water temp really pisses me off!

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