W Hotel Washington Introduces Mukbang Room Service

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For those of you not familiar with mukbang, it’s the phenomenon of eating lots of food while vlogging. It originated in Korea, and yes, 2019 sure is a weird time to be alive.

Well, one hotel is embracing this trend with a new room service option. Through the end of the year, the W Hotel Washington DC has a mukbang option on their room service menu, known as the Sip & Slurp menu. This includes the following, in addition to a mic and phone stand (which you get to keep):

  • Aloha Y’All: tasso ham, caramelized pineapple, tomato, basil, mozzarella
  • Farmhouse Quaker: smoked mozzarella, potato, red onions, crispy duck, farm egg
  • Cherry Burger: 0.5 lb house blend Creekstone Farms beef, red onion marmalade, raclette, Dijonnaise
  • The Big Belly Burger: double beef patties, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, pickles & W1 sauce
  • Old School Surf & Turf: filet mignon, butter-poached lobster tail, steak fries
  • Cheese & Charcuterie Board: pickles, mustard, breads, crackers, compote
  • XL Crispy French Fries: truffle aioli
  • Carrot Cake Tower: sweet carrot sauce, streusel
  • Just Like Grandma’s Cherry Pie: served on cast iron with vanilla ice cream

The cost? $285, plus a 16% service charge, 5% delivery fee, 5% administrative fee, and 10% sales tax, for a total of ~$388.

To kick off this new option, here’s a video of Antoni Porowski enjoying the mukbang:

This is sort of brilliant from the hotel’s perspective. They’ve just undergone a huge renovation and are trying to get publicity around that, so something like this sure is a way to do that:

  • A lot of outlets are writing about this, which gets attention to the hotel
  • Anyone who actually orders the mukbang and vlogs will be generating publicity for the hotel as well

All that being said, if people are going to order this, I sure hope they have enough people over to actually eat it all. It sure would be a shame to order all that food and just throw it away…

  1. this is it. This is conclusive evidence that I live in the wrong timeline.
    I just feel like I live as an NPC in someone else’s game, which is in a totally different genre.

  2. So there is no more need for any of these hotels or any other company to “raise funds” for feeding people suffering from hunger and malnutrition. It’s all only for PR power tripping. What a terrible, commercialized world we live in!

  3. “$285, plus a 16% service charge, 5% delivery fee, 5% administrative fee, and 10% sales tax, for a total of ~$388.”?

    No convenience fee or execution fee?

  4. Really should say, “here’s the W Hotel ad, featuring Antoni Porowski, enjoying the mukbang”. Nevertheless, the administrative fee make me lol.

  5. @theluxurytraveller

    What dos any of that have to do with this article?


    Sadly, this is the world we live in now.

  6. This is a very smart move from W, and should kick off a new trend in the industry.

    Blogger asking for free stuff. Not anymore, we now offer a blogger special.

    If you can’t get rid of those pests, sell it to them.

    Now if only those influencers with less than 1m followers would just understand they also need to pay up.

  7. Maybe I’m getting too old, but I have a hard time understanding how “mukbang” became a thing in the first place, and that it happens with enough frequency to need a new word.

    Are there really that many vloggers out there stuffing themselves while vlogging, and people interested in watching that?

    And this fits in with an entry level luxury brand?

    I can imagine if it were Old Country Buffet, or an all you can eat Korean joint.
    But the W?

    That said, Asia does have atypical phenomena like the woman who smashes her face into bread, so…

  8. Yeah also have a lot of trouble seeing the enternaining side of Mukbang. I can at least understand why someone would watch someone else play videogames, but eating food? Is Mukbang gonna help you know your eating strats better?

  9. Your first couple sentences are nearly identical to what TPG posted about this. Did you just get a press release from the hotel and mildly change a few words and repost it, did you lift it from TPG, or did they lift it from you?

    You: “For those of you not familiar with mukbang, it’s the phenomenon of eating lots of food while vlogging. It originated in Korea, and yes, 2019 sure is a weird time to be alive.”

    TPG: “The W Hotel in Washington DC is now catering — pun totally intended — to a very specific crowd: mukbang enthusiasts, the video genre that started in Korea and has become widespread across the globe. No, mukbang isn’t some type of rare or exotic cuisine, rather it’s a type of online video featuring a person or a group of people eating a massive amount of food. 2019 sure is an… interesting time to be alive.”

  10. Stuff like this makes me glad that I was born in 1953 and therefore will have to suffer through less of watching the world going to hell in a hand basket than the younger viewers here.

  11. Typical first world vulgarity :
    honey to the pigs.
    Bored with their lives, they just don’t know what to invent. Some resort to flintstone thinking, they would probably serve mammoth if there where any around.
    It’s worse than going into premium cabins in snickers, shorts & T-shirts.

    How come someone who flies J or F pooped this clickbait article extolling bad taste ?

  12. Making a pig out of yourself in public (online) is perfectly acceptable now, is it?

    I hope this attention-seeker ruptures his stomach and W Hotel has a shitty PR nightmare on its hands. Bad social behaviour can never be normalized by corporate $$$$. This is how we lose our dignity as a society – one small step at a time……Don’t passively accept it!!

  13. Isn’t this the sort of thing that might be bad publicity right now? A white dude in a bathrobe being a glutton. DID HE JUST USE A STRAW????????????? In all seriousness, he did NOT even touch the pizza. Also, what loser would actually do this ALONE?

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