Missed my IAD-TPA flight for the fourth time in a row!!!!

This is unreal. Let me summarize my past 24 hours:

I was booked on last night’s 10PM IAD-TPA flight. Due to bad weather at JFK I was going to misconnect, so I spent the night at JFK and got rebooked on the 6AM JFK-IAD flight and 8AM IAD-TPA flight.

I overslept this morning at my hotel at JFK (the result of three early mornings in a row), so got rebooked on the 10AM JFK-IAD flight and 12PM IAD-TPA flight.

Once I board my 12PM IAD-TPA flight I realized that I left my camera bag on the JFK-IAD flight, because I took it out of my gate checked bag, put it in the overhead bin, and forgot about it. Of course I only realized right as the door was about to close, so I offloaded myself and went to the customer service center. There the agent was able to call the gate that I arrived at, and fortunately they had my camera. I ran over there just as the gate agent was about to leave, and fortunately recovered my camera. Now I’m stuck here until the 5:35PM IAD-TPA flight, which is sold out (but I’m confirmed on). Who knows, maybe we’ll make it five in a row? 😉

I guess I’m just not meant to get home. I just can’t believe this.

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  1. Might as well take a few hops around the country until 5:35… oh wait, it’s later there than here.

    I’d still take a couple of hops… maybe IAD-BDL-IAD 🙂

  2. Your 5:35pm is showing Y1B1M1H1… some chance of a bump opportunity. But the 9pm-ish IAD-TPA flight doesn’t operate on Mondays! You’d likely be stuck with another overnight in exchange for the bump. Will lucky TURN DOWN a bump opportunity???

    Unless of course you could talk them into putting you on another carrier (unlikely). You could go BACK to JFK on Jetblue…. 🙂

  3. @ bmvaughn — I’ve had enough of flying. Stick me in the LH lounge instead (where I ran into an FT’er, btw).

    @ Gray — One systemwide humiliation cert.

    @ Ryan — It has been fun telling each and every agent what I’ve been doing the past couple of days. They seem to get a kick out of it.

    @ Uniter — And, as usual, it was fantastic. Very nice place….

    @ Gary — Are you kidding? I’d overnight in a heartbeat! Unfortunately it’s not looking good as far as the VDB goes. 🙁

  4. Wow, i’m really surpprised how lenient UA is on rebooking. Not that i would, but seems like that system could really be abused.

  5. Abuse the system? Who would do that? I don’t know anyone who would abuse the system!?!?! 🙂

  6. Finally got home. It’s worth noting that there were at least 30 empty seats on my IAD-TPA flight, despite it being zeroed out beforehand. I guess some of the Europe flights arrived late.

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