Do You Need To Put Your Middle Name On Airline Tickets?

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I received an email from a reader a couple of days ago who was worried because he booked an award ticket and his middle name didn’t appear on it. Most airlines do say that the name on the ticket has to exactly match the name on the government issued ID. And that can be intimidating, since I don’t think anyone wants their trip ruined before they can even get on a plane.

So in practice how closely does the name on your ticket have to match the name on your government issued ID? Here’s what you should know in general:

The “surface” of the ticket may not display your full name

Even if you enter your first, middle, and last name when booking a ticket, the “surface” of the ticket (the e-ticket receipt, etc.) may not actually show that. Different airlines have different reservations platforms, so they display reservations differently. Furthermore, some agents have different interpretations of having full names on a ticket:

  • The “Secure Flight Data” on your ticket should include your full name and date of birth, though that’s different than the “surface” of the ticket; some reservations agents will enter your middle name in the “Secure Flight Data” field, but not on the ticket itself
  • Even if a reservations agent enters your full name on the “surface” of the ticket, the name can appear in different ways — sometimes you won’t see any middle name on the ticket, sometimes you’ll see the first and middle names merged, sometimes you’ll see the full first name and middle initial, etc. — none of which are wrong


Any of those methods is fine

As explained above, there are different ways that middle names can appear on tickets. But even if you have a middle name and it’s not on the ticket, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Personally I often make reservations without putting my middle name on them, and I’ve never had an issue. I’ve never even been questioned. Ticket and gate agents want to get you on your way, and they know that often reservations agents are inconsistent when it comes to how they display names on tickets.

So if you have a middle name and it doesn’t appear on your ticket, you have nothing to worry about, as far as I’m concerned.

What about misspelled names?

Admittedly this gets a bit more complicated. If your name is misspelled you should try to get it changed if possible. Technically airlines say that name changes aren’t allowed, but if you quickly realize that there’s a minor error, they should be able to fix it:

  • If travel is booked and flown on the same airline, this should be pretty straightforward, as the airline has control over their own ticket, and should be able to make the change; that being said, they may only be willing to do this if you catch the error shortly after ticketing
  • When there’s travel on multiple airlines, this gets considerably more complicated, since it’s tough for just one airline to change the name on an already ticketed reservation

Everyone will have different risk tolerance, but if it’s a very minor error (ie, the first name displaying as “Benajmin” rather than “Benjamin”) I’d call the airline and have them put a note in the record acknowledging the spelling error, and then call it a day. Chances are they won’t even notice at check-in, but if they do, you can just tell them to reference the notes.

That’s something some people won’t be comfortable with, but personally that has done the trick every time I’ve been in a similar situation.

Bottom line

While airlines like to pretend that you’ll be denied boarding if the name on the ticket doesn’t exactly match the name on your government issued ID, the reality is a bit different. I certainly wouldn’t be worried if your ticket doesn’t show your middle name (or even if it’s just not on there at all).

In the event of a minor spelling error I’d see if the airline can change it. If they can’t, I’d just have them note the error in the notes of the record and count on that being fine. Rebooking tickets is complicated otherwise.

What has been your experience with names not displaying correctly on tickets? Has anyone been denied boarding due to a misspelling or a name not appearing fully?

  1. CX seem to have a policy that requires the middle name in the name field of the PNR, not just in the secure flight info. Don’t know of any other airline that requires this to be so.

    Otherwise, you’re right. LASTNAME/FIRST to match ID, within a letter or two, middle names are just bonus in the name field and useful in TSA fields (but not required there either)..

  2. for the better part of the last five years (ever since Delta and Northwest merged reservation systems) my tickets have contained my full legal name as it appears on my passport. However my drivers’ license doesn’t have my middle name on it. Even though 85 to 90% of my travel is domestic I have yet to have an issue.

  3. I use my middle name for everything, so my frequent flier accounts were all set up before secure flight regulations. To this day, after hundreds of flights, I still use my middle name as my first name on airline tickets (easier that trying to get my ff accounts changed). I’ve never, not once, been asked about it when checking in, going through TSA, or boarding a plane.

    The only time it has ever been a problem is checking in online for an international flight – because my Passport doesn’t match up. So I just have to check in in person. But other than that, it has never been an issue.

  4. I had an issue when I first received my redress number. When I filled out the information my middle name was used. The number wouldn’t work if my middle name was not used in the booking process so I do have to make sure I always match my booking exactly.

  5. Easy, just get a passport with only your first and last name on it. Same with your drivers license. That is what I did. I basically have no middle name anymore and nothing to worry about.

  6. Haha was the minor typo in the last paragraph (0f rather than of) on purpose given the subject of the post? 😉

  7. A travel agent being paid very well for a large organization made a small error in my name and refused to fix the problem properly. i talked to the airline and they put a note in the report but would require the TA to call to fix. I was flying Korean from Rome to Seoul. I got through check in and general security. At the door of the aircraft a last check noticed the difference and then it became a discussion with 10 KE and Italian security staff while everyone else was boarded. After much talking I eventually got on but resolved not to accept a journey if the agent could fix a ticket but won’t.

  8. I use a simplified version of my first name that uses one less character than my legal first name. As an AA EXP, I have traveled across Europe, Asia, and the US without any significant issues. On one occasion, the TSA agent had a supervisor come over, but the issue was quickly resolved when the supervisor said that “as long as we are within one character, our policy says to allow the passenger through”.

  9. Why is is that the airlines are so resistant to fixing name mistakes on reservations? Case in point, my partner is a “III” which does not show up on reservations. Except on our last trip when the CSR decided to change his name manually from “Hxxxx” to “HxxxIii” “because I just went to a class on this”. Afterward, I figured it might be a problem with TSA pre-check and called back. Three calls later, two agents flatly refused and the third admitted she could do it but it would be a “big mistake” so I left it. Of course, come check-in time no pre-check for either of us. Lesson learned – maybe first and middle names are not critical, but any last name discrepancies definitely are.

  10. I’d vote for less info is better. The TSA document checkers still struggle with thinking Frau, Herr, Monsieur, Mademoiselle on boarding passes are actual person’s names. I’ve seen it a few times now and it’s quite embarrassing to see such incompetence. If they don’t know proper titles and salutations, how would they ever know anything about terrorists?

  11. Agreed. Never put middle names on tickets, even for travel to, from or through the US. Never had a problem.

  12. Some airlines have smaller (shorter) maximum name length limitations. So if you have very long names, you cannot enter them completely.

  13. This is interesting about middle names. My situation is a bit more extreme…

    My wife is Spanish and has 2 ‘last names’ (not hypenated). Inevitably her full last name(s) never fit entirely. She has never had any trouble because of it.

    I carry 2 passports and depending on where I am going, I often use one for one direction and the other to return. Without getting into the details, let me preface and say that both are 100% legal and correct, however one of the passports reverses my middle and last names. So essentially much of my international travel is with a passport that doesnt directly match the ticket.

    I have never had any issues apart from every now and then the self check-in machines choke and I am sent to a human (which I MUCH prefer). Also sometimes the systems need a bit of a kick to allow the agent to add my frequent flyer numbers.

  14. This is one of those topics that regularly comes up due to the wording that Lucky mentions in the beginning. I only use the second first name I have and I have only had problems with one airline: Qantas.

    I booked a trip SIN-SYD-AKL last winter and was initially denied boarding in Sydney until the gate agent manually allowed me to board with a stern warning that I better have my papers in order on arrival in Auckland because it was NZ Immigration that denied me in the first place. Since I was allowed to fly in the end I believe this must be a known error by Qantas gate staff but still. On arrival in Auckland I wasn’t asked a single question by the immigration officer so clearly the “mismatch” wasn’t a problem there. When I was to return to Sydney I couldn’t check in online and I noticed I couldn’t change the API data either. In the end this must be that Qantas has inflexible systems in place. I was told by Qantas check-in staff all names should be on the ticket.

    The concept of a middle name is also not clearly defined. What’s a middle name in one place is not in another. Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t have a middle name. Hillary Rodham Clinton does. Rodham’s her middle name.

  15. If you ever want TSA precheck your full name is mandatory. I purchased TSA precheck and global entry. I can buy a ticket without using my middle name just fine, but it is impossible to get TSA precheck on my tickets unless I use my middle name, even though I have a known traveler ID number.

  16. This is a lttle hard to explain, but I’ll try. I booked an Air France ticket from CDG to BIO. On my first attempt on their web site I transcribed two of the letters of my wife’s last name. I discovered the mistake and started the process over as I had not yet paid for the ticket. For at least one more cycle the name was still wrong, but I finally was able to get it to be correct. So I booked two tickets and didn’t think about it. The day came to fly and we started out in bus class on AA flight 44 from JFK to CDG – thanks to the BA summer promotion and the extra AARP discount. Unfortunately, the AA flight was not so hot, first they switched planes to old non flat seats and then the flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours. Opps – this means we would miss our Air France flight. But wait! the Air France flight was also delayed! So after the 45 minute transfer from term 2A to outer siberia for the Hop flight we ran to the desk to get the boarding passes printed out. (For some reason they wouldn’t let me print them out the day before in NY). But they couldn’t print them since my wife’s ticket showed her name on reservation correctly but still had the transcription name on the underlyng invoice and since the plane had supposededly left, the system wouldn’t let them change or reissue the ticket! So we watched the plane take off without us and had to wait 5 hours for the next plane that they gave us boarding passe for.

  17. Great post! As a domestic flyer, I’m more concerned about the TSA than TAs.

    I recently added a middle initial to my UA profile in desperate hopes of getting Precheck for free (sadly, I think that program ended). Submitted driver license and was approved.

    Yesterday I noticed UA added my full middle name, which I hate! Changed name back to MI and submitted again. I hope this will not be a recurring problem!

  18. Outside US, especially in Asia, airlines care more about the middle name. Just smarter to include it in your reservation.

  19. All my travel profiles have my middle name in it. Weird thing with UA is that when they issue domestic tickets my middle name does not appear on my boarding pass…If it’s an international ticket my middle name does.

    I believe our had to do with their system because my passport has my middle name on it so it uses that data in my FF profile for my ticket.

  20. As an Corporate Travel Agent I can share my thought about mispelled names. Errors happen a lot, especially when customers use GDS based booking software. Many customers who have those german umlauts in their names somtimes gets automatically mispelled by the GDS, even though this should not happen. Usually a mistake with less or up to three letters is fine with most airlines, and an remark to the check In crew will fix it. When I have customers traveling to the US, I get cautious, and most of the times I will make a new reservation when the airline can not offer any assistance. Some airlines offer to make a new reservation with the same pricing. I know one customer was once interviewed by US immigration because in the APIS data we forgot to mention his 3rd middle name. Sometimes I have to convince customers to travel with a shorter version of their name, some Airlines like Brussels and Swiss only allow a maximum name length of 28 letters including spaces. I can tell you for some customers that is an offence to ask them to shorten their name on the ticket, but otherwise no ticket can be issued with those carriers.Airlines have this policy not to allow name changes after ticket issuance, merely because this would open the door for reselling by the customers. Much of the revenue today is made by the industry by unclaimed / unused transportation, and with a flexible name change policy that revenue would be less significant.

  21. Various TSA security checkpoints and individual agents also give you problems if you go by your middle name and a first initial. SFO Terminals, and their “TEAM” contractors, for example, seem to have some emphasis on this. It’s ridiculous if you have a redress or known traveler number, but it is what it is. Fascism on parade for Security Theatre.

  22. I have two middle names, and there is rarely room for the second one on tickets, if I even bother to put it in–often, especially for domestic flights I don’t bother with putting in my first middle name, either. My passport and my driver’s license both have both names (and old pictures, to boot) and I’ve never had an issue.

  23. Anyone have experiences with first and last name entered in the reverse order? Do they allow you to board? Last time I had this problem when the ticket was issued. Since the first segment of the flight is not on the issuing airline, I didn’t take the risk. In the end I have to pay to switch the name on ticket.

  24. I have the problem that I just booked a ticket under my “full” name, including all middle names. The frequent flyer program where I want to credit the miles has only my name, without the middle names, in the system. Now, it is somehow impossible to add my ff-number to the flight because of this mismatch, I guess. Can this be the reason and I have to change my name at the ff-program to the “full” name, including all middle names to get the miles?

  25. I live in Mexico and I travel internationally at least twice a month. Being Mexican, I have a first name, a middle name and two last names. I always book tickets using only my middle name and one last name and I’ve never had an issue with this. However, Sky Team partner airlines won’t credit miles or give me Elite status for boarding unless the name on my ticket matches EXACTLY my frequent flier card. Go figure…

  26. This discussion concentrated on airlines wanting middle names on tickets but omitted security people (not just US TSA) wanting tickets names to fully match the names on passports…which do include full middle names. Some people have been hassled because they don’t match exactly. For that reason, it is always wise to have your full name on tickets. Military documents always include full names. /Fredrik-Where did you get the idea that Barack Hussein Obama does not have a middle name? In US, he clearly does. Your example shows that Hillary Diane Rodham , as is common in US, chose to use her maiden family name as a (new) middle married name.

  27. I have the same problem as Max mentioned above. I booked an award ticket using Asia miles, for travel on Alaska. When I tried to pull up the reservation on, it didn’t work. That’s when I noticed they have my first and last reversed. This is for domestic travel, I am hoping this will not be an issue. Should I have it changed? And should I contact cathay or alaska?

  28. I was traveling with friend on a domestic Vietnam flight. He was forced to buy a new ticket because we forgot to put his middle name on the reservation whereas his passport had it. You have been warned.

  29. I had issues in the past when flying to the USA (I’m based in the UK). Having a fairly common First/Last name, my details kept getting flagged up on the TSA system as someone they were looking for. After many trips to secondary screening (and my asking what the issue was), one kind TSA agent advised me to add my middle name to my AA AAdvantage account and all future tickets. Since doing that… No more trips to secondary!

    So although I’ve never had any issues being able to board a plane without my middle name, I now use it on all bookings.

  30. In Sept12 my son’s partner was refused at check in at Alicante airport for not using her middle names.Was forced to pay a 60e fine for a name change and 228.68e to rebook the seat,which of course was already booked!.The airline,AIR BERLIN,I have been fighting them ever since.

  31. Create a profile with every airline you will ever use for travel. Put in your full name as on passport and drivers license. Also, when buying tickets online and when buying tickets by telephone, always give your full name. Your full name will be on your e-ticket. In fact, it also appears on your boarding pass. Carelessness makes problems.

  32. Hello, yesterday 1 purchased 2 sets of airtickets via online from Lot Airlines and Iceland Air. After that, I noticed that I made a spelling error on the name ie Ket Lan Pang (should be Kat Lan Pang). I immediately emailed to LOT and LOT informed me that I need to pay an amendment fee of €80 which is a huge sum if converted to my country currency Malaysia Ringgit (RM500). I am wondering if I don’t get it change, will the passenger be allowed to board considering that it was just one alphabet that was misspelt? Appreciate if someone could advise.

  33. I was flying from HK to Phuket with Thai Airway ticket booked through Expedia using usual first name and surname as usual. Unfortunately when checking in at airport they insist that ‘full’ name as in passport including middle name is necessary on the ticket and charging us for adding the middle name since there was no time to change anything through Expedia. When I Email Thai Airway, here is there response:

    Dear Mr. Ho, 
    Please note passenger’s name on the ticket must be exactly the same as  on the passport. So if there is middle name on the passport, you need to put the middle name too when making the reservation and issuing the ticket. 
    Best regards,
    Thai Airways Reservations H.K.

  34. Hi All,

    Please help !!

    I have made a international booking from India to USA in name of Mr. Ankur Betala. ( Etihad Airways)
    In my Passport my Given name is Ankur Kumar and Last name as Betala, i forgot to mention my middle name which is “kumar” on the travel website .

    Now i want to know will there be any problem at Airline and USA immigration regarding my middle name not being on my ticket whereas its there on my passport.

  35. Join the airlines’ loyalty programs. Be sure to put your full passport name into your profile.

  36. Hi,

    I am travelling Mumbai-Munich-Mumbai with a changeover at Abu Dhabi, alongwith my wife and minor son. While all of us have common surname as per passport, in case of my wife, there is a middle name as well. On her ticket booked on Jet Airways/Etihad, I see that the full name appears as FIRST MIDDLELAST (i.e. without a gap between middle name and surname). On her passport, Given Name is FIRST MIDDLE and SURNAME is a separate field.

    Wondering if this will be a problem. Please help.

  37. I booked tickets with Vueling airlines fro Paris to Seville and only included my middle initial. My US passport includes my full middle name. should I expect problems?

  38. So I’m traveling to Mexico with my Mother on SWA – we purchased airline tickets before she got her new passport. There is full middle name on the ticket and middle initial (only) on passport. Seems like the opposite of problem most folks are bringing up. I didn’t know you could get a passport with just middle initial!

  39. Hi there– my situation is a little more complex, I have a UA ticket on a Brussels Air plane.

    My ticket says First Name, Last Name, Last Name (i.e.,the system sais my last name 2x and no middle name….). My passport has my (correct) middle name it it obviously….thoughts?

  40. Hello

    I bought a ticket of American Airlines thru Cheapoair . They put middle name on it which is my husband’s name but infact l don’t have midlle name.
    Can i board the flight .
    Anybody can advice me on this
    I m traveling to Denver for my Sons graduation this May
    Tq very much

  41. hi,
    I have 2 names and 1 Last name i accidently put one of my names in section of middle name. So in lufthansa flight ticket it’ll not fit as same with my passport name. I talked to lufthansa and they told me we can good at the flight. But i’m concern should i be worry while i’m taking out of my country and take of the country that i’ll be visit? It will be problem when officer control my passport and my ticket?

    Thank you very much

  42. Hi,
    I forgot to include middle name through booking with Now they are telling me to contact the airline – which is combined United and Lufthansa – traveling to Europe.
    I called United and they put in section for notes the middle name. Is this enough? Or I will have problems boarding?

  43. qantas put a mrs on the end of my christian name like this Mrs Suzannamrs On my passport it is just Suzanna so I’m worried it will not pass. What do you think? I’m getting the runaround trying to find out.

  44. Hi,

    How about the other way round? No middle name on passport but middle name on ticket?

  45. CX will be more straight because most HK chinese will have names such as Chan Dai Man, whereas Chan is surname and Dai Man is the first name, the issues come when they move overseas and Westerners considers Dai as the first name and Man is the middle name. So the ticket will be booked as Dai Chan. HK immigration authorities will reject entry if your passport says Chan Dai Man, and the boarding pass says Dai Chan. However HK immigration is a bit lose to apply this rule if you are not Chinese. or have a complete (real) western name, like Peter Joseph Chan.

  46. I have had pre-check for years and gotten it 100% of the time. I recently got approved for global entry and am having some confusion to say the least. There are no middle name entries on my global ID card or passport. My global ID “profile” (the information at the top) has my first, middle and last name all delineated separately. Under “passport information” it has the first name field populated with “FirstName MiddleName” no middle name and then last name. Is that they way I have to populate it on the airlines website with KTN?


  47. My FULL name (same as on my passport and driver’s license) is in my profile with every airline I will ever use.
    And-guess what-it is always on my tickets and boarding passes. If you are too lazy to do this, you might have a problem some day.

  48. My name on my drivers license has three fields. First, Middle, Last. Passport only had two fields. That was the just of my question, I’m not being lazy 🙂

  49. I don’t remember. My passport shows First and MIddle under given name. Maybe, that’s how I entered it. You could call the passport office to see if you could get a correction. Good luck.

    Sorry. The “lazy” was for every one, not specifically you.

  50. The passport is correct. Again, I am just curious if I need to put my first and middle name in the First name box of the secure traveler information.

  51. I’m asking about on the airline side. Do I put first and middle names in the First name block, omitting the middle name block again on the passenger information area.

  52. I have the same problem with Mr. Batala above. Booked 4 tickets of Etihad from KL to Amsterdam. All of us has middle names in our pasports, but when we booked the tickets the was no field to fill in middle names on the airline web. So the tickets only shows our first & last names.

    Will this become a problem later?

  53. Hi ,

    I did asked to the agents at the immigration and airline counter and they said it is required for international flights where’s they also said it depends on the agent mood if he want to check in deep or just allow you .

  54. We are traveling internationally from SFO via Singapore Airlines. The tickets show our first and middle names merged ( FirstNameMiddleName LastName). Our passports have a space between the First and Middle name but the ticket there is no space between first and middle names.
    Is that something to be concerned about and needs to be rectified ?
    Pls advice. Thanks in advance.

  55. I had to come and comment as I read all the comments last night after having a panic attack.

    I am flying United to Mexico from USA and forgot to list my middle initial. I realized this 4 weeks after reservations were made. In any other circumstances, after reading all these comments, I would’ve taken my chances of dealing with TSA, agents, etc, but I am flying with a 3 year old who is still in a “terrible three” stage and having any kind of issues at the airport would be a disaster.

    Naturally, this has escalated into a huge concern for me. Even after reading all the comments advising NOT calling United (as to avoid any further confusion or issues when), I still did. Literally 2 minutes on hold, one minute of explaining my situation to an agent (Roger, if you are reading this, which you probably are not, but still–THANKS A MILLION!!!) —and it was done. My middle initial was added to my reservation and immediately updated in the system.

    I had the app installed on my phone for United and refreshed my reservation to see that it was already updated to reflect correct information.

    Thus—-if you have this issue and you are flying United-give them a call. Now I have one less thing to worry about.

  56. Monica, this is normal, this is how airlines (at least some) print names. My kids both have middle names and they are separated in passports but are written together (anna elizabeth) (annaelizabeth) on tickets.
    I checked with united, it’s just how they do things. It’s also on their website.


  58. What if I typed my middle name in my surname?
    will this be a problem? I called the airline and they told they put a note in it already

  59. I noticed this with AA, I type in my full name for secure flight, but they always omit it from the recipe and boarding pass (I’m guessing that’s the surface). How do I get AA to make sure Secure Flight and the surface doesn’t really give me an option.

  60. I never put my middle name. No problem with Delta and the old Continental. I have taken many European and Asian airlines and the only problem was with Vietnam airline. Vietnamese people have their names arranged last-middle-first unlike Korean/Chinese last-first or last-first-middle. Therefore, you really need to put a 3rd word (if exists in your passport) inside the middle name box. When I booked with Vietnamese language version of the website, my name became middle-last-first (instead of first-middle-last). I could not check myself in via selfservice kiosk because my last name as in the passport barcode was unknown. However the counter check in did not have problem with this shuffled name as long as all 3 words are exactly as spelled.

  61. I am try to get my middle name ad to my ticket but Turkish airlines is not helping me. How can I fixed any help is great. I am stressing out. any suggestion how to ad middle name on the ticket is great. When I book the ticket there was no room for middle name. I try to call Turkish airline but no help. I need help now….

  62. @ Sudha — Understandable, and travel can certainly be stressful! If you look at the article and comments, you’ll see why I suggest not worrying about it. Your middle name won’t print on your ticket anyway in most cases. I have two middle names, and have never entered either on an international ticket.

    If you’re very concerned, you need to contact the agency or office that issued your ticket originally. If you did it yourself online you’ll have to contact the airline. They will need to reissue the ticket, which may incur a fee and a difference in fare.

  63. Join Turkish flyer club and put full name in profile. If no middle name block, put first (space) middle in first name block. Tell Turkish to ticket you per your profile.

  64. I have already brought the ticket because there web site does not have middle name field. I did not realized it will become a night mare for me. I need help for someone who know how to add the middle name on the current ticket.

  65. I did brought the ticket online and they did not have space for the middle name. In the past when this happened, I just call the airline and they fixed it. When I called Turkish Airline customer service Rep suggested to cancel my ticket and book new ticket. They say they will refund me back only $160 for the $681 ticket. They want me to buy new ticket which they are asking $1240. This way ticket is going to cost me $1760. I just need help. I know I might not have much problem when I am leaving from here but it might be hard time when I am coming back. I am at Airline Marcy, I wish someone can help…..

  66. Hello
    I have just realised that during reservation process (in August) I put one of passengers name reversed.I spoke to agency and-they can’t change it.They told me to cancel the ticket,buy new one for the regular price which is few times higher.And I am wondering if it would be really an issue at the airport with this name reversed? I am flying with China Southern Airlines.

  67. My ticket was issued with my full middle name, but my
    passport and drivers license just show my middle initial.
    Will I have a problem at check-in, TSA or customs?
    This is a flight from USA to Italy.

  68. Please do not worried. It does not make difference to them. I just have to deal with this few weeks ago. My flight was from here to Turkish to India and I did not have any problem. I went to TSA office at the Airport and they say as long as your first name or Last name match they have no problem. They say people get married and they change last name and it happened a lot.

  69. Wow i dint know so many people had the same issue.
    I booked online from third party and it shows my name as Annjone Scott(passport: Ann Jone Scott)
    I called both of them and they assured its not a problem.
    Am taking chance. Why should i pay extra 100$ whereas it not my mistake. Will update further(fingers crossed)

  70. I have booked a ticket via DeNa travel to fly Hong Kong Airlines later this year. The ticket does not include my middle name, my passport does include my middle name.

    I didn’t want to just hope it would be all okay so I checked with Hong Kong Airlines. They said I would be refused boarding because the names do not match!!

    DeNa travel would charge over $1,000 for my ticket to be cancelled and rebooked. So now I have to update my passport to omit my middle name.

    This is bureaucracy gone mad, it’s bloody ridiculous. I’ve never had that problem before. But there you go 🙁

  71. 1. Absolutely do not change your passport. That would screw you up forever with other airlines.
    2. If you did not give DeNa your middle name, your bad. If you did, sue them in small claims court. Note: In some states, Justice Of The Peace courts handle small claims.

  72. My middle name is Lynn but got spelled Lynne on ticket we used a broker and they wanted an additional $300 dollars to change it. I am flying domestic and have decided to take my chances does domestic put full middle on tickets?

  73. My situation is like this :
    Name: Anna Jade
    Surname: Smith
    I booked a ticket and forgot to put the Jade so the eticket has Anna Smith , I called the airline to add Jade but refuse to do so and wanted me to pay 2100 US dollars for rebooking. I am traveling very soon, my concern is that , is there a chance I will be denied upon checking in? Your advice and opinion on this matter will be highly appreciated . Thanks a lot.

  74. I was denied boarding in Hong Kong with China Airline, due to missing second part of Chinese name Ching as appear on passport, which considers middle name in most Western countries. Never have any problem fly United, Singapore , Emirates..

    The ticket was booked with Air France, Flying Blue , and the reservation simply put together as Last name, First name….China Airline simply told me they not allow let me board unless name is changed with Air France since its award flight, they not able to change for me. The worst part yet it was Morning in HK and flying blue was closed, so had to end up pay for a economy seat flight and no show on my original biz flight.

    Was stressed if would be Westerner names it’ll be alright like John William Smith as Smith, John
    but as for chinese names even on US Passport, they’re still very proactive seeking exact appear as on passport with the middle name.

    So do be careful taking asian airlines.

  75. I agree with some other comments above . When travelling in Asia, most airlines want the names on the ticket to be identical to the names in the passport . Better not to chance it .

  76. I don’t use middle names because my full name is long and many airlines will print my name wrong from sheer lack of space.

    So my name ends up not matching my passport and I have to endure some trouble, all because the field where they write my name does not support enough letters (alexander becomes alexand and I get screwed)

    Without the middle names everything has been smooth so far, in different airlines and countries.

  77. better have middle name on tickets going through china Or you can be held up for an hour and possibly miss you flight.

  78. Join the airlines’ loyalty programs and have your middle name in full in your profile.

  79. I missed mentioning the middle name in ticket booking. The first and last name are mentioned correctly. The booking agent won’t correct. TUI skis international flight. What should I do

  80. What if I typed my middle name in my surname?
    FRISTNAME MIDDLENAMELASTNAME..can it create a problem at immegration? although i have successfully done web checkin

  81. 1. If your passport name is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, your boarding pass without Amadeus doesn’t matter 99.99999%. I think this is pretty much standard globally.

    2. Things are a little bit different if you’re East Asian with no Western name on your passport. Say your passport name is Xiao Ping Deng. Your first name is Xiao Ping. The second letter of Ping is not your middle name. In traditional East Asian naming, there is no middle name. Ping is only the second part of your name. I guess you might be totally fine in western airport with Xiao Deng on your passport by omitting Ping which might look as a middle name in the western style. But with the same boarding pass, there’s some risk to be denied at East Asian airports. On the eyes of Asian security, it may be considered as name mismatch rather than omitting middle name, which potentially leads to getting denied boarding. I know my Asian friends in this unhappy situation at Asian airports by omitting their second letter of first name on their ticket. Again the second part of your Asian first name =/= middle name in the western style.

    3. Some Asians (from America or Canada) often have western name and Asian name combined on their passports. If someone’s passport name is Chris Xiaoping Deng, booking with Chris Deng without Xiaoping would make no problem 99.999% even at Asian airports since it does look like a middle name more obviously than the case 2.

  82. booked flight tickets online for my wife and 2 son with 3rd party justfly with Singapore 2 connecter. my youngest son 9 months his midde name on the itinerary is only show first letter of the middle name.
    Everything is spelled correct Ex. Sam sann hope) on itinerary. Sam S hope .
    will be me ok flying BOs domestic/ international -Cambodia???
    please help..

  83. Some airlines have shorter maximum name length limitations. but still, I don’t put my middle name because I think thas not necessary there is no need of it at all.

  84. I have similar situation as discussed in many of the comments above.
    I have booked a Delta flight from New York JFK to Mumbai (with a layover in London).
    JFK to London flight is Delta and London to Mumbai is operated by Virgin Atlantic.
    While purchasing my ticket, I entered my middle name initial instead of my whole middle name which is written on my passport.
    Ticket – Rutvij B Mavani
    Passport – Rutvij Bharatbhai Mavani
    I tried to get this changed but Delta customer care representative told me it won’t be a problem during check-in at both Delta and Virgin Atlantic.
    For safe-side I joined Delta’s loyalty program and entered my whole name as it appears on my passport and linked my ticket to my Delta Frequent Flyer number. But my ticket and Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) still shows my name with middle initial instead of full middle name. I don’t think I should worry much about this but still it will be in my head till I board.
    Does anyone think this will create an issue during check-in, TSA, or customs?


  85. I have similar situation as discussed in many of the comments above.
    I have booked a Delta flight from New York JFK to Mumbai (with a layover in London).
    JFK to London flight is Delta and London to Mumbai is operated by Virgin Atlantic.
    While purchasing my ticket, I entered my middle name initial instead of my whole middle name which is written on my passport.
    Ticket – Rutvij B Mavani
    Passport – Rutvij Bharatbhai Mavani
    I tried to get this changed but Delta customer care representative told me it won’t be a problem during check-in at both Delta and Virgin Atlantic.
    For safe-side I joined Delta’s loyalty program and entered my whole name as it appears on my passport and linked my ticket to my Delta Frequent Flyer number. But my ticket and Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) still shows my name with middle initial instead of full middle name. I don’t think I should worry much about this but still it will be in my head till I board.
    Does anyone think this will create an issue during check-in, TSA, or customs?


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