Marriott Improves Megabonus Promo And Launches Sweepstakes

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Since the end of September, Marriott has been offering a global promotion valid for stays through January 31, 2019. With this promotion you can receive 2,000 bonus points for every qualifying stay of two nights or more, plus you earn 1,000 bonus points for every brand you stay at, starting with your second brand.

That promotion is hardly anything to get excited about, though it’s better than nothing. There are a couple of updates to this promotion now, including to the promotion itself, and to Marriott’s “29 Ways to Stay” sweepstakes.

Marriott has added a further brand bonus to their promotion

With Marriott’s global promotion you already earn 1,000 bonus points for every brand you stay at, starting with the second brand. Now there’s an even further bonus:

  • You can earn an additional 10,000 bonus points when you stay at 10 brands
  • You can earn an additional 29,000 bonus points when you stay at 29 brands

The 10 brand requirement should be easy enough for many loyalists to hit, while the 29 brand promo is very tough to achieve. Marriott points aren’t worth that much, so I don’t consider this to be much of a reason to switch stays around, but it is at least worth being aware of.

Marriott has now launched their “29 Ways to Stay” sweepstakes

Marriott was supposed to launch their “29 Ways to Stay” sweepstakes a couple of weeks ago, but for whatever reason it got delayed. This sweepstakes launched today, and you can play every day for 29 days (through November 8) if you want to. Each day a different Marriott brand is showcased.

There are instant-win prizes including points and free nights, and you can find a full listing of them all here. Prizes include four nights at a number of Marriott brands, 20,000 bonus points, or just 50 bonus points. The games are easy to play, and it seems like at least half of people will win 50 points.

That’s what I won for just playing. I’m not sure that’s really worth anyone’s time, but…

Anyway, I’d be impressed if anyone can visit all 29 Marriott brands, and please do let me know if anyone wins a substantial prize with the sweepstakes!

  1. Spg reward points cost so much with marriott . The phone service has been horriable. I am a platinum member and I am very disappointed since the merge

  2. I’ve been trying to get my brother to switch from Marriott to Hilton for years. Just 2x Hilton points all year should be enough. His travel patterns lend itself to either and I put together a breakdown for him that calculated he would have earned roughly 1,000,000 more points with Hilton over the same time frame.

    I know it’s difficult to switch loyalty, but I can gift him gold or possibly diamond this year to get him started, so I hope he makes a change. He already has about 800,000 Marriott points and I tell him it’s best to diversify. It’s a no brainer, but I give it 50/50 that he’ll do it.

  3. I played and half way through it showed an error and kicked me out, then said I played and could not finish playing.


  4. the restriction of minimum 2 nights is still there? got a lot of different brand stays of 1 night and got no points. Is this changed with new additional promotion?

  5. OMG I am sooooo excited, I just got 50 pts!!! If I play everyday, I will get like…1450 pts at least!!

    Imagine the possibilites!! what should I do with so many points?

    Seriously though, how weak is this promotion? can’t we just get the 1000 points Sunday twitter action back?

  6. the writer of this story has zero merit and does not know how the rewards program works.
    his statement is fictional in nature “Marriott points aren’t worth that much” his opionion THE FACTS ARE AS FOLLOWS!

    lets break it down 1000 points is worth $12.50 as a regular member you receive 10 points per dollar meaning on a $100 a night reservation staying 2 nights you receive a total of 2000 points plus your 2000 megabonus which equals $50.00 worth of points on a $200 booking

    loads of value! plus hilton doesnt have nearly enough hotels to ever compete against marriott so you will find yourself staying at a marriott if you are on a road trip or visiting grandma.


  7. Oooh, I am sitting on the edge of my seat right now. It will be FakeNews against DCS in a steel-cage death match.

  8. “Limit one (1) Instant Win Prize per person” I was under the impression that you could instant win each day, but apparently not, coming back each day only gains you an additional entry into the grand prize.

  9. Oh. Lucky the blogger. The Marriott PR. Man. Stop the bullshit. This is crappy and weak. Period. Stop to try to find something good in this crap.

    I’m tired of those bloggers working for Marriott. Seriously it’s annoying and pathetic.

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