A Marriage That’s Sure To Last…

Via USA Today (bolding mine):

A groom flying from Atlanta to Costa Rica forced his Delta Air Lines flight to divert to the Cayman Islands after he got into a “drunken argument” with his new wife en route to their honeymoon, Reuters reports.

The incident was bad enough that the flight’s crew opted to divert and make an emergency landing on Grand Cayman Island on Sunday.

The man was escorted from the flight and taken into custody by Cayman Islands police, but the bride remained on the aircraft and ultimately continued on with her trip to the Costa Rican capital of San Jose.

Sounds like a marriage made in heaven…

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  1. I totally disagree with your statement.
    This is nnot a marriage MADE in heaven, it is a marriage UNMADE in heaven.
    Funny story in any event!

  2. Wow, The husband is probably not an angel during the flight but the wife really care about the husband. She is probably in costa Rica enjoying their room with another man.

  3. Is it bad that my first thought was: does he still get full mileage credit for the flight?

  4. Funny story since I’m about to get married in Costa Rica on April 10th. At what exact point do I need to go out of control to get a side trip to the CI, maybe on the flight home? Wonder if they would catch on if I had my ticket home before hand. In all honesty, thanks for the great blog! Our trips include Australia, Alaska x2, key west, europe(road trip) and lastly Thailand/Perth first class on thai a380! Thanks a million miles! thanks lucky!

  5. @ Thomas — Thanks for reading and so happy to hear about all the travel you’ve been able to take. And agree, a side trip to the Cayman Islands doesn’t sound horrible. šŸ˜€

  6. in all seriousness though, how does this work as far as any sort of ‘punishment’ is concerned? He didn’t break any laws in the Cayman Islands so what can they really do to him, other than put him in a drunk tank and send him home? (at least in flight, who knows what happened once they landed). Does US law apply since they were flying a Delta aircraft?

    Does Delta come after passengers like these for the cost incurred for an emergency landing (which i must assume is in the tens of thousands of $s)

  7. It’s more than a bit silly how quickly US flights divert, it’s nothing that some duct tape wouldn’t have solved.

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