Lufthansa’s keeping it classy as usual

Lufthansa might not have the most modern hard product or even the best food (in my opinion, though I know a lot will disagree with me), but they continue to be one of my favorite airlines. Not sure if it’s the First Class Terminal, consistently excellent onboard service, or just a bit of national pride on my part, but they just come across as one of the classiest airlines to me.

Stay tuned for the trip report!

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  1. The First Class Terminal is still awesome, but won’t ever be as cool as my first visit. I do feel like it could use just a little something more entertainment-wise.

    Lufthansa’s seats are comfortable enough, no privacy of course but when traveling as a pair or on the Airbus I don’t mind. Those video screens though, egads, and much wish they’d have mattress pads. And lack of decent-sized overhead bins on the 747 upper deck frustrates.

    Still, the product has stood up well with the soft touches, I actually do like the food (but gimme a nice snack menu), the dinner rose and place to put it in the seat for the flight is nice, I’d take SQ service but in general they’re polished for a European carrier. Just not the warmth I’d prefer overall.

    Good enough that I’ve just recently booked 3 long-haul segments with them, mostly to cut down on travel time and circuitous routing (shocker!).

  2. Lufthansa may be my favorite carrier in F, period. First off, it’s the premier occidental airline (It’s hard to explain why I prefer LH slightly over LX, but I do). As an American (and I assume it’s similar for someone living in western Europe), there is something to be said about the cultural similarities between Lufthansa and Americans. While I LOVE CX, SQ, TG, and OZ in F, I simply feel more “comfortable” flying LH. I think it’s more of an emotional comfort than a physical comfort (after all, the LH hard product is lowest-tier in class). The difference between physical comfort and emotional comfort is never really discussed, but I think it’s an important factor in choosing a particular airline.

  3. Panamera for the plane delivery – I would think that would be a bit uncomfortable for back seat passenger.

  4. You just can’t go wrong with LH. I’m tall, so the older style seats are terrific for me because there’s no clam shell barrier around my head and feet. It’s much easier to get a solid sleep in those seats for me even though they are “old”.

    The food service hasn’t degraded enough in F for me to care. They cut out a 2nd full appetizer service (honestly, that service was ridiculous overkill anyway), but food quantity (and quality) is still very good. Ground service is excellent ex-MUC and FRA. The F terminal in FRA is fabulous. The FA’s I’ve had in F have all been extremely professional and not “cold” at all.

    SQ has the top spot with CX a close 2nd, but I’d put LH and NH just behind them both – you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  5. You’ve ruined what used to be a very insightful and helpful blog, filled with tips to maximize our earnings, by now filling it with the most boring content imaginable, like 10 pictures in a row of what you ate on a plane… as if we care. You seem obsessed with yourself, or at least you presume that we are.

  6. Sharon, meet Super80. Super80, meet Sharon.

    If you don’t like it, don’t read it. And go elsewhere.

  7. I am flying LH more than any other airlines this year, and I am becoming a fan of LH.

    It is consistent in product and service quality. Food is pretty good, but it is subject. Of course, I would be foolish to say LH good is better than the likes of SQ/CX/OZ. However, it is different than the Asian carriers, but that difference is a positive to me.

  8. LUCKY,

    if my flight depart at 9pm and i get to F terminal at 9am, can i spend the rest of my day in F terminal?


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