Lufthansa unveils A380 premium cabins

With Lufthansa’s Airbus 380s starting commercial service next month, we finally have some details about what we can expect in terms of the new product. First of all, here’s the seatmap. As you can see, there are eight first-class seats and 98 business class seats.

Lufthansa has a pretty cool virtual tour on their website of the Airbus 380. Most interesting is the first class cabin. I hate to say it, but compared to what the other airlines are doing with the Airbus 380, it’s somewhat disappointing. The new first-class looks similar to Swiss’ first-class cabin, minus the privacy. I was hoping there would be a bit more privacy with the new product, though that doesn’t seem to be the case. On the plus side, the bathrooms are huge and they seem to have onboard showers. Not sure how much showers are practically worth, but the novelty of taking a shower aboard a plane doesn’t seem to wear off too quickly. šŸ˜‰

Also, it looks like Lufthansa hasn’t done a whole lot with business class. As far as I can tell their seats are still slanted flat. Now that’s disappointing…

Either way, I am excited, as this may be the most practical way to get on the Airbus 380 in a premium cabin using miles.

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  1. Per the thread on FT, there will not be any onboard showers. For those interested, there was a lively debate surrounding this feature.

  2. I agree about the business class seats. Considering this is their flagship product slanted business class seats are not competitive.

  3. Re: Privacy. You did see the privacy walls that go up, right? It’s not as good as LX or CX or a number of others, but it’s substantially better than the previous LH F.

  4. I flew LH C on the 747 back in January. I was pleased with the product and the IFE system. The amenities were quite good as I could even order real champagne at 3:00 am.:) I do think LH should try to do more for its C and F product on the A380, but it has a good product nonetheless.

  5. As a UA 1K, LH is a serious option for me for award flights to Europe. But it’s a simple equation: no lie-flat in C, I don’t fly. However good the soft product may be, I need 180 degrees of recline. So I’d prefer LX, AC, or even UA over LH.

    Honestly, I’m kind of amazed that a leading long-haul carrier would introduce non-lie-flat C seats at this point, given the competition.

  6. I would still take those LH F seats anytime!

    I am completely baffled as well with LH’s C seats!

    Really, Lufthansa???

  7. You will not be able to redeem points for the F seats on LH 380’s. The have blocked them as SIN has. šŸ™

  8. The LH C seats are nothing new…they’ve had them for a few years now. I find them comfortable and easy to sleep in. The food service is also quite nice. It’s a bit disappointing that they did not go for a new design on their new flagship plane like they did with the first class (which is a definite improvement over the current F, but not as good as others.)

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