Lufthansa offering first class and HON Circle members three hour Porsche rentals for €99.10

Okay, this is pretty damn awesome, in my opinion. Avis and Lufthansa (and I assume Porsche) have teamed up to offer first class passengers and HON Circle members a special deal in Frankfurt.

Eligible passengers can rent a Porsche 911 or Porsche Panamera for three hours for €99.10, and this includes fuel and insurance. The one restriction is that you can only drive a maximum of 150km, with a fee of €0.99 per extra km. They even have some recommended routes for maximizing the experience.


You can book this offer either online, by phone at +49 6171 68 1377, or with a personal assistance in one of the Lufthansa First Class Lounges.

Now that’s a fun way to spend a layover!


  1. I initially read “…you can only drive a maximum of 150km…” as “you can only drive a maximum of 150km PER HOUR”. So the restriction is only on distance, not speed. COOL! 😀

  2. random fact in the terms and conditions….

    “*Please note that at least two credit cards, one of which must be gold, have to be provided as security for the reservation.”….

  3. This is epic! Is this only for a revenue ticket?
    If I am flying from US to Asia via FRA using UA miles, will I still be entitled to this service? Thank You

  4. @ Seabird — Nope, valid for award tickets as well. You should definitely be eligible.

  5. @ randomfacts — And you have to be 25. Grrr, have a year and a half till I get to do that, then.

  6. $130 for 3 hours driving a standard sports car? The only people doing that are the ones who can’t afford to own a decent car themselves.

    If you have a nice car at home, you really don’t care to waste money on nice rentals. It’s always people who can’t afford it otherwise, and who also didn’t pay for FC.

  7. @ Mike Smith — Presumptuous much? How about people that have nice cars but don’t live in a country where they can drive it more than 60MPH?

  8. It may be worth noting that the excess of 1500EUR cannot be reduced through extra insurance from Avis and most credit card insurance will not cover such cars.

  9. @Mike Smith: Lol! 100EUR is so much that it’s considered wasted money? Then who cannot afford an expensive car or FC?

    Once in a while people want to try the competing brand, even though we own sports/luxury cars.

  10. @Andre I think the Amex Platinum covers 75k, and any Amex with “Premium Coverage” $17.95 per rental for Californians or 25 for others, covers you up to $100,000

    Panamera is a $109,000 car. So you would only be out $9k if you total it. 🙂

  11. Has anyone done this? I’ll be looking to go for a spin 16-July.

    I’d love to have a passenger.

  12. I’m going to guess that with a performance car — in Europe — this is going to require some skill with a manual transmission. That rules me out. 🙁

  13. @ScottRick I hear they offer “Automatic” for us simpleton Americans.

    @Matthew tpA Sweet! Tell us how it goes or if you decide to drive to your final destination.

  14. I get what you’re saying Mike Smith.
    The same goes for the hotel as well.
    When you live in a million+ home, the suites are nothing special either.

  15. +1 on hotels not being special when you’re lucky to have a nice home (like me). I always detest hotels and only enjoy the highest of highest class hotels which is pretty unfortunate as the cost is sky high. (Hey, living in a nice house doesn’t mean that you like to burn money!)

    Maybe I’d do this once. But usually I like to avoid drives to the airport. And traffic around FRA can be terribly!!!!!

  16. Food for thoughts:

    There is not really much to ‘speed’ around FRA in 3 hours and especially 150km limitation. Tons of construction all the time.

    Insurance through CCs usually all exclude cars like Porsche, Jaguar, Lotus etc. Check your T&C!

    Are you sure you have to be only 25? It used to be 28 in the past with AVIS.

    The 2 Credit Card rule will be severely followed. The color of the card is ridiculous and unimportant IMHO, in the past the also required one card being AMEX or Diners. Oh and: In Germany it is not unusual to block in the Region of 5000 EUR for such a rental.

  17. Die Autobahn is not the autobahn of the 80s where you could drive as fast as you wanted pretty much without issues. Now it is lots of zoning (80khm), lots of cars, and traffic jams specially in the Frankfurt/Darmstadt area. I’d rather take advantage of the 24 hours deal, even if $$$ to savor some small town or thermal bad in the Taunus area. But 3 hours gets you out of the airport and back.

  18. Forgot to mention the obvious, if you have had even a couple of champers on board DONT EVEN THINK of getting on a car in Germany. You will be very very sorry if the cops catch you !

  19. @ Sebastian — The T&Cs do seem to say 25 is the minimum age:
    “*Please note that at least two credit cards, one of which must be gold, have to be provided as security for the reservation. In addition you must have held a driver’s licence for three years and be at least 25 years old.”

  20. @ Lucky — If I crash one of their 911’s will I be downgraded to Lufthansa Business Class as punishment?


  21. @ Mike Smith

    “The only people doing that are the ones who can’t afford to own a decent car themselves.”

    Mitt Romne… I mean Mike Smith, are you poor or something? Who has only ‘a decent car’ (One car)? If you don’t have 17 cars and own a landing strip (not the kind on women) in your third summer home then you shouldn’t be speaking. I have two Bugatti Veyrons and I wear them on my feet like roller skates. Actually, that’s how I roller skate on Thursdays.

    I also pay full fare price for FC tickets from my dog’s blind trust fund not because I don’t have miles, I have 2,500,006 miles and points, but just because I can. You see the dog is blind and not the trust… ANYWAY, Poor people like you wouldn’t understand the intricacies of trust funds so I’m not gonna waste my breath.

    As ‘standard’ sports cars are not even good enough for my dog to sit in (at least we agree on something), you are merely a ‘standard’ wealthy person and by default not worthy of typing in the same cyber space as someone truly wealthy, such as myself.

    As those even poorer kids from the streets say, “You’ve been served” my good man and are merely an @ss. FYI, I have a diamond encrusted @ss, I win.

  22. Hmm, how much would a flatbed tow to the Nurburgring cost? Do they even take AAA in Germany lol

  23. I wish I had known about this earlier. I’m sitting in the FTC right now reading this.

  24. Booked for Saturday. The best part of this promo is that you don’t need to fill up the tank and just drop the car at the FCT.

  25. @Lucky I’m not totally sure this applies to this particular offer, but it seems it does.

    Your “book online” link above leads to this in the T/C:

    “Rental conditions for Porsche….

    A young driver fee of 11,90 Euro per day (max. for 10 days) will apply for drivers under 25 years of age”

    If that 11.90 Euro is a problem for you, we would all be happy to chip in to cover it, just to read the trip report of your experience getting a Porsche out of the parking lot. 😀

  26. Hope you didn’t take the parking lot joke the wrong way. My main point was I wanted you to know I’m pretty sure you qualify for this deal. No need to wait a year and a half.

  27. @Walter B, you sir earn the award for Biggest Clown on the Internet for Wednesday July 10, 2013! Why would you associate my client with Mitt Romney when we got all we wanted from Mr. Obama, after his wink and smile to sheeple like yourself who believed he would actually crack down on Wall Street? Oh, and why are you reading a aviation travel blog? Don’t you realize how much jet emissions contribute to climate change? Let me guess – you actually don’t do any vacation travel you just like Lucky’s blog. sheesh

  28. That’s awesome. I have done two European Deliveries on a BMW 5 and more recently a Z4. Both times I drove the cars at 155mph. There is no way I can experience that in SOCAL freeways without a crack, hole sending my car up in the air or breaking the wheels, axle.
    Its a pleasure to drive in German, Austrian roads!

  29. Hmmm. I am in the FRA first class lounge with 7 hours to kill. So does a platinum card fill in for a gold?
    Or should I just test drive one at the dealership when I get back home?
    How much cheaper is it to buy these in Germany and ship them to the US? I ask because I have heard of people in the past saying it’s cheaper to do this, but I have found most foreign products cheaper in the US than in their home country . I was in Korea and my Samsung touch screens were 60% more there, for example. Hyundais were more expensive too.
    Every time I price Irish whiskey at the Duty Free in Dublin , I find I can buy it for 20% cheaper in the US, and in fact almost all alcohol is cheaper at the liquor store.

  30. @traderprofit
    You are looking at a 7% discount by just walking into dealer and saying you want to do ED. In reality you will be looking at a 12-14% discount once you have negotiated the price. BMW and Mercedes have the two best programs, but Audi, Porsche and Volvo also offer it.
    BMW European Delivery
    Mercedes Benz


  31. Hey,

    has anybody under 25 tried to use this offer? Going to fly in September Fra-Dxb, 24 years old and wondering if I will be able to take the offer?

    Would be an awesome deal

  32. Has anyone done this without actually holding a same day F ticket? I wonder if they actually cross check with LH to verify

  33. Hey, I just took advantage of this offer today. Fantastic experience on a sunny fall day.

    @Flo – I don’t think they have any room there – if you are under 25 there is no Porsche

    @PorscheLover – I don’t think you actually need the F ticket at all – in my case nobody bothered and I even checked with the agent if he’d like to see my ticket which he denied.

  34. Without doubt the best route is A3 towards Cologne. The road opens up immediately after crossing the A66 and is 3 lanes all the way. You can get as far as Limburg before needing to turn around to keep within mileage.

    I’ve driven this road before on a BMW european delivery and while going fast (150kmh+) I was passed by many Porsche, BMW, Mercedes as if I was standing still. Easily 200+!

    The ICE runs alongside the road at 300kmh and really makes you feel like you’re standing still.

  35. If I am arriving in Lufthansa F from IAD and departing in C to SIN, will I still be able to take the Porsche out for a spin? what do you think would be the best possible way? Ask for the Porsche once I am able to enter the FCT?


  36. @ Seabird — Only way to know for sure is to give it a shot. I’d recommend showing your inbound boarding pass and I’m sure you’ll be able to take advantage of the offer.

  37. I took advantage of this offer yesterday and it was awesome!
    A few things to note though.

    1. Like Torsten mentioned in his site I don’t think AVIS really cares if you’re flying on F or not. On the online reservation screen there is a field to enter your flight number but also right next to it there’s a check box saying “No flight number (Walk in Only)”.

    2. You rent the car in Terminal 1, not at the FCT. After arriving from JFK on F, I walked over to the FCT and asked about the Porsche rental. They knew about the program but they told me that I needed to rent it in the main terminal and then bring it back to the FCT. After killing a few hours at the FCT, I was luckily able to get driven by the FCT staff to terminal 1 but they might tell you to just walk over if they’re busy.

    3.I rented a Panamera (all the 911s were taken according to AVIS) and in its navigation’s previous locations was the FCT but it only wanted to take me to the downstairs entrance of the FCT. You’re suppose to bring the car back to the 2nd floor (departures area) but even after multiple tries I could not get up to the departures area. On the first try following the nav, I get to the first floor entrance and I know that’s not right so I go around following the signs back to terminal 1. 2nd try, I keep looking for the ramp to go up to the departures area but I only see arrivals and end up at the 1st floor entrance at the FCT again. On the 3rd try, I already drove 135km at that point and I didn’t want to accidentally leave the airport trying to find a way to come back up so I give up and parked right in front of the gate that leads to the FCT downstairs entrance, go upstairs, and tell the staff that the nav won’t let me come up. So one guy say he’ll drive me back up. Apparently, in order to make it to the departures area you need to almost get out of the airport and back track, not follow the signs to return to terminal 1 since that would only take you to the arrivals area. Maybe its because I can’t read German, its because the airport is funky, or that particular Panamera had bad coordinates but that was embarrassing…lol

    Even after all that, I still had so much fun! I made 3 trips back and forth on the A5 (following the recommendation from Torsten) and got up to 230kph (140mph ish) which I would never be able to do in the US. Yeah it wasn’t a 911, yes my Panamera was diesel, and you could only drive for 150km distance, but I don’t travel to Europe a lot and I know I wouldn’t get many chances to drive on the autobahn in the future so it was well worth my 99euros.

  38. Hey,

    will be flying F on LH400 next week on Sunday and would like to take advantage of this offer – however not necessarily in the wee small hours of Sunday morning. Anybody know whether AVIS would allow this on the day before the flight?


  39. noone picking up the phone. Another question: do you know if they allow an additional driver? can’t fill that in anywhere in the reservation.


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