Lufthansa expanding personal assistant concept for first class passengers in January 2013!

Lufthansa has among the best ground services for first class passengers in the world, along with Thai Airways.

They have an incredible First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, which is one of my favorite lounge facilities in the world.

But beyond that they have a handful of nice First Class Lounges at their European hubs that are equally nice. The best part is that if you’re departing from the First Class Terminal or your flight leaves from a different pier than the First Class Lounge you’re visiting, you get driven to the plane in a Mercedes or Porsche. As an aviation geek it’s an experience that never gets old.

Well, according to Lufthansa Flyer, ground services are about to get even better for first class passengers as of January 1, 2013, as first class passengers will be offered the same ground services as HON Circle members at Lufthansa’s non-European longhaul destinations.

HON Circle is Lufthansa’s uber top-tier elite status (for those that rack up 600,000 status miles over two years), and they already get a meet and greet service. Basically upon landing somebody will be waiting at the jet bridge for them to escort them through immigration, help at baggage claim, etc. These same benefits will now apply at non-European longhaul destinations for first class passengers.

At some airports this is extremely useful, because they’re able to let you cut the queues at immigration. At other airports no one is allowed to cut the queues, so it translates to little more than someone to keep you company while you’re in line.

Kudos to Lufthansa for getting even awesomer!


  1. Swiss did something like this for my wife and son more then 1 year ago at PVG to help them through immigration and their connecting flight to PEK.
    Wasn’t that helpful though since they sent a pretty young girl that was not that helpful with all the stuff they were dragging along :-).

  2. Matrix, when I last landed at SIN from FRA there were more than 10 people in each line, so it was useful. Also the PA went to another terminal with me to ensure my bag was interlined correctly.

    At NRT/KIX the assistants were very nice, however there wasn’t any expedited service. But they were able to tell me where the ATM and other services I need were. Actually waited with me to help if I needed translation.

    These are above & beyond examples, I don’t think I’ve ever had expedited immigration in the US out of 12-15 entries as HON. Also in other countries where there’s no official premium passenger channel it’s hit or miss. In HKG they invite FTL/SEN/HON to sign up for e-channel, but I don’t think they can assist you through immigration.

    FT Thread:

  3. The service for HON circle members has been changed dramatically since beginning of 2012 and now in a 2nd step beginning of 2014. LH made costcuts in 2012 and for ex the immigration and cart service was taken away in HKG and from 2014 first class passengers has been upgraded to better service which means that same ground staff now shall assist not only HON but also first class passengers and it simply does not work. Specific feedback from LH on these questions is an disgrase and just talks.

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