Lufthansa announces their next A380 destination: San Francisco!

Lufthansa has announced via email and Twitter that San Francisco will be their next A380 destination. The new service will begin on May 10.

Now, not to cause mass hysteria, but the A380 isn’t quite loaded into the system yet (the flight still shows as being operated by a 747), and there is really good first class award space for later in the year, even for two people. So if you want to fly Lufthansa A380 first class, which isn’t otherwise available on a Star Alliance award ticket, book NOW.

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  1. Nice! Maybe they can continue to Sydney to replace Qantas’ service.

    …hey, a guy can dream.

  2. I wish this started earlier than May 10th! Since I’m a 1K, I think I’ll book something for May, and then cancel if I can’t go.

  3. On my current reservation, I’m booked on the 744 from SFO-FRA. Will I need to change anything once the computer lists this route with the A380, or will I just get that bird since I’ll be on LH 455 / LH454?

  4. Are folks search for & finding availability on & then calling their preferred *A carrier to redeem?

  5. @Simon, I just called the 1K desk to check availability.. I did look at the ANA tool, but after seeing “X” next to the LH flights, I gave up..

  6. Just held a one-way for christmas… I doubt this will work out, but it’s worth a shot. Looks like decent availability in November to December but I couldn’t find anything for May to September time frame.

  7. Awesome news! Am already ticketed in F on LH 454 this summer to San Francisco via a USAIR Star Alliance award. The outbound is thru LAX. And LH informed me already that the LAX flight will have the new seats as well.

  8. Interesting, Lufthansa is applying a A380 service to HKG from 27 March 2011, replacing their 744, although not yet confirmed, so I guess that plan is dropped…….

  9. Looks like they have loaded the A380 only for the IATA summer schedule. I have a ticket for the second say of the IATA winter schedule, and it showing 747. We shall see…

  10. I will add my $0.02 to the eternal “What are miles worth?” discussion:

    In September 2010, I booked 2 LH F r/t tickets for my honeymoon in July 2011. I got 2 Saver F tickets with UA miles, at a cost of 270,000 miles and about $200 in fees.

    Go price out 2 LH A380 F tickets from SFO to, say, Paris in July 2011:

    San Francisco (SFO) to Paris (PAR): Departing: July 2011
    Total Price
    (per person) Taxes, fees and charges
    (per person) Passengers


    15729.00 + 655.48 x 2 Adults = $ 32768.96
    Total Price for all passengers 32768.96= $ 32768.96

  11. By the way, incorrect information provided by a blogger here. LH operates 3 flights a day into LAX, not 1, 2 FRA/LAX/ and 1 MUC/LA, and obviously 3 flights westbound from LAX as well.

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