Lufthansa A380 documentary… in English for once!

There are a ton of awesome Lufthansa documentaries, though unfortunately most of them are in German. I just found a pretty good one in English, though, about Lufthansa taking delivery of one of their A380s, including the inaugural A380 flight to San Francisco. You can find it here:

Interesting stuff!


  1. Rare error. While fikming in FRA terminal they announced (in German) LH 400 to JFK. I assume this was filmed in portions and they did some filming in the terminal durring other operations.

  2. Thanks for posting! I’m gonna sit down and watch this now. Perfect Saturday for a travel dork.

  3. Lovely way to start my Sunday morning. I didn’t know those emergency inflatable slides were made in the USA! So cool! Do other airlines with A380s have similar documentaries (i.e. SQ, EK)?

  4. I will be flying on this plane next month from FRA-NRT in business class, thanks in part to you Lucky.

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