Seattle Passengers Can Try Lufthansa First For Business Class Prices This Fall

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It looks like Lufthansa will be flying their 747-8 to both Seattle and Dubai for a limited time, per @airlineroute. Specifically, Lufthansa will fly the 747-8 from:

  • Frankfurt to Dubai between October 16 and October 28, 2017
  • Frankfurt to Seattle between November 6 and December 30, 2017

On the surface that surprised me a bit. I could see them upgrading Seattle to a 747-8 in summer, though in November and December? That’s the time of year that has among the lowest demand for travel to Seattle, so you’d think you wouldn’t put such a premium heavy plane on the route.

In fairness, though, swapping from a 747-400 to a 747-8 represents a capacity decrease, believe it or not. That’s because Lufthansa’s 747-8s are super premium heavy — the 747-400s have 393 seats, while the 747-8s have 364 seats. So the major distinction is that the 747-8 has a first class cabin, while the 747-400 doesn’t. So I said to myself “some people in Seattle are going to be excited to be able to redeem miles for first class out of Seattle once again.” Back in the day Lufthansa flew an A330 with first class to Seattle (I took that flight many times), so figured it was a brief return of first class service.

Lufthansa’s 747-8 first class cabin

I did some digging, but noticed that they’re not selling first class on the route. This wouldn’t be the first time an airline has done something like this, though typically when they do, they save the first class seats for elite members, etc.

So I went through the process of making a booking on this flight, and was immediately given the option of selecting a first class seat at no extra cost.

Presumably service will still be the standard business class service, but getting Lufthansa’s first class seat at the business class price is an awesome deal.

Lufthansa’s 747-8 business class

Do keep in mind that seat assignments are always subject to change, so there’s a chance they may change their mind and undo your seat assignment, and save first class for HON Circle and Senator members. However, if they let you select the seats to begin with, I’d hope that they would honor the seat assignments.

If you are looking to book a business class award from the West Coast to Europe in November or December, redeeming business class miles for a first class seat is a great value. As you can see, award availability in the market is generally excellent (below is a screenshot from Seattle to Frankfurt).

  1. Yea they moved the plane flying into IAD, so I’m having to leave a few days early (tomorrow) Monday to still get to fly the 747-8 from IAD to FRA. Not sure why they switched it to a 747-400, downgrade for IAD route.

  2. Seat assignment not available until check-in using the united website. Was anyone able to successfully secure a first class seat?

  3. If you book on United, you can view your reservation after booking and get your Lufthansa booking reference. Then you can reserve your seat on

  4. If you’re flying LH business class in a first seat, be aware that you don’t get the mattress covering the seat for sleeping!!!!
    Even though you have more space in the seat, they are less than comfortable fully flat without the mattress!

  5. Well, Swiss let people assign throne seats for free and then booted them out once they started charging a premium for them. This happened to me, I ended up having to pay my way back to the seat I originally selected when I booked the ticket. I know this situation is different, but I wouldn’t count on a Lufthansa group airline holding a seat assignment that’s better than what was booked.

  6. Pretty sure that this won’t go through, since Lufthansa already has a system im place for assigning the first class seats on 3 class routes(C, PE, Y) to SEN and HON members or charges a premium for the reservation of those seats

  7. I flew with Cathay in a 747 from Hong Kong to Bali in business. But they had a first cabin on the plane, which meant I could select 1A and enjoyed their amazing first class seat (minus the service) for the 4 or so hour flight.

  8. It worked for me back in Dec when they stopped selling F on CLT-MUC route as the updated A330-300s and removed F.
    Was able, to reserve and get F seat with Business ticket. Did not have LH status at that time as AA is main carrier for me.
    Yes, no F amenities but still best Business class ever flown!

  9. I saw this and moved us into those seats earlier but then moved out. I am flying with my wife and even the separation in row 1 seems too much. My wife also didn’t like how cold it was in the nose of the 747-400s we flew (when you had two adj C seats). So we went with upper deck. Any reasons to convince her otherwise?

  10. Lucky, some Googling found a video taken back in the Summer of 2016 that showed someone had managed to book First Class on the 747-8i flying to Seattle. I recall very clearly that for 90% of the summer the route had the -400. Maybe we might get a chance to book First?

  11. @Chris if your flight from Bali to Hong was four hous, I think it wasn’t a 747 (which CX phased out long ago for non cargo operations), you flew, but a Concord 😉

  12. I took this flight from Seattle to Frankfurt on December 18 and was thrilled to book in the “nose” of the plane – 1A…. until I got there. Somehow they now had another seat next to me which was not shown on the plane diagram when I booked it. It felt cramped and my legs were at an angle when stretched out. The good news was that my seat-mate asked if I would switch with her friend who was sitting upstairs in business class as they hadn’t been able to get seats together. I immediately said yes, and enjoyed the flight in row 4 of the upstairs, very private small buisness section. Sorry to miss the nose, but it worked out for all concerned -:)

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