Low Continental BusinessFirst fares to Europe!

It’s not rare to see fares around $1,800 all-in to Europe during the slower premium travel months, but Continental is stepping it up a level. Over Thanksgiving they have BusinessFirst fares to Europe for as low as $1,200 all-in. If you value the added comfort of a premium cabin, this is unbeatable for the price.

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  1. This is really a good deal. I spent some time looking at CO’s website, and found many excellent deals that are actually bookable. Make me wonder what is UA thinking when they come up with their promotion. I am looking forward to CO’s entry into Star Alliance.

  2. Last year, I booked a business class seat on AA JFK-LHR for $1,100 over Thanksgiving due to the same CO sale. Hopefully AA and the rest will match again this year too.

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