Learn from my mistake…

Check out this CNN article:

(CNN) — Nine passengers aboard a plane at Dulles International Airport were removed before takeoff due to a comment made to a crew member Sunday night, a United Airlines spokeswoman said.

Megan McCarthy told CNN she had no information early Monday morning about the nature of the comment. She said United employees came to the gate, spoke with the crew and then spoke with the passengers taken off the plane.

After the discussions, United determined the group of nine could be re-booked on another flight, McCarthy said.

The flight was headed from Dulles in the Washington, D.C., area to Tampa, Florida. All remaining passengers continued on the flight after the delay.

My mistake! I guess this is what I get for doing a mileage run with eight of my closest friends and asking the purser to heat my nuts because they weren’t warm enough.

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  1. Nice! I hope you’ll write-in to possibly get some bonus miles for the inconvenience. I’ll be sure not to complain about my nuts ever.

  2. Although some signs point to it actually being Lucky that got kicked off (a UA IAD-TPA flight on a Sunday night), I think it might not be. I don’t know how it works on UA (I’m an AA guy), but wouldn’t the nuts be served AFTER takeoff? In this instance the surely shocking comment seems to have come pre-takeoff.

  3. I hope this wasn’t you, but am not sure if it’s a joke or not. I can’t decide what is worse, making a joke about heating nuts or somehow causing such an issue as to be kicked off a flight. A poor joke to be sure and if this is real, one of the greatest bits of stupidity on the passengers part ever. Maybe getting kicked off a plane is overreaction, but if one is not mature enough to know when not to make a joke about nuts maybe they shouldn’t be flying.

    The airlines are in the business of transportation and a good deal of people traveling on Monday morning have business to attend to which they are paying a good deal to fly wherever for. There is a time and place for a joke, but if it delays 150 other people, I think it’s rude and ignorant.

  4. There are another 9 of us doing the TPA run on 9/11.. Hopefully they don’t have another story about a UA TPA flight! šŸ™‚

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