Say Hi To Pam, LAX’s Friendliest Employee!

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One thing I love about the travel industry is how many passionate people work in it. It’s a very special industry with some of the best people I know. And as a frequent traveler there’s nothing better than running into the same familiar faces over and over.

That’s a principle which certainly extends beyond the travel industry. No matter what industry it is, there are people who approach their day-to-day life with happiness and trying to make others smile, and then there are those who approach their lives with frustration and unhappiness.

So today I wanted to write about one person I see at airports fairly frequently who always puts a huge smile on my face thanks to her awesome attitude.

As you may have noticed at security checkpoints, there are typically staff who admit you to the line, who don’t work for the TSA as such, but rather work for a contract company. Most of the time “friendly” isn’t the operative word I’d use to describe them.

One consistent exception is Pam, who works the premium security line at American’s Terminal 4 LAX. When you’re in the check-in area, she’s usually stationed at the far left before going up the escalator.

I’ve actually never had a conversation with her, though she’s always smiling and always so friendly to every single person. Which is damn amazing, because she must see thousands of people a day. Last time I passed through there (a few weeks back) I even had to say to her “you’re always so friendly, it’s amazing… keep doing what you’re doing.”

What I hadn’t realized at the time is that she actually has a bit of a fan club. I have several friends who have been taking pictures with her every time they depart LAX.

And there’s now even a Facebook page for Pam at LAX which you can “like.”


If you’re passing through American’s terminal at LAX and see Pam, be sure to say hi and thank her for making everyone’s day brighter. Like I said, I don’t know her personally, other than knowing she makes me smile every time I go through security at LAX. Though perhaps I should introduce myself next time.

Have you had the pleasure of passing through Pam’s checkpoint at LAX?

PS: Before anyone calls this post creepy, I have it in good faith that she’s fine with the Facebook page, and that she’s amused by the whole situation

  1. Is she usually standing right there as you walk down the stairs after crossing the walking bridge from the parking garage?

  2. Pam is a gem for sure. That smile will warm anyone up. I’m jealous of friends that use LAX as their home airport. I only get to see her when I travel to LA for work and am on my way home.

  3. I knew exactly who you were talking about as soon as I saw the title of this post! She is so awesome and makes the day brighter as I go up the escalators to TSA Precheck. I even considered giving her one of the American Airlines recognition tickets but figured she didn’t work for AA.

  4. It’s always lovely to see happy people in airports , most especially those in security!

  5. Hi Ben! Thanks for writing about my Facebook fAAn pAAge for Pam. We love her! She makes early morning flights out of LAX so much more fun. She does love that so many of her fans care about her. Your readers should also be on the lookout for her frequeny serenades by the escalator! She has an amazing voice!

  6. Ok people! So now that it has been shared that she has an amazing voice, someone needs to share a video of that on here! So get out your smart phones and start sharing!
    She is surely “one of a kind”!

  7. Pam has always been a shining light at the AA Premium check in area. Always smiling, always friendly, and always a kind word to share with every traveler. Such a wonderful person!

  8. @Credit – it’s not clear that evolution discriminates in favour of those who are happy or optimistic, at least in terms of mortality:

    Nevertheless, the capacity to bring happiness into another’s life, if only for a brief moment, is a gift. If someone can achieve that in the stressful environment of a busy international airport, they deserve the recognition that Lucky has afforded them.

    The world would be a better place if there were more Pams in it.

  9. I have known Pam for over a decade. She is the genuine article! And, she is a wonderful performer (singer).

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