Great Deal: $1,300 Roundtrip Business Class From New York To Paris

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La Compagnie is the all business class transatlantic airline that started flying in mid-2014. They operate flights between Newark and Paris using Boeing 757 aircraft. I reviewed La Compagnie back when they first launched operations a few years ago. They also briefly flew between New York and London, though ended up canceling that route.


While La Compagnie doesn’t have the best business class product, I have to give them credit for offering exceptionally good value. They consistently have more attractive business class fares than what’s offered by any other airline in the market.

But it gets even better than that. La Compagnie has just announced a fare sale for travel this summer, which they’re calling the “French Summer Offer.”

You can fly roundtrip business class from New York to Paris on La Compagnie for $1,300 all-in. The tickets are valid for travel between May 9 and August 31, 2017. There’s no deadline for when you have to book, but rather the sale is only valid for 1,000 tickets, so I imagine the sale will be around for at least several days, if not more (however, if you want your pick of dates, you’ll want to book sooner rather than later).


This sale is bookable directly on La Compagnie’s website, and eligible promo fares should show as pricing $649 one-way, which means you’ll get the $1,300 roundtrip pricing.



That’s a great deal, and especially worthwhile for those who aren’t otherwise loyal to any one airline. That’s only marginally more than you’d often pay for economy in the market, so at that price it’s tough to go wrong.

Do keep in mind that late last year La Compagnie was bought by XL Airways, the French low cost carrier. So as strange of a relationship as I consider that to be, at least I have a bit more confidence that the airline won’t disappear overnight.


Bottom line

$1,300 for roundtrip tickets between New York and Paris in summer is a heck of a deal. La Compagnie’s business class isn’t the best in the world — the seats are angled and the food is fine, though not amazing. However, at these prices you won’t find a similar value with any other airline. So if you’re planning a trip over summer from New York to Paris, I’d seriously consider taking advantage of this deal.


This pricing is quite a bit lower than what they usually charge. Late last year we did see a fare sale for $1,000 roundtrip tickets, but that was for off-peak travel. I doubt we’ll see better fares than this for summer travel.

Anyone plan on jumping on these ~$1,300 roundtrip business class fares between New York and Paris?

  1. Note that for comparison. XL airways are offering JFK-CDG in economy over the summer roundtrip for around $529 and Norwegian a bit more at $570.

    Or if you want to connect with WOW , its just $410 USD roundtrip.

    The flight is very short, 7 hours really. So for the sake of saving almost $600 bucks , I think I would rather spend that on the trip than the short flight.

    But I know some people must fly business class only, so its a good deal for that if comparing to other airlines.

  2. Beware. We booked La Compagnie to fly to London. I thought the fare sounded to good to pass up, and should have known better. Because about a month before our trip, they cancelled all service to London. It was nearly impossible to reach anyone in customer service, resulting in at least 6 very frustrating calls with various agents who had no power to do anything to actually assist us. They ended up flying us NY-Paris and paid for our inbound and outbound transfers form London-Paris. This resulted in a 6-hour layover inbound – not terrible as I had negotiated free lounge passes. However, on the return it cost us an entire day of vacay – we left London at 6am instead of 6pm as planned. On top of that, we had insufficient time to change planes (and terminals) at CDG, as I had warned them, which resulted in our missing our flight. So we then had to wait another several hours to catch the next La Compagnie flight. Bottom line, you often get what you pay for. I will NEVER book on any non-major carrier again. It is just not worth the hassle.

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