Must-See: Kuwait Airways’ Unusual 777 Landing

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I love watching takeoff and landing videos, especially at a time when most of us are seeing fewer planes in person. Well, a video of a Kuwait Airways Boeing 777-300ER landing yesterday at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was captured from a couple of different angles.

I’m not posting this because I’m suggesting anyone was in danger or that the pilots did anything wrong, but rather am posting it because I can’t stop watching the videos.

Essentially a Kuwait Airways 777 seems to be flaring for a really long time on landing. It’s not entirely clear if the pilots were considering a go around, or if the plane just ballooned a bit due to the weather conditions, but regardless, it’s quite a landing to watch. The plane’s angle at the end sure gets pretty steep — I sure wonder what this landing felt like from inside the plane.

Here’s one video of the plane landing:

Here’s a shorter video, though there’s some language, so you’ve been warned:

If I’m viewing this correctly, it appears as if the plane flares for nearly 15 seconds.

Anyone else find this landing to be as cool/mesmerizing as I do?

  1. Without knowing all the facts, is likely the pilot flying either flared slightly too early – causing the plane to float – or flared at the correct height didn’t close the throttles straight away. It does seem very very windy though so it may have been the plane was caught by a gust.

    For anyone who doesn’t know, flaring is the technique of raising the nose by a couple of degrees at around 30 feet above to reduce the rate of descent just before touchdown

  2. I guess, he was trynna go around but there was a micro-burst (i’m not sure and if i’m wrong, please correct me). And the GE-90s struggled to gain lift and the pilots had no other choice but to floor it?

  3. Flaring to High, and then when nothing happens the pilot Lowers the nose, and the main gears hits the tarmac pretty hard and bounces.
    But again we dont know whats going on with the winds

  4. Flaring to High, and then when nothing happens the pilot Lowers the nose, and the main gears hits the tarmac pretty hard and bounces.
    But again we dont know whats going on with the winds.

  5. Looks like a downdraft pushed the plane below the approach angle, then the pilots committed to the landing, and finally pulled up into a stall before touching down.

  6. Thanks for the videos. I am not a pilot, but on the 2nd video it does looks like plane stalled just before touchdown.

  7. Full credit to the engineers that design those things. Watching those big birds weighing several hundred thousand lbs hit that hard without destroying the airframe is amazing. Yikes.

  8. I haven’t flown Kuwait Airlines before is it OK am allowed to comment ? The guy that has flown 22 times during the pandemic might not approve.

  9. Ha! Something every pilot learns early on: it ain’t gonna land until it’s ready to land.

  10. this was excellent airmanship considering the winds. brought the nose down at the right time for a hard landing. well done.

  11. It is a simple, routine crosswind landing. Large planes crab rather than slip (wing down, nose straight, opposite rudder) because the wings are so long, a tip might touch the ground.

  12. I just think the pilot has a ‘flair for the dramatic’.

    Most likely one of the FAs bet him 10 dinars he couldn’t get a mention on OMAAT 😉

  13. The quantity of commentary (and lack of quality) from folks have never touched the controls of an aircraft is staggering. -ex USAF heavy pilot

  14. It’s a stormy crosswind landing partially obscured by the weather and the camera angles. The pilots probably stalled the plane at the end to overcome gusting headwinds. I imagine they found pitching up more natural than deploying spoilers before touchdown, which probably would’ve reduced the risk of a tail strike.

  15. As a now retired B777 Check Pilot, my guess is it was an auto land. The Pilot clicked off the autopilot as it went into the landing flare mode. Pitch trim is automatically retrimmed to a slight nose up condition to help autopilot flare! He got a handful of nose up trimmed airplane at 10 foot. Yikes! Not a cool move?

  16. Am I missing something? Does not seem like an extreme landing. I have been in much worse on commuter flights.

  17. Looks like Some frequent flyer was just shy of that last mile so the pilot instead of having to listen to the complaint extended the flight a tad bit to make it up.

  18. With a flight number like 5611 plus all shades pulled, as Beavis says, likely passenger jet being used for cargo.

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