Jet Airways Passengers Bleed After Pilots Forget To Pressurize Cabin

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A Jet Airways flight this morning from Mumbai to Jaipur had to return to Mumbai due to pressurization issues with the cabin, which caused passengers to bleed out of their noses and ears.

The flight, 9W697, was operated by a Boeing 737. What caused the cabin not to be pressurized?

“During climb, crew forgot to select bleed switch due to which cabin pressurisation could not be maintained. As a result, oxygen masks got deployed,” said the official.

The pilots have been suspended pending an investigation. Out of the 166 passengers onboard, about 30 were bleeding out of their noses, and a few were bleeding out of their ears. 10 passengers were taken to the hospital, while the remaining passengers were checked out by the doctors at the airport.

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau has said that based on preliminary information it appears this was a case of negligence, given that part of the pre-flight check is making sure the cabin is pressurized correctly.

When I read about the pressurization issues, the crash of Helios 522 was the first thing that came to mind. Of course that was much worse, but this similarly occurred due to not having cabin pressurization set correctly.

  1. forget turbulence, this is the kind of scenario that will leave me traumatized.
    Watching fellow passenger bleed out of orifices while being oblivious/in pain, that is just too horrific even to imagine.
    Hope everyone is alright, and get compensated appropriately.

  2. Was in a similar incident with air Baltic. Was no bleeding; but the passengers, include me, were in significant pain.

    Air Baltic people at the Riga airport had a “sucks to be you” attitude.

  3. This reminds me of when I was on Vietjet back in 2012. There was something wrong with the pressurization and lots of people where in pain upon landing. My nose was bleeding and my hearing was damaged for weeks.

  4. I find this posting very timely — a day after I read James’s detailed article about expat pilots in that part of the world and some of the training challenges faced there.

  5. Africa once had a terrible reputation for its airlines but these days has some decent ones like Ethiopian and RAM. India though now seems to be unrelieved poor and is perhaps the worst airline region in the world?

  6. Flyoften, please provide a date, time and the direction of a flight. This is worth an investigation. I work for a major Latvian newspaper.

  7. This never happened on Air Baltic, and I remember this poster being Indian.

    That said, this has nothing to do with them being Indian. Sure, they defecate in the streets and rape women all the time, but that has NOTHING to do with race.

    Scandinavians also crapped in the streets and weren’t able to do the most basic of tasks in the 70s when they were at the same economic level as India.

    So it has NOTHING to do with Indians being totally useless and people who say that are omg racist.

  8. @William Y.

    So basically you are saying that India and San Francisco are the same. Gosh do you some like an inbred moron.

  9. I’m so pathetic that I have to share with you each and every time that I fly paid first class only — ok, they are actually basic economy tickets, but hey: a little exaggeration doesn’t hurt. Also, my penis-envy is a serious issue and I’ll get easily offended by your hate posts.

  10. I never really understood your fascination with picking aviation incidents from Asia when there is no shortage of horrifying incidents happening right here in the US! Just seems to be oddly biased but on the other hand it’s a great idea for generating viewership!

  11. Obviously, Endre needs to get a life for his pathetic existence. He only ever posts his same boring nonsense. I remember folks here asking Lucky to ban Debit. At least, Debit does post some more interesting things as opposed to the annoying and boring Endre. It is about time Lucky bans Endre.

    Endre who has no life, since he only posts the same comment begging for recognition. Endre, don’t come begging at me for recognition. Endre, stop ruining everyone’s day on this blog.

  12. Nothing like this has ever happened on USGlobal Airways, I can assure you of that. We have a 100% perfect safety record.

  13. A question: In such cases flight attendants do not check if everybody has the oxygen mask put on properly? From the video its obvious they don’t (and Ive seen similar footage not long ago from other accident).

  14. Interesting. In this context only a rapid decompression could potentially cause bleeding due to barotrauma (pressure differential between sinuses and cabin leading to trauma of the mucosal lining). Rapid decompression would generally only be caused by a failure of an aircraft system. A pilot forgetting to close a switch would likely result in a slow decompression, less likely to cause barotrauma. So I’m thinking it’s a mechanical issues that the airline is trying to hang on the pilots. Also, how often do you hear of something like this happening? Never. The aircraft is probably not even designed to allow this. I don’t think we have the full story.

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