I’ve requalified for Premier Executive with United (and am tired)!

As soon as all the flights from this past weekend post, I’ll be well beyond 50,000 elite qualifying miles for the year. It’s not all that impressive, other than the fact that all my travel was domestic, which means I’m at nearly 50 segments. I’ve flown every single week, have far too many redeyes to speak of, and of course all too many Saturdays where I had to get up before 5AM. But nonetheless I feel pretty damn good.

I’m taking next week off, and frankly the thought of a week without flying kind of makes me happy. I’m sure I’ll be itching to fly by the time I get back on a plane, but for a week I’ll get to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, not the least of which is sleeping in on the weekend.

And after that travel will get a bit more fun. Just a normal mileage run the weekend after, but then comes a first class trip to Asia which I’m still in the process of planning, so stay tuned.

Happy travels to all!

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  1. Hope all that flyings have not impact your personal life too much;-).

    I have also made pass 50,000 EQMs on United ( also have other flights on a competing alliance). Unfortunately, my 50K EQM does not really mean much as I am a MMF. Anything flyings from now on will mean more.

    I got a feeling this year could be the one I will fly the most in terms of BIS (not EQM).

  2. Meh. Don’t get me started. 0 miles so far of any sort this year (although my year ticked over a week or so ago.).

    The lack of supercheap fares from Dublin have thrown some of my plans into disarray, so I’ve had to scheme elsewhere.

    That changes in March however 😀

    Well done on requalifying though 😉

  3. On my quest to requalify I’ve hit 2P for the first time ever in Feb thanks to a new job and a series of easy Saturday MRs – hooray! Hope to have 1K in the bag by the summer then I can decide whether to go for the 125 milestone or shift some miles to CO or Useless Air to get around *net blocking. Fingers crossed for DEQM 2010. 🙂

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