It’s official: free alcoholic drinks and wifi for everyone at Red Carpet Clubs

Well, I guess this is a good start to the Continental/United merger.

It’s now official:

Red Carpet Club and Presidents Club members will continue to enjoy access to each other’s lounge network, as well as the Star Alliance network and affiliated lounges around the world. Also, beginning today, Red Carpet Clubs offer free wireless Internet access and a selection of complimentary alcoholic beverages.

Yes, drink chit hoarders, your stack just became worthless! And this also suggests that wifi is now free for everyone in the Red Carpet Club. That means you don’t have to enter your Red Carpet Club number or get one of those nasty scratch off cards anymore.

Now, for the sake of my younger readers (boy, I’m not the young one anymore, am I?), let’s hope they don’t raise the club entry age to 21. Not sure why they would, since the booze isn’t self serve, but Continental has a 21 and up policy, so…

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  1. Ah. United trusts us to be adults at last. Now how about extending some of those privalges to those who have to fly in Row 99Z for their miles?

    Still – a positive step (and keeps up with the family I suppose).

  2. Well, seems like the message about free wifi didn’t make it to the RCC at ORD this morning. They flat out denied a T-Mobile card until I persisted and said something about Continental…

  3. Just in case you don’t know… flight attendants always take my RCC chits (since they never ever look at them) – wink.

  4. Ah… I’ll miss the days when a young man could have security called on them for demanding their drink chits at the RCC … 😉

  5. @jmd001 — Excellent point! I’ll try ythat logic in the RCC tonight.

    @Dan — That requires sitting in coach. The horror…..

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