Is Starwood Going The Way Of Targeted Promotions?

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With hotel occupancy and rates having nicely recovered from the recession, it’s no surprise that hotel promotions aren’t as lucrative as in the past.

I think most of the major hotel chains’ promotions the past couple of years can be summed up as “better than nothing, though certainly not worth switching your hotel stays over.”

With Starwood’s spring promotion over, I’ve just received an email for what seems to be a targeted summer promotion. The email contains a link, which takes me to my “Member Exclusive Bonus:”


When I click on the link in the email I’m brought to a page which already has my SPG number pre-filled in, with a button to register.


What’s my promotion?


Let’s make your nights even more rewarding. Your part: register by June 30, 2015, complete six stays with us between May 1, 2015, and July 31, 2015. Our part: reward you with an offer worth 25% off of a Starpoints redemption stay.


There are quite a few terms associated with the promotion, including:

  • Only valid at Category 1-5 properties
  • Valid for a stay of a maximum of five nights
  • Can’t be combined with 5th night free
  • Must be used by December 31, 2015

I can appreciate the Category 5 cap and that the certificate has to be used by December 31, 2015, though I find it pretty disappointing that the discount can’t be used in conjunction with fifth night free. In other words, “you can use your 25% off certificate as long as you don’t use your points as efficiently as possible.”

Bottom line

The real question here is whether Starwood is following Hilton’s lead in not offering as many “global” promotions and instead going the way of targeted promotions (which I certainly can’t blame them for), or if this is just a bonus offer in addition to another global promotion. If the former I’d be a bit miffed at the fact that the promotion can’t be combined with a fifth night free. If the latter, then I’ll certainly take it as a nice bonus!

Have you been targeted for an SPG “Member Exclusive Bonus?” If so, what’s your bonus like? And do you think this will be in place of the “global” hotel promotion which Starwood traditionally offers?

  1. I got targeted for a a free night at a Category 1-5 hotel (up to three nights) with every stay between 5/1-7/31. A killer promo for me!

  2. I got the 7,500 Starpoint promotion. 2,000 bonus on your next stay, 2,500 on the second and 3000 on the third. Need to stay by July 31. Worked out for me as I was able to cancel a flex rate the day before of an upcoming stay and re-book a prepaid at a lower rate. Haven’t seen those 2,000 points post yet. Will try to get the next two, though I’m not sure how. The next few cities I’m traveling to for work have limited SPG options.

  3. 25% off a stay but can’t use fifth night free and can’t stay more than five nights? Huh? So you could save 25% on a four night stay I guess. But on a five night stay you’re already getting 20% off, so this is pretty pointless…

  4. Mine was a pure Starpoints bonus: 4,000 bonus points after 4 paid stays in the promotion period, another 4,000 after 8, and another 4,000 after 12. Not likely to be of any value to me.

  5. I received the same offer as grandgourmand, up to 7500 bonus points for three stays. I generally have only a couple of Starwood stays per year.

  6. I got a great targeted offer today. One free night after two paid stays and another free night after 2 more paid stay (4 stays = 2 free nights). The certs are good until the end of the year at a cat 5 hotel. I’m going to switch around a few stays to get the two nights free. This has been the best “targeted” promotion from SPG I have received.

  7. There is nothing that says that a “global” promo has to be better than a “targeted” promo other than the fact that the latter would leave out some folks.

    Hilton recently had 4 promos running concurrently, all which were stackable and included their “Q2 Global” promo and a “targeted” promo. As you can see below for points that just posted for my stay last week at Conrad Chicago, the “targeted” promo earned 10K more points than the “global” promo:

    LRM 2K POINTS OFFER — 8000 [2000/night for stays at Conrad at Conrad or W=A]
    LRM 5K POINTS OFFER — 5000 [5000 for stays of at least 2 nights for at Conrad or W=A]

    Bottom line is that for each individual a ‘targeted’ promo could just as easily better than a ‘global’ promo…

  8. One free night on second stay in promotion period and another free night after fourth stay so a potential for two free 1-5 category nights. Doesn’t seem like a bad deal at all

  9. 2,000 points for every even stay (2nd, 4th, 6th) up to 6,000 bonus points total. This won’t make me drive any incremental business to SPG

  10. I got an offer for double credits. I think mine was probably attributable to being a Plat50 past 2 years and having no stays YTD and nothing on the books for the future.

  11. When does SPG send out the anniversary gift for gold and platinum status members? Last year, it was a 25% off award stay redemption for Gold members.

  12. Mine was a variation of the 7,500 point promo: 1,500 after first stay, 2,500 after second, and 3,500 after third

  13. SPG Platinum last two years but switched my limited travel to Hyatt so far this year so no stays in 2015. Despite that, got a fairly lame offer:

    “It’s simple: You’ll earn 2,000 bonus Starpoints on your second stay, 2,500 on your third stay and 3,000 on your fourth stay.”

  14. i got a really killer promotion. 5000 bonus star points for every 5 nights between 1st may and 31st July, up to a max 20,000 bonus. I’ve got 21 nights booked so I’m certain to earn 20,000 bonus. Definitely a good one for me 😀

  15. I also got a double credits as well (only paid stay, not CP or free night). It actually works out for me since this will be first time I can reach Platnium 50 and get these 10 nights suite upgrades certs…

    Ben, do you know if corp rate counts toward these double credits/nights? I have two bookings that are based on the corporate rate. By reading the t/c, it only says “paid stay”.

  16. I received 3,000 bonus points after every third stay up to 9 stays, 9,000 bonus points max

  17. Mine is slightly different – every fifth stay earns 5000 starpooints, up to 15000 with 15 stay.

  18. I got zilch. US-based Plat, but travel has really fallen off with only two stays thus far this year. I have a bunch of SPG in the next few weeks, so pretty disappointed.

  19. Same as Chris L. 2000 bonus points for every two stays, up to 6000 points.

    Reached Gold for the first time last year. Four paid stays since December (three in the past two weeks).

  20. It looks like none of these help those of us who travel for fun and only 3,4 times a year. As usual, I feel like most hotel promos are just for those who travel for work. I wish there was a program for the rest/most of us.

  21. 120 nights at *wood last year, so far only 12 nights this year, yet I’m not targeted?!

  22. @ Luis — I believe they stopped offering them as of last year. I guess we’ll see if they return this year.

  23. I’m a 3 year 50+ night/year Platinum with 22 nights so far this year and I was targeted with 3,000 points after 3 stays, an additional 3,000 after 6 stays and an additional 3,000 after 9 stays. 9,000 bonus points after 9 stays is not worth changing any future stays to me. Looks like a very lucrative promo for some of you – congrats!

  24. 6k points for each 6 stays, up to 18k. Doesn’t match my stay pattern at all considering I usually stay a week at a time.

  25. I got 6000 starpoints after six stays, another 6000 after the next six stays and another 6000 after the next six stays 5/1 – 7/31. Might have to hop between hotels every night between now and then

  26. 30 nts so far this year and have about 15ish booked for the summer. got the offer with 1st free cat1-5 night after 2 stay and another one after 4th stay. With the booking i already have, I will have those two free nights already <- very good for me.

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