Is it ok to cheat as long as they’re related?

Well, I figured the thread title would raise some eyebrows. 😉

Here’s the challenge, which isn’t really a new one. As many of you may know, the InterContinental San Francisco is one of my favorite hotels in the US. It’s modern, I always get treated very well, and they have great overall customer service. However, the IC SF has a sister, namely the InterContinental Mark Hopkins. Well, I used to not like the Mark Hopkins, until she opened up a bit. She used to just ignore us Royal Ambassadors, but now she gives us plenty of benefits, like club access and junior suite upgrades, along with the other standard benefits. If nothing else I’d like to try out the Mark Hopkins as a “test drive” of sorts just to make sure I’m not missing out on anything.

It’s tough to turn down the Mark Hopkins. For the date I’m looking at, the Mark Hopkins is $50 cheaper. Furthermore, the club lounge at the InterContinental will be closed that weekend, while it’s open at the Mark Hopkins. But it just feels so wrong. What if I like the Mark Hopkins more and end up coming back for more?

Decisions, decisions. It just feels so wrong….

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  1. dose that mean i can cheat on my girl friend with her sister 😉 but seriously, i think you definitely should give it a try, i stayed at the mark hopkins recently, and i really liked it.

  2. The Mark has had its ups and downs over the years, but their suites can’t be beat for views, especially the Terrace Suites. If you get one I’m definately coming over for the party!

  3. Cheaper and with club lounge while the other one won’t have that option is a no-brainer. Unless they give you a Terrace Suite you probably won’t like it more. Dated furnishings and old, creaky hotel in many ways. But it does have character. But walking back to the hotel from most places in the city is quite the steep incline, then again stayin g at the Mark Hopkins and WALKING you may not need to visit a hotel gym…

  4. You guys are funny! 😀

    @ HunterSFO — Nope, not a published benefit. We often get club access, but it’s not a guarantee. All comes down to the property.

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