Woman Found Dead In Frankfurt Hotel Following Exorcism

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In terms of stories which make you wonder what on earth is wrong with people…

A 41 year old Korean woman was found dead at the InterContinental Frankfurt on December 5, 2015, following a supposed exorcism gone wrong (I’m not sure there’s actually such a thing as an exorcism gone “right,” but…). The worst part? Four of the five people charged with murdering her are her family (including three of her kids).


Via the Korean JoongAng Daily:

Police found the woman’s body tied to a bed in a guest room at the Frankfurt Hotel InterContinental on Dec. 5.

She had been beaten repeatedly on her chest and stomach over a two-hour period and finally suffocated to death, according to prosecutors.

The accused were mostly relatives of the victim. They included her 15-year-old son, a 44-year-old relative and her 21-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter, and an unrelated boy aged 15.

The family members had allegedly been trying to drive a demon from the woman, believing her to be possessed.

Her mouth had been gagged with a towel to stifle screams and a cloth-covered coat hanger was pushed down her throat.

The woman died from suffocation as a result of massive chest compression, as well as trauma to her neck, according to prosecutors.

I’m sick to my stomach just reading this story. Equally bizarre is that through this investigation they uncovered another victim inside the garage of a house the family rented outside of Frankfurt:

Through the investigation, another severely injured victim was found alive inside the garage of a house the family had rented in the town of Sulzbach, west of Frankfurt.

It’s not often I’m at a loss of words, but just… wow.

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  1. Shows how things can go so, so wrong…things happen through change, not violence.

  2. One of the five people (the 15 year old) is the child of the dead women.
    The 21 and 19 year olds are the kids of the relative

  3. And the reason you blogged this was because it was in a hotel? It’s your blog, do is as you like, but the National Enquirer-ish stuff is getting more prevalent.

  4. It’s dimwits like this that give us Christians a bad name and turn people from the faith. Sounds like that poor woman’s family needs to be “excorcised”, not the other way around.

  5. Hi Ben,

    You are getting freaked out by these situations. Imagine if the hotel continues to rent that room ? !

    I want you to ground yourself. Please stop shaking and getting upset.

    There are certain people in our world who can exorcise a demon, but it is not through violence, beating or bleeding. It is through an unconditional and enormous about of love for humanity that these special people have been gifted with, certainly through reincarnations.

    I have been witnessed to spirits being sent from hotels with this tremendous love. He was causing us some problems in the room outside Washington DC, northern Virginia. When she communicated with him, turns out he was a doctor, had stayed at the hotel, worked out in the gym and passed on from a heart attack. His spirit was in a confused state, he was a nice guy, just trying to get attention because he saw the brite light when we checked in.

    Its not money thing. She sent him to the Light with unconditional love. Didn’t tell the hotel.

    Ben you can begin to pray to who you believe in. Ask them to be around you. Don’t panic, be grounded.


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