SO CUTE: Two Travel Geeks Get Married On A Cathay Dragon Flight!

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Okay, this is ridiculously cute. A travel-obsessed couple who met on a travel forum recently got married on a Cathay Dragon flight. It’s so so so so so so cute, and made my Monday:

I’m curious about the logistics of all this, though regardless, it put the biggest smile on my face, and almost made me a bit teary-eyed when they started talking about one another.

This is easily one of my favorite airline related videos ever.

  1. I can’t imagine why an airline wouldn’t be fairly cool with this. With a little coordination and some advanced planning involving the airline, that’s TONS of free advertisement. Good for the couple, good for the airline.

  2. per a press release on KA’s website, there was a competition held for the opportunity, so CX/KA are behind this whole idea. Still, impressive and must be so special for the couple!

  3. Honestly when I saw the title I was like only a total travel geek could possibly think a video like this would be cute. Then I watched the video and I was wrong. It was really sweet.

  4. Them running at the end is absolutely adorable!!! It is VERY easy to like this couple, they look so happy! 🙂

  5. Lucky, if you want omaat readers to attend your destination wedding you will have to give us advance notice of at least one year and work with the airlines to release extra award space.

  6. That is cute. I think travel, and especially airline travel, represents people’s pursuit of their aspirations and dreams. It might be a business person crossing a state or an ocean trying to clinch an important deal, or parents and their children flying off to see grandma & grandpa. Maybe it’s people who have saved up their dollars/points and vacation days to see the far side of the world because they want to see natural beauty or magnificent architecture or a memorial to someone/others they esteem. And to leave the Earth behind/below on an airplane while (temporarily) taking in a God’s eye view of our precious planet.

    Of course, long TSA/security lines, baggage fees and size restrictions, the commoditization of airline travel, and decline of passenger (and sometimes flight crew) etiquette have done much to tarnish the notional dream of travel. Videos like these remind us that the notion is still alive.

  7. my friend was the host for the event. if you have any questions, i can ask him about more details. let me know!

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