I’m impressed by the TSA’s professionalism

Never thought I’d say that. I arrived at TPA a few minutes ago and headed straight for security. After I walked through the metal detector without setting it off I was “randomly” selected to go into one of the full body scanners. As a matter of principle I object to this (I don’t trust TSA agents to have access to such graphic images), so I asked for a secondary instead. The agent  reluctantly complied and called over another agent to conduct the secondary on me, saying that he had a “non-compliant passenger.” Eh, whatever.

Anyway, the other agent couldn’t have been more professional. While the secondary took about five minutes, he explained everything he was doing, did everything without expressing any frustration, and made sure that my personal belongings were in my sight at all times. I guess it’s sad that I was so impressed by a TSA agent, but I couldn’t help but say “thanks for being so professional” at the end.

The only awkward part was when I had to turn the top part of my jeans inside out to show him there was nothing in there since it kept setting off the wand. Don’t worry, I didn’t show him my concealed weapon. 😉

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  1. I have had both hips replaced and have been patted down EVERY time I fiy (weekly) since nearly 10 years. It is just the way it goes. Your description is exactly how it works. You can see your belongings and they wand and pat. And yes, everytime you have to turn down the top of your pants. It’s a pain but once you get used to it you are mentally prepared and it goes quickly.

  2. Easy Lucky, these days such a off-premises joke might get you even more scrutiny next time at the airport.

  3. I once had a piece of foil (back of an over the counter pill packaging) clinging by static to the inside of my pants and so after setting of the metal detector at ton I went through similar secondary. It was just as professional as you describe.

    The only real problem I have ever had with the TSA was flying through BOS one time I had my laptop out on the belt in a bin and a TSA guy walks over, picks it up and starts waiving it around in the air shouting “Everyone needs to take their laptops out and put it in a bin” and then proceeded to slam my precious (ie. personal not work provided laptop) back down into the bin. I just rolled my eyes, because that is just how people roll in Boston, I didn’t really see it as a TSA moment. Simple solution too. I bought a nice Briggs and Riley bag with the ez-pass sleeve so my laptop never comes out of my bag anymore. 🙂

  4. Really, Scott? Tell that to Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, and parts of Indonesia. When guns are restricted, licensed, tested, and qualified to the most polite people,sure. But when in the name of “freedom” virtually any person can get one, trouble ensues. Unless we throw back the rule of law a few hundred years, guns are not the answer. If you want to live in Dodge City of the old west, where everyone’s armed and the law is what you make it, fine. Most of us don’t.

  5. Anonymous but helpful…. Really?? Hate to break your bubble…but everyone is armed!! Its the law abiding folks that are restricted, licensed, and must be qualified. Go into any urban area and parts of it are almost like the wild west!! Guns are not the problem….eliminate them then its knives or boxcutters…. When a bad person wants to do some harm, they use the most lethal thing they can get… It had nothing to do with the instrument they use but all about the person.

  6. Unlike a knife or boxcutter, which are for close range, guns affect people at a distance, and therefore are much more dangerous.

  7. There is a lot of potential for abuse of the images produced by the body scanners, but honestly I’m not very modest. I’d rather them see me naked through an x-ray than have them touch me with my clothes on.

  8. The US is — by world standards — a heavily armed society, and I don’t think it contributes to the politeness of the people here. And it also doesn’t seem to contribute to a low crime rate. But anyway, what does all this have to do with this blog post? Are those “gun nuts” (see how polite I am?) seriously advocating everyone carry a gun onboard a plane?

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