I’m booking an international premium award ticket on Delta for travel next month….

And oh, what an adventure it is. Stay tuned for the details. I’m still on the phone.

Forget I ever said that Delta miles are worthless. 😉

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  1. Do tell. I’ve accumulated a bunch last year starting the the Bosley Hair 20K and a handful of 1 day weekend rentals at under 6 tenths of a penny per mile. I hope to use them in 2010.

  2. Feel free to guess where I’m going. If you get it right I’ll send some United drink chits your way.

  3. Well it’d have to be somewhere with slowing demand and decent availability on DL versus UA.

    How about EZE or GRU?

  4. Since it’s a valuable award, my second guess would be business class GIG during carnival next year which is 10-11 months out (the time you’d want to book that sort of thing).

  5. I just booked 7 roundtrips in business to TLV for family members on our first choice dates for only 90K each. No complaints from me about Delta.

  6. I’m going to say London, since you haven’t been there yet. Plus the 764s will soon have lie-flats…

  7. Contest closed. 😀 The correct answer is coming shortly in a post about my experience, but I will say that I’m takiing advantage of the 25% off business class fare sale.

  8. It’s funny, because I emailed Hunter about this an hour ago. All of a sudden he can’t make it for the podcast recording tonight (I kid you not). 😀

  9. Contest closed, ok, but assume this has to involve ATL-EZE.

    Historically very difficult to procure, perhaps with the massive drop in premium class bookings it has opened up. And with the discount, a good award.

    Still, it means you *have to fly Delta*. So it’s not ALL that! :p

  10. Just came back from EZE this weekend and there was loads of J upgrade (in this case Z) inventory available for weeks…. The premium cabin demain has been REALLY falling off. Took a Thurs flight down and Monday PM back. 1/2 full of revenue pax each way.

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