I’m a loser! Yes!

I’m proud to be a loser tonight! I was one of the 20,000 winners of Priority Club’s “Luckiest Loser” competition, which means I had one of the 20,000 highest Hilton HHonors points balances (around 105,000 after burning 200,000+). Not all that surprising. Heck, I’d be shocked if they had a lot more than 20,000 entries.

So they just deposited 20,000 Priority Club points in my account. Thanks Priority Club for a very cool promotion!

Anyone else win? 🙂

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  1. I joined Priority Club during this promotion, have 130K HHonors points, submitted screenshot as requested, and I didn’t win (or at least not yet).

  2. Hey, I’m lucky too!

    I was suprised when I got a notice from pageonce…and as I am a new priority member I got a notice that I’m now gold too! Not bad…great promo. My first win.

  3. I’m a losing loser. Oh well I cashed in most of my HHonors points before the devaluation.

  4. Congrats to all the winning losers!

    @ The Global Traveller — Out of curiosity, if you don’t mind sharing, how many HH points did you report? Would be curious to know where the cutoff was….

  5. I’m a loser too with about 420k HHonors points. Surprisingly they posted 20,000 points – I was expecting 19,000 since they gave 1,000 when you signed up for the promo.

  6. Lucky – looks like I got awarded the 20K, too. I didn’t think I had a shot, I only had about 150 or 160K HH points and I thought people would show up with 500K+ balances. Good to win, though – thanks for posting about the promo!!

  7. I’m a winning loser, too. I got 14,000 points, having burned 240,000 points before the increase. With the earlier 1,000 points, that’s enough for a night in NYC for $60. Thanks, Priority Club, and you, too, Lucky, for the tip!

  8. My wife got 14K points for having 65K Hilton points. I got Zippo with only 56K Hilton points. The cutoff must be between these two somewhere…

  9. Thanks Lucky, I got the 20,000 points as well. 379K

    Wasn’t there supposed to be some prize for the person who lost the most?

  10. Thanks for the heads up Lucky (although I check my accounts pretty much every day, but hadn’t gotten there yet) – hooray, a loser too! (240,000 Honors points)

  11. 14,000 points here. I never would’ve thought to look had I not seen this post. I believe my balance at the time was around 100K

  12. Hadn’t thought about this in a few weeks, but looked just now, and I’m 20K points richer, and Gold. Had about 120K HH points.

  13. Correction to comment # 21. I found my statement sent to Priority Club. I only had 68,866 HHonors points.

  14. Hmm. I had around 74,000 HHonors points, and as of this morning I had NOT received anything. I’ll give it a few more days, and then I’ll be contacting Priority Pass to see why others with lower point balances got their points.

  15. Did everyone who got points get contacted and asked to submit a screenshot of their hhonors account balance?

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