New IHG Card 100K Welcome Bonus

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Update: This offer for the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

In early April, Chase introduced the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card, which is the new premium co-brand IHG credit card being issued by Chase.

There’s some great news when it comes to this card — Chase has just increased the welcome bonus on the card from 80,000 points to 100,000 points upon completing minimum spend. The card bonus is now structured as follows:

  • Earn 100,000 bonus points after spending $3,000 on purchases within the first three months of account opening
  • Earn 5,000 bonus points after you add your first authorized user and make your first purchase in the first three months from account opening

You’re not eligible for this card if you currently have the card, or if you’ve received a new cardmember bonus on the card in the past 24 months. However, if you had the old version of the IHG Card you are still eligible for this card, as you can have both of them. Furthermore, this card isn’t subjected to Chase’s 5/24 rule, meaning that you’re eligible even if you’ve opened five or more new card accounts in the past 24 months.

The IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card carries some unique benefits, including:

  •  An anniversary free night certificate on your account anniversary every year, valid at any property that retails for up to 40,000 IHG Rewards Club points per night
  • A fourth night free on award bookings; when you redeem points for a consecutive four night stay, you only have to redeem points for the cost of the first three nights
  • IHG Rewards Club Platinum status for as long as you have the card
  • 20% off when you purchase IHG Rewards Club points (this doesn’t apply during promotions, so this is of limited use)
  • A TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry fee credit every four years

Use the fourth night free credit card benefit at the InterContinental Fiji

This is an excellent welcome bonus that’s better than the bonus we saw when the card was introduced. Furthermore, this is a card that’s worth keeping long term, in particular for the anniversary free night certificate and the fourth night free on award redemptions, both of which are perks that more than justify the annual fee on the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card, in my opinion.

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  1. Lucky, do you know how long this promotional offer is valid for?
    Would Chase change the bonus back to 80K soon?

  2. @ JL — Unfortunately we don’t know how long this offer will be around. Historically I’d say that increased welcome bonuses are most often around for 3-6 weeks (give or take), though I have no sense of when this one will be pulled.

  3. @Lucky
    Thanks for the reply.
    Does Chase usually send out notices to you at least when they are about to pull promotional offers on their credit cards?

  4. @ hank — Based on reading the full terms, I see nothing preventing that, so I think it should be possible. Here are the full term:

    “For each standard room Reward Night stay of 4 or more nights, every 4th night is free. Applies only to 4 or more consecutive nights within the same Reward Night point redemption room stay at the same property. With this benefit, eligible members will be charged the Reward Night point redemption rate for the first 3 nights, and 0 points for the 4th night of the stay, as applicable. If 4th Reward Night Free reservation is cancelled, or check-out occurs before the 4th night, the 4th Reward Night is forfeited and has no cash or point value. Members can utilize the 4th Reward Night Free benefit on an unlimited number of stays annually. IHG® Rewards Club Reward Night terms and conditions apply. Offer does not apply to paid stays or Points & Cash bookings. Chase is not responsible for offer fulfillment.”

  5. @ JL — Typically they only let me know if that information is also made public in advance (which it sometimes is), in which case I try to post a reminder here.

  6. $89

    Those are better rewards for sure than the current card. But I guess if you get a free night with each it’d potentially be worthwhile to hold both

  7. I have had the old card ($49 annual fee) for ~ 7 years. Do I understand you to say that I can open a new card, get the sign up bonus and have two IHG cards open?

    If yes, I would pay two annual fees. Does that equate to two 40,000 anniversary nights since I have two IHG cards (one old and one new)?

    Thanks as always!

  8. So glad that I held back on applying. The bonus on the old card was increased usually around this time too. Looks like I will have to apply soon.

  9. If I just passed my one year anniversary for the old card does that me I won’t get the 100k bonus for the new card?

  10. Lucky, does the old version of this card also offer 4th night free on awards stay or just this one?

  11. Just got the 80k card a month or so back, how do I go about requesting they give me the extra 20k? Is that even possible?

  12. To JB

    You could call IHG program,
    But I’m pretty certain they’re not going to give you the extra 20,000 because it wasn’t the promotion when you got the card. Same thing happened to me , and you just get whatever the award is when you applied for the card.

  13. @Hank: I can confirm the 4th Night Free does work on multiple rooms. I booked 2 rooms concurrently at a Points Break hotel for 4 nights each (i.e., a total of 8 nights) and got a free night for both bookings.

    @Jeff: If you have both the old and new cards, you do indeed end up with two free night vouchers.

    @Mark Miller: You will get the 100k bonus regardless of when/if you got the old card. I applied to the new card only about 9 months after receiving the old card. I got the full bonus for both, each time posed around 6 weeks after I completed the minimum spend.

    @Tigris23: The old card offers 10% rebate on points (only), while the new card offers the 4th night free (only). If you have both cards, however, the two deals will stack. On the aforementioned booking, I also got 10% of the points deposited back to my account about 4 weeks after completing the reservation.

  14. I would like to confirm that I can use this IHG Premier CC to make my mortgage payments?
    I had a chat with Plastiq and they said yes, but that was a very quick answer and I am hoping to get further confirmation.

  15. I got the IHG Rewards Club card right before they stated to issue the IHG Rewards Club Premier, so am I eligible for this one? It is different card correct?

  16. @ El Jefe — Yep, if you got the old version of the card then you’re most definitely eligible for this one.

  17. @lucky
    How can I tell if my card is the “old version”?

    .” However, if you had the old version of the IHG Card you are still eligible for this card, as you can have both of them.”

  18. @ Ken — You should be able to tell based on the name. The new card is called the IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card, while the old card was called the IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card. So I’d look at what the card says, and what it said when you applied. The old card was discontinued in early April.

  19. Now I’m confused as all mine says is IHG Rewards Club and then in the strips the word ‘World” is printed no Select Credit Card

  20. @ El Jefe — When did you apply for the card? If you got it before early April it’s the old version, and if you got it since then, it’s the new version. They stopped issuing the old version when they introduced the new version.

  21. @El Jefe: Yours is the old (Select) card. The Select card itself is light gray colored with the IHG logo, stripes, and Mastercard logo all colored in red, orange, and yellow. On the other hand, the Premier card is dark gray, almost black, with no stripe and no colors at all for the logos.

  22. 70k points per night… so this bonus doesn’t even cover 1 night at a top tier hotel. IHG points are worth.. not that much. Like you need this to be 200k to be even close to value of a 100k Amex points sign up.

  23. “Impressive” credit card reward redemption for air miles. 10,000 points = 2,000 miles on all partners. Hahahaha. The title should be saying “Get 20.000 points after spending 3.000 dollars”. Well, not so good after all.

  24. @ DT — Redeeming IHG Rewards Club points for airline miles is an awful value, and isn’t something I’d recommend doing.

  25. @ Davisson — To be clear, I don’t think this is the best card out there purely in terms of the welcome bonus. I value IHG points at less than 0.5 cents each, so to me 100,000 points are worth at most $500. The reason I think this card is so worthwhile is because of the long term perks, like an anniversary free night certificate and fourth night free redemption. Those are the reasons you want the card, and if you’re going to get the card, you might as well get it when the bonus is best.

  26. @ El Jefe — If you applied April 2 it was the old card, as the new one was introduced after that. So you should be eligible for this one.

  27. my credit score is at least 740 in all 3 credit bureaus. Have opened 7 credit cards in the last 24 months. Application denied and I thought this card is not included in Chase’s 5/24 rule.

  28. I haven’t found IHG hotels useful in quite a while. They have become less convenient in cities that I frequent as Marriott/SPG is more centrally located. IHG makes it more difficult to redeem points with that option increasingly not being available, so it is getting harder to deal with them.

  29. I like the Kimpton hotels that they recently added to their portfolio: for pet owners, I believe all Kimpton’s are very pet friendly. The pet fee is the lowest of all hotel chains I’ve checked on. And the ambiance and amenities complements the other IHG brands nicely.

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