IHG Rewards Club Members Can Now Save Money On Gas Purchases

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I’m always happy to see airline and hotel loyalty programs form partnerships with other companies to offer more rewards for members. For example, the partnership between Marriott and United is great, as is the partnership between Starwood and Uber, just to give a couple of examples. Both partnerships make sense, since typically people who fly a lot also stay in hotels, and people who stay in hotels often use ridesharing apps.

While not quite the same, IHG Rewards Club has formed a new partnership with Fuel Rewards, which is the rewards program for Shell gas stations.

Through this partnership, IHG Rewards Club members who link their account will receive at least the following savings for fuel purchases:

  • 5 cents per gallon everyday savings for Club and Gold Elite members (minimum 10 nights or 10,000 qualifying points in a calendar year)
  • 6 cents per gallon everyday savings for Platinum Elite members (40 nights or 40,000 qualifying points)
  • 7 cents per gallon everyday savings for Spire Elite (75 nights or 75,000 qualifying points) members


Keep in mind that anyone with the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card (which just about everyone should have, given that it offers an annual free night certificate) automatically gets Platinum status, meaning you’d get six cents of savings per gallon.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an expert when it comes to gas stations, let alone gas rewards programs. However, if I’m reading the Fuel Rewards website correctly, ordinarily those who sign up receive three cents per gallon of rewards, so through this partnership you’re earning an extra 2-4 cents per gallon.

To enroll in this partnership visit this page, where you can enter your IHG Rewards Club number and create a Fuel Rewards account. Then you can either be sent a physical card, or you can just enter your member number (which is likely your phone number) when you go to the pump.


Lastly, the savings earned with IHG can be stacked with the savings you earn from Fuel Rewards’ other partners, so you can potentially get substantial savings on your purchases.


Bottom line

I appreciate when travel loyalty programs get creative in adding partners. For my own travel patterns I don’t find this especially useful (since I rarely buy gas), but I appreciate the idea behind this. People who stay in hotels are also likely to drive a fair amount, so it’s cool to create a partnership like this.

What do you make of the IHG & Fuel Rewards partnership?

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  1. Thanks so much for the heads up on this! I can really make use of this offer being Spire with IHG! Shell’s Fuel Rewards program has sort of stagnated since last year when they actually offered a stackable 10 cents/gallon off Shell gas after every $50 spent on hotels, which was a great deal. So it’s good to see Fuel Rewards get creative like this again!

  2. P.S. If memory serves, last year’s Fuel Rewards deal was actually 10 cents/gallon off per $100 spent on hotels. 🙂

  3. Nice you need to go to Shell to spend 30cents more a galón that at any other gas station to save 7cents…what a deal!! I use the AEP for 3 points per dollar (2 +50% bonus), that is 6cents per dollar when used for travel with my Amex Business Platinium…that more like getting 15cent a galón instead of 5/7cent

  4. Have not been to a regular gas station in a long time. Sams club and Costco are between 15 to 20 cents cheaper than gas stations. I have also found Shell to be most expensive.

  5. It’s nice, but ultimately not particularly useful. If you buy a lot of gas, your best bet is to fill up at Kroger or some other grocery chain that offers gas rewards (10 cents/gallon per $100 of groceries down here), then stack on a gas rewards credit card like the AMEX Gold business card. 10 cents a gallon plus an additional 2x/3x MR points is a lot more lucrative.

  6. concur with MM, that for those of us who do buy a lot of gas, the Kroger/grocery outlet deals worth so much more. I routinely do the 35 gallons at 1.00 off per gallon, (under 90 cents/gal currently), and then there’s the serious amount of free (earned) minutes on Kroger i-wireless legacy plans.

    Yet happens I am a member of that heretofore underwhelming Shell “fuel rewards” program…. so for when those times I’m a traveling, and am stuck filling up the gas sipping car rentals, then sure, 6 cents off per gallon ….. sigh, underwhelming still. (but I’ll take it when presented)

  7. Where I live (southwest FL) the prices at shell stations are the same as any other station. Also, the closest club for me is Sam’s and they are never less than a couple of cents that regular stations… I like this program because when I buy groceries at Publix, they often have a deal of $10 off a $50 gas card (can pick any in stock, so I pick Shell) and I can now combine that discount with this new one for a great price on gas.
    There is no other store around here that offers a discount on gas except Winn Dixie that gives you $0.05 off of gas for every $50 spent on groceries but it is a one time use every time. So this new discount is much better for me.
    Thanks Lucky for the info!

  8. thanks for the info. I use shell when I have Giant food 10 cents off, now for no extra effort will get a few more cents off. more $ to spend on vacy.

  9. Thanks Lucky! I live in SW Florida and Paola Z speaks the truth. Gas prices are pretty much the same everywhere down here. Publix runs their $10 of a $50 gas card gift card with a $50 grocery purchase about once every two weeks. The Shell/IGH offer paired with the Publix offer will really save us some $$$. Thanks once again!

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