I’d hate to miss out on such a great fare!

I was just trying to price out a new luxury sports car, I mean flight on United, and came across something that made me laugh and cringe on many levels:


1. “We have found a lower fare” — Wow, what a bargain. It’s about $100 cheaper than the price on the last page. Boy, I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to buy this fare, but since you discounted it by 0.3% I can’t turn it down.

2. “Hurry, purchase today” — I don’t know, something tells me if I call United tomorrow and offer $33,000, they’ll gladly accomodate me on any damn flight I want.

3. “33.137.30” — Need I say anything?

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  1. At least those who complain about constantly increasing taxes and government fees shouldn’t have a problem with this fare.

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