I suffer from PRS (and it’s about to get a lot worse)

Yes, that’s PRS, Post Redeye Syndrome, not to be confused with BBS.

It has been one heck of a month so far. The number of miles I’ve flown doesn’t really do me justice (however you want to define that), because it has been all domestic. And not the fun kind of domestic flying either, if there is such a thing. It has been mostly early morning flights combined with redeyes. I just added up my travel this month, and my actual time spent in the air was around 75 hours. That might not mean a lot to most, but the purser on a recent redeye put it into perspective for me. She was complaining about how they’re being worked to the bone and she had to work 100 hours that month. So I guess I’m 75% of an overworked flight attendant. And it is exhausting.

Now I realize I do this to myself. I don’t have to fly that much. But I like it. Well, at least in theory.

So what is this PRS I speak of? Well, let’s just say I’m not in a great mood on the day following redeyes. And it has probably been the all around busiest month I’ve ever had, so add exhaustion and a ton of stuff to do and I’m not someone you want to talk to on Sundays and Mondays. 😉

Fortunately I got over my PRS yesterday. After three nights totaling about 12 hours of sleep, I hibernated for about 14 hours yesterday. So now I’m well rested and cheery. I wish I could enjoy this state of bliss (and incredibly sunny, mild weather) for a while, but sadly that’s not an option, as I’m off to New York tonight. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of New York (sorry Dan!), and the thought of the weather there makes me shiver, although it should still be a fun 24 hours there. I’ll be getting in really late tonight, and will be leaving again Saturday morning at 6AM. Nothing beats a pre-4AM ride on the subway, especially when the forecast says it’s going to be 17 degrees (but it’ll “feel like 5 degrees”).

I’ll make it back to Tampa on Saturday at around 11AM, just in time to catch a noon flight to Chicago and then onwards, where I’ll be joining Matthew and Rick for some flying, returning on the redeye from Seattle as usual.

There are a couple of things that have made this schedule tolerable. First of all, I haven’t been sick in a long time. I’ll be amazed if I make it through this weekend without getting sick. And of slightly lesser importance, all my travel has been hassle free. Every single one of my upgrades cleared at my upgrade window, service has been phenomenal, the cabins have been clean, and as usual I’ve memorized the words to the “Parks and Recreation” episode playing on Untied this month. 😀

And I’m happy to report that February looks like it’ll be equally fun.

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  1. “Nothing beats a pre-4AM ride on the subway”

    When I have 6am flights leaving from JFK I usually take a cab. I hate the $60 (fare+toll+tip) but I find the subway is too unpredictable at that hour. Not to mention creepy if you’re on the A train.

  2. Agreed, and since I’m usually coming from Brooklyn it’s about $10 cheaper by cab. Got burned once waiting for an A train that went out of service 30 minutes before they decided to make an announcement. Had to go topside and hail a cab who didn’t know how to get to JFK. Thank the lord for GPS.

    I’ve had good luck with the LIRR out of Penn station to the Jamaica AirTrain. At least those run on some sort of schedule you can plan around.

  3. A New York cabbie who doesn’t know how to get to JFK. Yeah, right.

    I’m confused about the TPA-JFK run. Is it worth a night in New York? Are you visiting with your brother? Needed a Sabbrett hot dog or a Spumoni gardens pizza? There’s got to be more to it.

  4. @ Flyer33- With all the travel credit vouchers = Pretty much free travel.
    Eg: Buy 1 flight with 7 segments and manage to get atleast one or two volunteer,also known as “bump”. Then he will use the travel credit for his next mileage run and still earn miles to redeem for international first class ticket on other Star Alliance partner which is very expensive. He’s still getting to keep his top tier 1K status,systemwide upgrade certificate which is good for international flight with W class or higher and Lufthansa standby (day of travel) and regional upgrade certificate which can be use for almost to all paid fare within North America including Hawaii.

    Basically, he paid/invest for it upfront and get it all back plus all the profit. Hope this is helpful info to you.

  5. Josh is already at the top of the Empire State Building… He has to yell in order for anyone to hear!

  6. The subway party was still going on when I entered the L train (to the A to JFK) last Sat at 5AM. Two dudes (one wearing a fuzzy hat with ears and a yellow feather boa) were playing guitars and having a sing-a-long.

    While it was certainly an amusing start to my transcon, all in all I’d rather have been in my own bed

  7. I wouldn’t count on the subway. First poster (Blandon) said it best. If you miss your flight down to TPA it throws a wrench into your whole day. You’ll be going to ORD via IAD. Why not do your suicide mileage runs when double EQM time comes around? (although, my selfish self really wouldn’t want you to do that as I’d suffer withdrawals from reading about all the healthy food your eating!).

  8. I hate redeyes, but the joy of working from home is that i get off the red eye and just sleep with my phone next to me.

  9. Haha… at least you can sleep after a redeye… those of us on the West Coast have a day of flying ahead of us. For instance, this weekend I fly SEA-IAD-RDU-IAD-BDL-ORD-SFO-SEA on Friday/Saturday… ($220ai)

  10. If you take the E train to Jamaica at 5am, the tired El Salvadorean dishwashers will protect you. You speak Spanish, right?

  11. @bmvaugn – but at least we can just sleep on all those flights-Many of the people who end in the east actually have to be productive the day after instead of just sitting on planes 😉

  12. I will be doing TPA-IAD-SFO-SEA-LAX-IAD-DEN-ORD-TPA tomorrow, for the next four weekend and 3 more trip of TPA-IAD-SFO-SYD after that. Then back to TPA-IAD-SFO-IAD-TPA routing (4 trips)

    So far i’m at 48,xxx EQM and by March I would cross 150,000EQM with 2 extra SWU! I’m happy but veryyyyyy tired. My goal is to reach 500,000 EQM in 2010 and I’M COUNTING on IT! Thanks to my parent (sponsor)and LUCKY for such a great info!


  13. @RDimperio, Hmm, are you one of my people. Only those ‘in the know’ have eaten at L&B. As a matter of fact, the last BRT will take place on Saturday June 5.

    @Coins… time to see the ‘real’ New York (in Brooklyn).

  14. JOSH,

    You are officially stalking Lucky. You hopefully don’t live in TPA, so why are you doing MRs out of TPA? Why are you trying to stalk him? It’s creepy, and I think as a whole, the planet WANT YOU TO STOP (and please, STOP USE ALL CAP)! Why are you so freakin’ obsessed??? You need to see a psychiatrist for your mental problems.


    Readers of this blog

  15. Hey Swan,

    There’s two JOSH in here, the BIG CAP and SMALL CAP JOSH. Which one are you refering to? Try to have some manners in here please and respect other.

  16. @JOSH, Miss Swan was referring to the JOSH that is stalking Lucky on this board and now in the air. All caps or lower case letters don’t matter. The posts speak for themselves. They are CREEPY (and yes I am shouting). I thought Miss Swan’s post was very restrained because stalker-JOSH is creeping all of us out. I am not even going to attempt to explain why small caps is different from lower case letters.

    @ Miss Swan Thank you for your post on our behalf.

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