Hyatt Place New York Mistake Rate?

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I was looking up rates at some New York City Hyatt properties (okay, who am I kidding, I was trying to see if the Park Hyatt New York began releasing standard rooms into award availabilit) for next year), and stumbled upon something interesting with the rates at the Hyatt Place New York.

I was sorting hotels by price, and shockingly enough the most expensive hotel wasn’t the Park Hyatt New York, but rather the Hyatt Place, which I was expecting to be on the other end of the price spectrum. But the Hyatt Place was pricing for $1,234+ per night.

Okay, I assumed it was a one off error, or maybe the hotel was basically sold out for that night due to a convention at the hotel or something.


Nope, that was actually the rate for a standard room.


And the amazing thing is that this is the rate for every day through the end of the schedule starting May 8.

So is it a mistake rate, are they selling rooms in blocks of 10, or what?

Regardless, if you want to take advantage of this book soon, because I can promise you these rates won’t last. šŸ˜€

  1. Must be. As far as I can tell no conventions

    I think the computer had a number glitch because it seems that of all prices it’s $1,234 +. Then the computor just adjusted the other prices for better rooms based off the standard room at $1234

  2. Or maybe the Hyatt place in New York is really a 5+ star hotel that is secretly way better than the park hyatt but is only stayed at by A list actors and Obama because it looks like a cheap but stylish bed and breakfast and is only now being revealed to the world

    Yea probably that

  3. Gee thanks for this incredibly useless post. In the early days of the internet, we called this a WOB (waste of bandwidth).

  4. Could we somehow find a third party selling the same rooms for normal prices and do a best rate guarantee with Hyatt? Pretty sure that would then qualify for the extra 20% off but I guess as a Diamond you can get a similar My Elite Rate so not that good of a deal after all….

  5. Thanks I’m one of those people with way too much money so I booked the next 12 months so I feel better about helping poor Hyatt. Can’t wait for my club lounge and suite upgrade. =)

  6. I saw similar pricing as well. I was trying to find some rates for the weekend in NYC in the fall and every weekend, the price for even Hyatt Place was well over $600.

  7. That’s a great opportunity for a Best Rate Guarantee. Book that flexible rate and then immediately claim a BRG from the OTAs where it’s shown at the correct price.

  8. @ John Brew — Yes, except at the end of the day they’re still charging $300+ for the Hyatt Place NY. Even with 20% off…

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