Hyatt House introducing “Very Important Resident” recognition

While hotel chains have loyalty programs to take care of guests that are loyal to the brand as a whole, it’s not unusual for individual hotels to go out of their way to take care of frequent guests. For example, if you frequent a particular property they may upgrade you to a suite ahead of an elite member, or offer you free lounge access or breakfast even if you’re not otherwise entitled to it. It all depends on your individual relationship with the hotel, though it can be just as rewarding as elite status (if not more).

Hyatt House made an announcement today that’s interesting because it doesn’t reward those loyal to Hyatt as a whole or those loyal to a particular hotel, but rather those loyal to the Hyatt House brand. The recognition is called “Very Important Resident,” and is for those staying a total of 30 or more nights at Hyatt House properties. The benefits include the following:

  • Personalized service: From learning guests’ personal preferences to building a relationship with them during their stay, each property is committed to making guests feel like they’re right at home.
  • Pick-Your-Suite:  Guests will have the opportunity to pick their own suite from available rooms in their room type at the time of their arrival.
  • VIR Key Card:  Each key card will reflect guests’ VIR status so that hotel staff can quickly recognize a VIR guest and provide them with above and beyond personalized service.
  • VIR Tour: A personalized hotel tour from hotel management staff.
  • “Favorites” Folio:  A place to make note of guests’ likes, dislikes and special requests so HYATT house can personalize their stay in every way, every time.
  • Grocery Shopping Service: By providing a grocery list to the House Host, the staff will stock guests’ refrigerators and kitchens with their favorite food items before their arrival or for when they come home.
  • Grub Stub: Redeem for a $10 food and beverage credit from the H BAR or the Guest Market.
  • Scrub Stub: This voucher can be redeemed for one washer and dryer cycle.
  • VIP Welcome Amenity: Guests can select an amenity of their choice to be waiting for them when they arrive.

Admittedly there’s quite a bit of fluff in there, like “personalized service” (don’t they offer that to everyone?), a “VIP Key Card” (can’t wait to see entitled guests start slapping down their room keys), and a “VIP Tour” (might be useful if you run out of Ambien). But there’s also quite a bit of substance to the benefits, like the grocery shopping service, $10 food and beverage voucher, voucher for a washer and dryer cycle, and a welcome amenity of your choice (sounds a whole lot like Kimpton).

Kudos to Hyatt House for the innovation and while I doubt I’ll qualify, I think it’s a really smart move on their part.

Now if only they’d start a similar program for Park Hyatts… 😀

Update: I’ve been told that the “Very Important Resident” program applies to those checking in for a consecutive stay of 30 or more nights, and not for those staying 30 nights cumulatively.

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  1. @ christo — That’s a great question. I guess is there really enough at Hyatt House properties that can be differentiated so that it matters?

  2. I can see how most things would appeal to the long time stay resident at HHs. I can’t remember though (been awhile since I stayed at a house) — do Diamonds get amenities at HHs? If so, I wonder what the difference between a Diamond amenity and a VIP Welcome Amenity is.

  3. You might want to clarify: it’s 30 consecutive nights. This is an extended stay hotel chain, after all.

  4. @ Scottrick — Hmmm, that’s not how I interpreted it, though that could make sense.

    Press release says: “Guests staying a total of 30 nights or more at HYATT house earn status as a Very Important Resident.” The wording of “a total of 30 nights or more” suggests to me it’s cumulative and not consecutive.

    Do you see it written differently elsewhere?

  5. I am not a big fan of the older Hyatt Houses with no elevator. I have had the experience of checking in late only to find I had to carry my suitcase up 4 flights of stairs with no help.

  6. Hmmm….. My Homewood Suites has very similar amenities and is right up the street from a Hyatt House.

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