Hyatt Globalist Members No Longer Receive United Club Passes

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While I doubt this is the reason anyone goes for Globalist status with World of Hyatt, one of the perks of the status is that you get two one-time United Club passes every year in your status renewal kit.

In an email sent out yesterday regarding Hyatt’s changes to Points + Cash awards as well as the introduction of premium suite awards, the following was listed at the bottom:

Starting January 1, 2019, Globalist members will no longer receive two United Club℠ one-time passes upon achieving Globalist status. All existing passes will be honored through their expiration dates. You can continue to earn miles with United Airlines® for your Hyatt hotel stays and convert your World of Hyatt points to miles with MileagePlus®.

So it looks like World of Hyatt Globalist members will no longer receive two United Club passes as of 2019.

I think there are three most likely reasons for this:

  • It could be that the partnership just ran its course, and one (or both) brand(s) weren’t seeing any positive impact from this
  • United has made some United Clubs smaller as they’ve built Polaris Lounges, so with crowding more of an issue than before, it could be that they’re trying to limit access as much as possible
  • United has a close partnership with Marriott, so it could be that Marriott has asked them to cease this partnership

What’s interesting is that for the past year or so the United Club passes that have been sent out haven’t been valid through the end of the year, unlike in the past. Many received passes that expired mid-year. I’m not sure if that was the writing on the wall all along of this partnership ending, or what.

It also sounds to me like this benefit is sort of retroactively being eliminated. Best I can tell, those requalifying for Globalist status won’t be getting these passes, even though it was part of the overall benefits package.

Did you ever use the United Club passes offered with Globalist status?

  1. Looks like that Hyatt needs a new airline partner… Maybe Delta after they lost SPG to Marriott/United? Alaska may work, but they have a partnership with Rocketmiles for hotels.

  2. Good. The race to the bottom continues. SQ is the only airline that one should fly. Their lounge is superior to everything including heaven. If you are ever able to enter a SQ lounge you should be thankful. All other lounges suck

  3. This was a nice value add from Globalist. I had to “work” to use these, but over the course of a year as a weekly traveler, they did come in handy. Based on other recent changes, again, this is an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive.

    UA passes –> AA passes sound nice. Or better yet, add 2 more suite upgrade certificates awarded (4–>6).

  4. The United MileagePlus Club card also grants automatic Hyatt Discoverist status, which in turn grants MGM MLife Pearl status, which means jumping the line at buffets and free parking at their Vegas resorts. I would recommend signing up for these memberships before they dissolve into the most, too.

    Truth be told, I’m not surprised. I never understood why United plays nicely with Marriott through their RewardsPlus program (Marriott Gold Elite if you’re United Platinum or higher among other benefits) AND has these small benefits with Hyatt. Maybe United can focus on a richer offering from Marriott.

  5. I haven’t received my United Club passes as a Globalist for the last two years. For me, this announcement was already in effect.

    Way to go, WOH. Very poor announcements with short notice.

  6. I received my United Club passes upon re-qualifying for Globalist last month. I’ve been Globalist for 3 years and only thought to use the passes last year (twice when I was in BOS due to lack of accessible lounges). It was a nice little perk that made me happy to be loyal to Hyatt. It’s a shame to lose these, imo.

    @AMPfromBNA I doubt Hyatt will up the GSUs due to their recent announcement where they are increasingly monetizing suite upgrades.

    @SQFirst ok… considering Hyatt and United are mostly domestic US your statement is like saying that one shouldn’t eat at Baja Fresh (A US chain restaurant) because The Ivy in London is the best. Cool? Let me know when Singapore gets rights to fly DFW to ATL and then let me know how their lounge is.

  7. @VX_Flier why haven’t you called them about that? You are entitled to those, go get them!

    My take on this announcement is to remember that they have not devalued their points earning or redemption like the other brands. Where else can I redeem 30k points for a $1000+/night hotel?! As far as value for money, if Hyatt got rid of everything but GSUs and their award chart they would still be the best imo. So I take these announcements as them doing cost cutting elsewhere in order to save the core that matters and avoid having to massacre their award chart.

  8. The destruction of the P+C rates yesterday and this today are the straws that broke the camel’s back!

    I’m done and out!

  9. Hard to get excited about this…I have been carrying the United passes around, never used them.

    Also…i have enjoyed Cathay Pacific lounges, especially in Hong kong, much more than any SQ lounges. Let the debate begin.

  10. Its too bad. I liked to give mine to people in need. I gave one to a veteran on a hopscotch trip across the country on the cheapest fare he could afford so he could see his kids for the first time in 3 years. He had a long layover after many hours of travel with a very early start. He was incredibly grateful… in tears. I told him the UC isn’t THAT great ;).

  11. While there was no cost to Hyatt they needed something to bring to the table
    as Hyatt use to give generous gifts years ago and bonus points for meeting the Diamond requirements in December
    Free annual elite status at United thanks to Marriott elite status comes in handy
    a few times a year
    Hyatt should up their game when Marriott is awarding a 75% bonus to their top tier elites vs 30% and offering annual elite status with United
    These United Club passes expired to soon if I even received them from Hyatt
    I am big fan of Hyatt none the less overall but will still likely shift away some business with Marriott with the higher earnings in the new year and a damaged value proposition on cash and points now
    Def less reason to stay as often

  12. @SQFirst, what a comment!

    As a loyal SQ flyer and PPS member for the past 8 years, I would not comprehend such an arragant statement. Yes, SQ is a fine airlines, but it’s lounges are behind its time. Have you even been in a United Polaris Lounge or Cathay’s flagship lounge in HK? Singapore T3 Silverkris Lounge needs an upgrade yesterday to stay with the competition. Some of the recently renovated SQ Lounges are very nice, such as the one in BKK or SYD, but those at KUL, TPE and MEL seem behind its time.

    On Hyatt’s United Passes, I share with them with my family, but with the downgrade of United Club at SFO and EWR, and lag behind its competitors’ lounge offerings at AA and DL, not sure they will be missed. United needs to up its game!

  13. SQ First Class lounge at Sydney is a total dump with bad food and awkward uncomfortable chairs that lack any privacy.Sad
    You Cant even get bottled sparking water
    The flight was heaven but what an awful lounge and big contrast
    Amex lounge sucked almost as bad,In fact terrible by their usual standards
    Qantas Please!!!

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