Hyatt Makes It Easier To Earn Status With Credit Card Promo

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A couple of months ago Chase and Hyatt launched a promo that makes it easier to earn World of Hyatt elite status with their co-branded credit card, the World Of Hyatt Credit Card (review).

I wanted to post a reminder of this, since the promotion is only valid for a couple more weeks. Some people may want to either spend money on the card or apply for the card because of this.

World of Hyatt is extending elite status

First for some background, World of Hyatt is extending elite status by a year for members, in light of the current situation. Status that was supposed to expire in early 2021 now expires in early 2022. They announced a bunch of other extensions as well, including of free night certificates.

That doesn’t help those who were looking to earn status, though, as well as those looking to earn Milestone Rewards. While Hyatt is extending status by 12 months, you still need to earn the required number of elite nights to earn Milestone Rewards, which include the following:

  • 20 qualifying nights or 35,000 base points: two club lounge access awards
  • 30 qualifying nights or 50,000 base points: two club lounge access awards, plus a Category 1-4 free night award
  • 40 qualifying nights or 65,000 base points: 5,000 bonus points, a $100 Hyatt gift card, or 10,000 points off a FIND experience
  • 50 qualifying nights or 80,000 base points: two suite upgrade awards
  • 60 qualifying nights or 100,000 base points: two suite upgrade awards, plus a Category 1-7 free night award

Milestone Rewards aren’t being offered as part of the status extension

Chase & Hyatt credit card promo

Spending on co-branded travel cards is down at the moment, and that’s likely why we’re seeing some creative promotions, including on the World Of Hyatt Credit Card.

They have some potentially useful new promotions, for both new and existing cardmembers. While the Hyatt Card can always help you towards earning elite status, you can now do so at an accelerated rate.

Here are the details you need to be aware of:

Get 10 elite nights for getting the Hyatt Card

Between April 15 and June 30, 2020, those who get the World Of Hyatt Credit Card will receive a total of 10 elite qualifying nights for 2020. Ordinarily the card offers five elite nights per year, so this is double the usual amount.

This is only available to those who apply for the card during this limited period.

Get more elite nights when you apply for this card

Earn elite nights at an accelerated rate with the Hyatt Card

Between April 15 and June 30, 2020, those with the World Of Hyatt Credit Card (whether new or existing members) will receive three elite qualifying nights for every $5,000 spent.

Ordinarily, the card offers two elite qualifying nights for every $5,000 spent, so this means you’re earning elite qualifying nights 50% faster than usual through credit card spending.

Earn elite nights at an accelerated rate with this offer

Why the Hyatt Credit Card is worth having

For those of you who don’t have the World of Hyatt Credit Card but are considering it, there’s a lot to love about the card, as it offers:

  • Automatic World of Hyatt Discoverist status for as long as your account is open
  • Ordinarily five qualifying night credits toward your next tier status every year
  • Ordinarily two qualifying night credits towards your next tier status every time you spend $5,000 on your card
  • Category 1-4 anniversary free night certificate on your account anniversary every year
  • A second Category 1-4 free night certificate when you spend $15,000 on the card in an anniversary year

I love the anniversary free night certificate offered by the card

Should you now spend money on the Hyatt Card?

I think this is a question a lot of us have, so let me share my circumstances and thoughts on this. At the beginning of the promotion period:

  • I was an existing Globalist member, so my status was already valid through early 2022
  • I already had 20 elite nights for the year

In other words, I would have needed 40 more elite nights to earn all Milestone Rewards, and more specifically, that would earn me:

  • An additional Category 1-4 free night certificate
  • A Category 1-7 free night certificate
  • Four confirmed suite upgrades
  • A $100 Hyatt gift card

Is it worth spending enough to get all 40 additional elite nights I need for those? No, probably not. The issue is that it’s hard to do the math on what’s worth it here, given that:

  • I don’t know how many elite nights I’ll earn through actual stays this year, since I don’t know when we’ll be traveling frequently again
  • I don’t know what other promotions Hyatt is going to offer on stays; could we see some double elite night promotions later this year, which would make it easier to earn more elite nights as well?
  • I don’t know if Hyatt will lower Milestone Rewards thresholds; I assume they won’t, but rather would run some promotions, but you never know

I was conflicted about what to do with the promotion. It’s one thing if I knew I’d be 10 nights short of earning all the Milestone Rewards, but there’s so much uncertainty, so I was tempted to just use the best credit cards for everyday spending.

However, I had a slight change of heart, and in the past couple of months I’ve spent a fairly significant amount on the card, allowing me to at least pick up some additional elite nights.

It would be nice to get some additional suite upgrades

Bottom line

Between April 15 and June 30, there are some creative promotions available on the World Of Hyatt Credit Card, making it easier for new and existing cardmembers to earn status.

The catch is that Hyatt has already extended status for existing cardmembers, and we don’t know what other promotions they’ll offer later this year.

While I was undecided about this promotion at first, I have put quite a bit of spending on my Hyatt Card in the past couple of months. I guess time will tell if that was the right strategy. I’m hoping we see some more promotions later this year, because I’m not sure this will get me all the way to “naturally” qualifying for Globalist status.

What do you make of this promo, and have you taken advantage of it yet (whether a new or existing cardmember)?

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  1. If you call will they honor the same promotion or should I cancel then reapply to get the promotion? Thanks.

  2. So $85k in spend ($5k x 17) should get you 51 nights plus 10 for holding the card, and boom you get Globalist until 2022?

  3. Two weeks ago I was upgraded to Globalist and can’t figure out how (although not going to complain).
    In 2019 I qualified for Explorist and was 10 nights shy of Globalist.
    Then early April I received an email from WOH congratulating me on reaching Globalist.
    I haven’t stayed at any Hyatt’s recently.
    Not sure if it is a glitch or if Hyatt revised their way of evaluating status amidst COVID19.
    Majority of my 50 qualifying nights were in the second half of last year, I’m also a chase WOH card holder so received my annual elite qualifying nights for 2020.

  4. @ Me — It gets you Globalist through the beginning of 2022, yes. And that assumes you’re a new cardmember.

  5. @ Steve — Any applications received over eligible dates can get this, regardless of how you apply.

  6. do you think upgrading the old card will qualify you for the 10 nights toward your status? Thanks!!!

  7. I just signed up and got approved on 3/31… wonder if I could message them and ask for a match?

  8. @ Timmy — Unfortunately not, you need to apply outright for this card to get the 10 elite nights.

  9. Any idea if this is retroactive? For example, since the last 2 night bonus I’ve received for spending $5000, I’ve spent about $3000. If I spend another 2 grand in this period, will I get 3 new nights or does the qualifying spend start from today?

  10. How long does the old Hyatt card have to be cancelled before you can apply for the new one?? Been waiting to cancel and reapply, but this seems like a really good time to do that.

  11. @Ryan: “Any idea if this is retroactive? For example, since the last 2 night bonus I’ve received for spending $5000, I’ve spent about $3000. If I spend another 2 grand in this period, will I get 3 new nights or does the qualifying spend start from today?”

    The terms outlined in the post make it clear that the spending starts today.

  12. Hyatt is great, and they “get it” relative to other loyalty programs (coughMarriottcough), but they are fooling themselves if they think this is motivating for a 2.5 month period where there will be minimal to no travel and discretionary spending is heavily down.

    Should let it ride through EOY (a la the AA promotion) that would be smart.

  13. Any idea when each of the certificates will expire, assuming they are earned between now and June 30?

  14. Hi – Being an AA Platinum, I received a match to the Explorist level along with 4 club lounge passes and the validity is until Feb. 28, 2021. Will Hyatt also be extending the validity of the club lounge passes until Feb. 28, 2022 like they have done with status levels?

    Thank you.

  15. Lucky, as a Platinum Pro, I could fast track to Hyatt Explorist with 10 nights. Would the 10 nights from the credit card count?

  16. For someone who isn’t loyal to a particular hotel group and probably stay 10ish nights per year would you choose this one over IHG? Both get a anniversary night, both about the same annual fee. Hyatt has a smaller footprint than IHG. Currently I have CSR, CFU, and CF in my wallet. Thanks for the input!

  17. I am not seeing anywhere in T&C or on any credit card landing pages the additional 5 Tier Qualifying nights. All I see everywhere is the normal 5 Tier qualifying nights.

    Anybody else seen the official language anywhere?

  18. @ Timmy
    @ Cole
    TPG is reporting that the old card can also get 2 night credits for every $5000 spent during this promo. Just FYI.

  19. @Ryan: One way to make it work is to continue counting spending and award 2 nights per $5k, and separately award 1 additional night per $5k within the period. But obviously your proposal would be preferable.

  20. Smart promo, in my view. Status is extended but CSU, the main benefit of Globalist, is not (yes, I am aware it’s a milestone award and not a tier status award). So the desire to earn CSU encourages nights. And the credit card spend helps to get those certificates. And timing aligns nicely with estimated tax payment deadlines.

  21. @Lucky are you planning to spend $15K to get the Cat 1-4 anniversary certificate? Because now that $15K will get you 9 elite nights, if you time it right. You may as well time it right…

  22. I know this is off topic, but does anyone know the direct email for Clear? Thank you. I appreciate your help.

  23. to ben any suggestions if one cannot get the credit card due to unforseen circumstances, not being approvesd, is not this a form of discrimination? why not approve everyone, such as myself and let everyone have a chance at these nice reards.

    thank you

  24. I agree with Has anyone confirmed this? I applied for and got the card in the beginning of May. All I have are the 5 elite nights on my account, not ten. I did not see a link to any Hyatt website or anything from @Ben in the post. Is there any official documentation confirming this? Thanks

  25. @Ben (Lucky)
    The post needs to be updated because we do know what’s Hyatt’s newest promotion! Otherwise another excellent blog post!

  26. Not worth it. For those of us that were already Globalist, I’m not clear why we would want to earn it again in 2020. (Another suite upgrade? Wevvs. The real fun is premium suites now.) And non-payment nights doesn’t help me towards my longer-term goals of LT Globalist.

  27. I have had 13 nights that were cancelled this year due to covid. 7 of them for a stay in September! Already just cancelled by Hyatt. Im not sure how they expect people that are trying to earn Diamond this year. Please Hyatt, announce that they are lowering requirements 50% already.

  28. Great news if you are in the 4% of the world’s population in the US. Otherwise Foxtrot Oscar!

  29. @ Troy – I’m with you! Marriott stepped up to the plate a couple of days ago and added nights to all those who were elite. They added 1/2 the nights that were required to achieve whatever level they were currently at to their current yearly count. If Hyatt were to do that, it would effectively cut the number of nights needed by an Explorist who wanted to achieve Globalist to 45. It’s time Hyatt took care of this. It’s very hard to get to 60 nights when you lose more than a 1/4 of your year and in that time, most of the hotels were even closed. There aren’t even status match/challenges available unless you work for certain companies. I’m really disappointed Hyatt hasn’t done something to address this.

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