HUGE new perk for US British Airways Visa

Overall British Airways’ Executive Club program isn’t that great, at least for someone that’s used to US frequent flyer programs. They have relatively high redemption rates and charge fuel surcharges on awards. Therefore I’ve never considered their British Airways Visa Signature card. But, it seems like they’ve now added a new benefit to the US card which makes it quite lucrative. If you spend at least $30,000 on the card per calendar year you get two award tickets for the price of one (see this FlyerTalk thread). In other words, instead of paying 150,000 miles for a first class ticket from the US to Europe on British Airways, two people could travel for that price.

Very tempting, especially since one can’t use AAdvantage miles (yet) for nonstop travel on British Airways between the US and Europe.

(Tip of the hat to Steve)

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  1. And yet how many people are BA sc***wing over by not honoring valid US-India tickets? I’m sure some of these people would be considered “valued customers”.


  2. What’s also nice is you can set up a household account. So if you are traveling with kids each parent can get a card and the four of you can go for the mileage of two regardless of who is earning most of the miles.

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